Blasphemy...Does she look like an insane 11 year old girl !!!

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    And so the truth is slowly coming out. CNN today interviewed Rimsha Maseeh who is accused in Blasphemy case. Media first posted the picture of a girl from Kashmir's 2005 earthquake and said that it was Rimshah. The fake picture is all over the google when you type "rimshah maseeh"

    and here CNN shows here the true picture where she clearly looks like a normal adult girl.
    Warning uncovered woman.

    'Scared' teen fears for life over alleged Quran burning -

    and there is an Urdu article which was translated roughly here about the blasphemy case.

    This is an article which appeared in a Pakistani magazine. The summary of the issue is that a girl named Rimsha Maseeh allegedly burnt some pages of Quran in Merajafar(a rural town in Pakistan). The local Imam Khalid Jadoon is charged with trying to fabricate the evidence against Rimsha . Hafiz Zubair is a witness against Khalid Jadoon and has testified in the court that Khalid Himself desecrated the Quran and used it against Rimsha.

    The rimsha maseeh(Christian girl) case in merajafar a rural area of Islamabad has become an international issue. This case is changing by every passing day . After the picture being portrayed in the media, it has become difficult to distinguish truth from falsehood. So we decided to send a team to Islamabad’s rural area to investigate. The people of the area were quite fearful in the beginning and expressed their ignorance of the issue but slowly they started talking.
    Near the masjid of Merajafar an 18 year old girl Rimsha maseeh had burnt some Quranic booklets. After seeing the pages burning, people started gathering and slowly the people of the whole area gathered at the spot. The family of Rimsha and particularly her mother started apologizing to the people. At that moment no one including her mother denied that the event had taken place. In instances like these the people usually can’t control their emotions and sometimes kill or torture the accused, However in this case the girl had burnt some pages of the Quran and her mother also admitted that, but no one in the area tried to take law in their hands.

    The credit of all of this goes to Khalid Jadoon(same imam who’s jailed now) who had the loudspeaker and the influence among the people yet he didn’t incite the people. No one attacked Rimsha or her family. Immediately the incidence was reported to the police. Rimsha maseeh and the burnt pages were handed over to the police. The ball was now in the court of the Police and the Judiciary. What action would they take . Other Questions about the incident is that whether Rimsha was a minor or a young girl. Was she mentally stable or not. Were those Pages from the Quran or just general Arabic booklets. To answer these questions we need to talk to the knowledgeable people. If Rimsha had been proven to be a minor girl who was mentally unstable or that the Pages were not from Quran then the issue could have been subsided then and there and if this is not the case then the issue should be decided according to the law. But there is no law in Pakistan. Whenever an incident like this takes place there is an emotional outburst and the so called human rights organizations jump in to the whole thing. Be it the Asia bibi of Sheikhupura(who insulted the prophet(sa)) or the girl of swat(who was allegedly flogged by the Taliban in a dubious video, after which the swat operation began), for the Western backed NGOs in Pakistan these issues are a source of income.

    Then suddenly a person named Hafiz Zubair comes into the limelight. We tried to meet Hafiz Zubair but we could’nt. We asked the People of the area about him . They gave some surprising revelations about the man. Most importantly that Hafiz Zubair already had a feud with Khalid Jadoon. He used the incident as an opportunity to harm Khalid Jadoon. Hafiz Zubair did not pay the Nikah fees(which the Mullahs take in Pakistan) to Khalid Jadoon But then nobody knows how this small feud became such a big issue.

    Then we tried to talk to a local Imam in Merajafar but he tried to avoid us. The people told us that the person was former Imam of the Masjid and Hafiz Zubair was his student. We finally found this Imam whose name was Siraj-ud-din . We convinced Siraj-ud-din to talk to us about his student Zubair. According to his teacher, Zubair is a person who has dubious activities and sources of income.
    We found out that MeraJafar’s resident were quite fearful. They didn’t want to talk about the whole issue. The attacks by media, police, foreign NGOs on the village and the way the local Imam Khalid Jadoon was treated had made the locals fearful. But some people began speaking the truth.
    The resients of merajafar always ask one question

    Why the real picture of Mera jafar is not shown in the media. Why is a Grown up goung girl portrayed as a minor. She is an 18 year old girl. Why is the media constantly lying about her age. Why she is covered from head to toe while being transported.

    Second question to be asked is that no one in the area knew that he girl was mentally unstable. She never screamed like freaks or never did something that the insane people would do.

    Third question is that Rimsha maseeh is a Christian girl. Why did’nt she burn bible or other holy scriptures. How can a girl with down syndrome particularly choose Quran whereas usually people with down syndrome can’t understand abstract concepts such as religion and can’t pick and choose holy book of one particular religion.

    Fourth Question is that when the event occurred all the family members of the girl accepted the crime of the girl. But why now the whole blame is being put on the local imam Khalid Jadoon.

    Fifth question is that, at that time Hafiz Zubair(witness against the imam) was not the only one sitting in aitakaf in the Masjid, there were 7 other persons. And they don’t tell the same story as is being told by Hafiz Zubair.

    Sixth question is that Christians have been living in the village for quite some time and no Muslim ever attacked or hurt a Christian.

    Seventh Question is that why the judiciary and the police is not being allowed to investigate the issue independently rather they are being influenced by extreme pressure from the media, NGOs and others.

    Furthermore why do the people of NGO’s get active whenever there is an incident like this. Why the Muslims living in Pakistan who are in overwhelming majority being harassed by the minorities.
    And to remind it again, no one wants to just punish Rimsha in the case. People want an independent investigation into the issue which is not influenced by any propaganda or external pressure. Is too difficult to verify the age and mental health of the girl !!
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    Here is the Imam who is accused of tampering the evidence against Rimshah .

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    Retarded 14yr old. Yeah right.
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    Looks like it might be the retarded media probganda machine at work
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