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  1. Abu Ibraaheem

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    Salam alaikum
    I need some lectures/ eBooks on Da'wah ? If you could post any links here please

    Barakallahu feekum in advance

  2. Abu Bubu

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    Wa'alaykum Asallam. Heres a good book by Bilal Philips:

    Da'wah Training Course

    During 2005 Sh. Abdur-Raouf Shakir and myself, along with other volunteers, ran a Da'wah Training program for over 500 professionals in Doha, Qatar, at the Qatar Guest Center of which I was the Director of Education and Da'’wah. The material which I prepared for that course forms the basis of this Da’'wah Training Course. The course was subsequently delivered by me in Chennai, India, London, UK, and Toronto, Canada. The audio/video lectures are from the Chennai DTC.
    The DTC was designed to give Muslims from all walks of life a foundation from which they would be empowered to fulfill the great responsibility placed on the shoulders of all the believers; to call all human beings in their circles of influence to the religion of Allah, Islam.


    Courtesy of Islamic Online Uni
  3. Sharif

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    Salam Alaikum brother,

    Are you looking for material specifically on how to give dawah?

    There many lectures about dawah by Yusuf Estes on

    Other dawah lectures are:

    Muhammad Al-Shareef's Fiqh of Dawah seminar downloadable here.

    Kamal El Mekki's "How to give Shahada in 10 minutes," which includes a Powerpoint Presentation, which you can download here.

    And Khalid Yasin has a "Dawah Technique Course" that you can download here.

    I hope that helps, inshallah.
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  4. Abu Khuzaymah

    Abu Khuzaymah Stoic Soul.

    Advice to Du'waat.

    I do not recall where I got this from or whom translated it - but it's short and brilliant.

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