Beautiful Hajj Poem by Ibn Al Qayyium

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    By Ibn Al Qayyum Al Jawziyyah

    At the Ka’bah

    When they see His House - that magnificent sight
    For which the hearts of all creatures are set alight -
    It seems they’ve never felt tired before,
    For their discomfort and hardship is no more.
    Now the eye of the Lover drowns in its streams,
    It sees through its tears the goal of its dreams;
    Now for Allah, how many tears are issued,
    Each one being followed by a multitude?
    When the eye perceives the House, its darkness clears,
    And from the sorrowful heart, pain disappears;
    Vision cannot encompass this beautiful sight:
    Each glance returns with greater delight!
    No wonder at this, for when the Merciful preferred
    The House for Himself, it became most honoured.
    He clothed it in Majesty, a magnificent garment;
    Embroidered it with Beauty, a wonderful ornament!
    The hearts all love the House therefore,
    Awed and humbled, in respect and honour.

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