Best explanation of Kitab-at-Tawheed

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  1. Abu_Zahid

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    Could everyone pls recommend what they consider to be the best explanation of Kitab-at-Tawheed, available in English, and/or Urdu.

    I have found one in urdu by: Salih bin 'Abdul-'Aziz Aali Shaikh

    How is this version? Does anyone know?

    JazaakAllah khairan.
  2. y-mughal

    y-mughal Muslim

    Fathul Majeed by Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Hasan Al Ash-Shaikh.
  3. Husain

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    Is this book available in English?

    - Husain.
  4. Um Abdullah M.

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  5. Husain

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    JK, sister. I was looking for that.

    - Husain.
  6. Abdullah11

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  7. Tuwaylib

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    I actually liked Sh. Salih aal ash-Sheikhs commentary.
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