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    The Real Deal

    "And Allah has permitted trade, but forbidden riba" [AlBaqarah: 275]

    One of the most difficult and confusing issues to Muslims now a days are the matters pertaining to the rulings of buying and selling. With trade and commerce having expanded with such rapid force, many are searching for what Islam has to say about it all. Of recent, a surge in global Islamic finance and the renewed interest in Shariah business law - requires us to understand the basic principles upon which Islam bases its ruling.

    In this course, you will be introduced to:

    The fiqh of Commerce in Shariah
    Transactions and their classifications
    Forbidden contracts and their understanding
    The correct understanding and application of Riba
    Understand heylah and how to detect it
    Understand how the element of uncertainity may affect the validity of a transaction
    Principles of halal investment
    Manners of a Muslim businessman
    Comparisons between Western commercial law and Shariah business law
    Discussion of tens of the most popular modern business transactions - everything from credit cards, road side assistance, pyramind schemes, ebay, unlimited downloads, no deposit lay-bys, cash back policies, modern Islamic mortgages and investments in bonds, stocks and metals, laws on business and intellectual property, franchising..
    Discussion of sample contracts from Islamic financial institutions
    A preliminary study of how to Islamize large scale economic policies and ensure smooth transition to a riba free economy.
    "I have never attended a more beneficial lecture. It just blew away my mind!" [Quote from a student]

    These series of lectures are best sellers world wide. This particular course goes into much more detail than the lessons that may be available in the market under the title: "Halal and Haram of Business Transactions", so even if you have seen that DVD, you still need to attend this course to gain full and maximum benefit.

    Who is this course for?

    Every Muslim who wants to fear Allah and steer clear from falling into haram and riba.
    Businessmen who want to learn about Islamic business policy and ettiquets.
    Muslims who want to have a deep insight into understanding the goals and purposes of Shariah in business and trade.
    Students of Law faculties trying to understand the basis of Islamic Commercial Law.
    Finance professionals who would like more insight and clarification as to the Islamic logic behind many of its rulings.
    New Muslims who want to understand their Deen.
    What will you come out with at the end of the course?

    A binder complete with notes on the details of the principles of Islamic commercial law.
    Hundreds of examples on how the rules and regulations are applied practically.
    Understand how the the Islamic commercial system is far superior and just than the current systems.
    Practical understanding of the rulings of a large number of modern transactions.
    Motivation to applying the rules towards deducing solutions to our current problems.
    Course materials

    When you sign up for a course, at the first session, you will be given a binder full of notes and important reading regarding the fiqh of Commerce 101. You will be able to take down notes directly in the folder - this will stay with you for your future reference. In addition, the online facility will have extra points for reading and analysis including sample tests to check your understanding.

    Course particulars

    Faculty: Fiqh
    Type: Core topic
    Credits: 3
    Duration of Course: 18 hours which includes 4 instructor led sessions of 4 hours each + 2 hours of online tasks

    Timing and Venue

    Please check the enrolment page for course timings and venue in your city.

    Don't be afraid of the hours. AlKauthar Institute seminars are not long lectures upon lectures hours on end. There will be many different and new ways we are imparting knowledge to ensure we make it interactive, interesting, exciting and thought provoking.
    Times include a 2 hour break in the early afternoon
    There will be plenty of refresher breaks in between hours to ensure student attention is maximised
    We only have limited seats at each seminar. So to ensure you don't miss out we encourage you to enrol as soon as possible to confirm your seat.

    Why Enrol?

    Knowledge is power. It increases when you give it. It is needed by Kings and beggars alike. It eases the path to paradise. We are constantly reminded in the Qur’an and Sunnah of the importance of gaining Islamic knowledge so as to apply it in our lives. At AlKauthar Institute we have attempted to make this path as easy as possible for a Muslim, but in the end it will require your own individual commitment, dedication and hardwork to gain the pleasure of Allah.


    The benefits you receive for the fee you pay for these courses will far out weigh the benefits you will receive from the payment of any other course such as university fees, professional membership fees, conference fees amongst many others.
    Practicality is always emphasised. You will learn so much in such little time and in such a manner that will ensure that you will be able to impart that knowledge straight away. Come and experience the AlKauthar Method and the world's first Case based islamic learning.
    Give your islamic education solid direction. One course at a time you will edge closer to a diploma, degree and honours.
    Instructors who will provide engaging and enjoyable university level lessons in a professional manner at ideal venues complimenting our technology focused teaching style. Our instructors also have plenty of experience dealing with Muslim affairs in the West.
    Our student advisors and online student centre, most notably the e-learn facility will be pioneering the way in the delivery of Islamic education. This is combined with the support of an online community consisting of your instructors and your fellow students from around Australia and the world.

    AlKauthar Institute is aiming to develop a pioneering world class Islamic learning institute, providing a professional and refreshing approach to Islamic courses which will touch the hearts and revive the souls. Come and see for yourself how we attempt to seek the reward of Allah by enriching the lives of individuals and communities.

    Rarely do opportunities like this come our way whilst we are healthy and able. Take advantage of the chance! What will you be missing out on if you don't?
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    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us


    University of East London, Docklands Campus, 4-6 University Way, E16 2RD


    You should be at the Registration room Saturday the 10th of March, NO LATER THAN 8.15AM. This is so that you can complete your registration, collect your course notes folder, have some refreshments, meet your fellow students and prepare yourself before the lessons start.

    The brothers registration will be in EBG018

    The sister registration will be in BS302

    REMEMBER: THE COURSE WILL START 8.30AM SHARP! Please do not be late or you WILL miss out on vital information. Seek the help of Allah to be there on time.

    How can I get there?

    By public Transport please see:

    By Car:
    There is a car park on site open to the students. However, this is open to the public and so may be full when you arrive. Please note all roads close to the University are permit holders only and you will get a ticket if you park there.

    Any child minding available?
    Sadly we do not have a child minding service available. However we have arranged for room for those parents that have arranged their own child minders. Room , in the same building as the sisters registration and the main lecture hall is available. Please note: AlKauthar holds no responsibility for the safety of children at its events. This is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian

    What should I bring with me?
    You will only require your favourite writing pen as everything else will be provided. Recording equipment whether video or audio, is not allowed. After the course, you will be able to download the audio of the lectures in MP3 format from the student portal insha Allah.

    Please remember to make dua', asking Allah to make you benefit from the course and to ensure that your intention is pure. See you all tomorrow inshallah.

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