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  1. just a guy

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    i feel like a loser asking this question..but (im sure its a nice change of look instead of looking at the walimah thread everyday) i have a group project we re workin on for a business ethics class..

    so...bill it ethicial that he makes so much money (its a LAME class)

    share all ur random thoughts and ideas about him making so much money and microsoft and random, sporadic, thoughtless/ful...just don't hand out takfeers if someone prefers internet explorer..

  2. gag order

    gag order Anti-Troll

    he's got the market cornered so we will have to put up with his OS since its the most widely supported platform. he's earned his keep by not having any real competition but that doesnt mean we should support his applications when there are better alternatives such as firefox and gmail. unfortunately we are left with a very limited choice when it comes to an OS....
  3. hussain

    hussain New Member

    Not true any longer - given the rapid development of the Linux kernel (udev especially comes to mind) - so that now Linux is a real, and free, alternative to the winbloat OS for PC's (and servers of course).

    It's also IMO more secure, more robust - and just better. It also doesn't need the high end hardware that e.g Vista (and even XP) requires.

    Those who want familiar winbloat eye candy can install the KDE or Gnome desktop, and with Open Office you don't even need the expensive MS office.

    Linux flavours include Debian (rock solid distro) at and Ubuntu (based on Debian and with more eye candy and - some say - more user friendly) at

    Also, there's the Arabeyes project ( ) which supports Arabic in Unix/Linux and lets yopu install an Arabic Gnome desktop for instance.
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  4. Abu Dharr Al Kashmiri

    Abu Dharr Al Kashmiri إني أحبك في الله ♥♥♥

    email him, my lecturer claims to email him quite often, and he is hoping one day Bill will reply.

    Why would it be unethical? He is selling his products and there is plenty of demand for his products - maybe they are just jealous?
  5. gag order

    gag order Anti-Troll

    bro hussain, do these alternatives support the wide variety of applications that many have gone to the expense of installing on XP?

    that is what i meant when i said that our choices for an OS are limited, the limiting factor bieng compatibility with our existing applications. (well, at least for me)

    if cross compatibility across platforms exists then i would seriously consider the free alternatives. at the moment i just dont know enough about linux based OS alternatives that seem to have a confusing array of different names.
  6. hussain

    hussain New Member

    Depends on the application, of course! But the answer would be, generally yes - in fact, probably more (free) applications available for Unix/Linux than for Winbloat, especially scientific, text processing and computer program development.

    The only exception I know is SMB finance/accounting where in the UK Sage software is dominant, and there is as yet (to my knowledge) no comparative Linux equivalent.

    It is possible to run many Winbloat programs using emulation under Linux (using Wine for instance) - but I've found that there are usually free Linux alternatives available.

    The best Linux distro in my view (based on over ten years of Linux use and admin) is Debian - but it's generally regarded as not as newbie friendly as Ubuntu, although the latest Debian Etch release is fairly easy to install.

    The best way is to use an old computer and do an install and play around with it. Debian Etch for instance can be installed on an old Pentium 2 450 MHz with 256 MB of RAM and a hard disk drive of a few GB or so - and this will get the Gnome and even the KDE resource hungry desktop working, although a little slowly (512 MB RAM is best to run such desktops).
  7. gag order

    gag order Anti-Troll

    can you forward me some links where i can see the various versions of linux in a side by side comparison?

    i have an old rig that i can use as a test bed that i can partition with various versions.
  8. hussain

    hussain New Member

    Two good sites which give an overview of distro's available are


    Comparisons are pretty subjective IMO - depends on e.g. what you find useful and are comfortable with, how you find the install, and previous level of computer expertise.

    It may be also worth trying some of the live CD's which will at least give you a flavour of a distro without a hard disk install - try some on an existing machine with lots of RAM (1GB is good).

    The good thing is that most of the distro's can be downloaded free and burnt to CD's, as can the live CD's.
  9. ibnYaseen

    ibnYaseen Rabbighfir lee

    I recommend starting with Ubuntu for the complete linux newbie, read FAQs and practise a lot with the linux enviornment, things are a bit different compared to using Windows -- it's like learning to use Windows after being an Apple Mac user for a long time (or vice-versa). The reason Linux is worth learning is because not only is it free and halaal (compared to haraam for using pirated software which is so common when using Windows) the Linux environment is safer, more reliable and constantly improving.

    The only reason to keep Windows over linux would be: if you waste time playing computer games OR you have a device that is Windows specific (mp3 player etc) -- but even then you can often get drivers for it on Linux anyway. The brother above mentioned accounting packages, well I would use vmware and run XP through linux -- a far safer environment for an accounting package!
  10. just a guy

    just a guy New Member

    thanks guys for all the USELESS information about linux, pinex and batman and superman..why dont u guys exchange cooking recipes too...

    lol why cant muslim ever stay on topic..ok kiddin as u like...its biggie

    hahaha thats funny bro...and invite him for an iftar...well, like i said the class is kinda lame...its more targeting capitalism i that is it ethical that such a business man makes or is worth billions of dollars while many in world live in poverty making couple of pennies a day...anyways, back to talking about linux or sonic the hedgehog or whatever its called :D
  11. BooNang

    BooNang poirot

    There was a lawsuit filed against him back in 1999 if my memory serves me right. Its available on the net, so google it. The prosecutor makes some very good points to why he is unethical through various bullying techniques empleyed against many of their partners and those who dared to innovate without their go ahead.
  12. morbius

    morbius <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    If you want to try Linux definitely start with Ubuntu. New version 7.10 is coming out in a few days, it will bring a few interesting changes. For one, default desktop manager will be Compiz Fusion. And I will tell you that every single guy who saw how Compiz looked on my computer wanted to install Linux right away.
    Ubuntu is not only probably the most user friendly version of Linux, it is also the most used distribution. One out of three Linux users uses Ubuntu/Kubuntu, so it is very easy to find help online for whatever problem you may have. Ubuntu is a live distribution, so you can boot from a CD and see how it works without installing it. You can install it on your computer that already has Windows and at boot it will ask you which OS to start. I still keep windows on my machine, but I use it almost only for games.
  13. hussain

    hussain New Member

    Well, to continue this somewhat (as we've been told!) rather off-topic thread.....

    ..... and once you've experienced the (mostly unnecessary) eye candy you might like to try a more lightweight (and better) Linux experience by using a Window Manager (such as IceWM or FVWM) instead of a bloated imitation window$ desktop (such as KDE or Gnome or whatever).

    That's another great thing about Linux - choice, and the ability to customize as much as you want, or don't want.
  14. hussain

    hussain New Member

    Fair comment - and to return to the topic, an interesting question to ask is: "whose ethics"?

    Who defines what is "ethical"? Some kaaffir philosopher? Also, as Muslims, are we accept such definitions? Are such kaaffir definitions "universal"?

    Or do we refer to our Deen for answers regarding ethics? To the Quran and the Sunnah and our scholars?
  15. morbius

    morbius <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    Tried IceWM earlier and it is quite functional, although ugly, looks like Windows 95. Gnome and KDE are not very demanding, yet look whole lot better, so I see no reason not to use them, except on very old computers.
    Compiz effects are drawn using OpenGL, which means that GPU draws them. No reason not to use those millions of transistors in graphic chips that just sit around idle waiting for you to start a video game. Most of that eye-candy is useless (snow falling on desktop, desktop cube, breaking or burning windows, raindrops, etc.), but there are some quite useful too.

    Exactly why I prefer Christianity over Islam. ;)
  16. Abu Dharr Al Kashmiri

    Abu Dharr Al Kashmiri إني أحبك في الله ♥♥♥

    Him and his mrs think they are ethical
  17. suhail

    suhail New Member

    From a developer perspective Linux/Unix is a better OS indeed but Windows is the most widely used OS around the globe. The market for windows application is much more than Linux/Unix and thus there will be applications that will be tailored for windows specifically.

    Linux especially is making a lot of improvements in there UI and other user friendly features but it is still a platform used by mostly developers or people who have basic computer knowledge for once. Windows can be easily used by a host of different people without much problems developers and regular users alike.

    Also a lot of gaming softwares which are most sellable commodity is mostly supported on windows platform or macs which means people wont use lInux. On the configuration stand point it is easier for a layman to use windows then linux.

    So these are some factors for using windows. I think Linux/Unix and windows will stay there as competiters.

    Jazakallah Khair
  18. Abu Treika

    Abu Treika Magoo

    i got vista on my new pc, i was well excited but it has a major downside, it doesnt support any creative hardware (mp3 players), i blame this on bill gates
  19. suhail

    suhail New Member

    Yeah Vista is a major memory hog. Basically it will get better once service pack 1 comes out but yes still it is major investment in hardware.
  20. just a guy

    just a guy New Member

    great useless comments dear brothers :D

    really...this has to be the most boringest thread top it...i have another favor to ask :D

    im helping a brother with some research on a Arab newspaper from Qatar called Al Arab (dont know the arabi name) anyways, it was banned in early 90ies by the former king...and then later al jazeera came to replace, i believe.

    can someone give me some details on the why the newspaper was initially banned...and any other relvant info...or basic background info

    barakallahu feekum

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