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Discussion in 'Muslim History' started by Abul Hasan, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Abul Hasan

    Abul Hasan Aim High.

    Mashallah I will inaugurate our new sub-forum by posting the link to brother Bashaar Shala's site which has many many hours (I think 100+) of lectures on Islamic history, including on the tabi'een, banu ummayyah, banu abbas etc.

    Islamic Media:
  2. Sakeena

    Sakeena فكوا العاني

    His lectures are really good masha Allaah. I love to listen to them.
  3. Umm Khawla

    Umm Khawla ربي رضاك والجنة

    His lectures are by far some of the best I've come across on Islamic History masha'Allaah. JazakAllaahu khayran for the link.
  4. Firebrand Mullah

    Firebrand Mullah Hanfist Salfist Humblist

    Somebody gave me this link long time ago here on IA. I still havent found the time to start listening to them.
  5. Abu Hafsa al Andalusi

    Abu Hafsa al Andalusi <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    Awesome! And they're in English too!

    May Allah give you jannat ul firdaws. I've always wanted to learn about banu ummayyah, banu abbas, etc.
  6. Abu Hawwa

    Abu Hawwa Formerly 'LionofIslam'

    bump, this is a very good source if anyone wants to learn Islamic History

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