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    I'm sure most of them are falsely attributed and/or tampered with by people who claim to be his followers.
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    Yeah, I was afraid of that.

    How about Futuh al Ghaib?
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    I need help on the same issue insha'Allah.
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    Fatuh al-ghaib is agreed to be al-jilanis book, ibn taymiya even wrote a commentary on it

    I suggest you throw away all of al-jilanis books as he had some major kufri beliefs, like Allah revealing some of his secrets to the walis on earth as stated in fatuh al-rabbani

    If you take everything jilani said you will leave islam faster then a arrow leaves the bow

    He was indeed a true sufi heretic and nothing changes from their beliefs, no matter how many fairy tales people make about them

    And i think it was ibn jouzi who refuted jilani and his followers since he had major beef with them. And he knew them better then anyone afterward who praised him like ibn taymiya did
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    As-Salaamu 'Alaykum wa Rahmatullaah,

    I have Futuh al-Ghaib and there are a couple things that I have reservations about, mainly to do with Sufi concepts. For example, the book makes reference to Sufi states and stations (e.g. Badaliyyah, Ghawthiyyah, Qutbiyyah). I am aware that these bear some theologically objectionable implications in Sufi cosmology. However, I am not sure how they were intended in earlier and more sober Sufism like Sh. 'Abd al-Qadir's - many items of Sufi terminology were intended with a certain meaning by righteous Sufis, and exploited and given different meanings by later Sufis. Allaahu A'lam, maybe a more knowledgeable brother could comment on these specific examples.

    Also, the translator refers to the Shaykh as Ghawth al-A'zam on the cover and in the glossary.

    Other than these points, the actual content of the book is in line with Qur'an and Sunnah, and I would highly recommend it as a useful provision for someone who is trying to increase his eemaan and struggle against his nafs in order to attain waseelah to Allaah. I have not looked at Fath ar-Rabbani in detail, but I would assume it would be the same.

    However, far from Apathy's misplaced aspersions, the shaykh is most certainly a scholar of the Sunnah.

    Islam Question and Answer - The truth about Shaykh al-Jilaani and Shaykh Ibn ?Abd al-Wahhaab

    `Abd al-Qâdir al-Jîlânî | IslamToday - English

    See also this thread:

    If there is any objectionable content in his books it means a) what he is saying is being misconstrued or b) he didn't write it.
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    Jilani was further from the sunna then the asharis are, you should not blindly follow islamqa and read his books yourself. And if you can find ibn jouzi radd on him it would be even better

    People only praise him bc he was hanbali and ibn taymiya did so even though ibn taymiya came hundreds of years later, unlike ibn jouzi who was his contemporary

    Both of jilanis books fatuh ul rabbani and al ghaib are agreed to be authentically his and they both contain kufri beliefs. Do not take my word for it, read them yourself and you will know the sunna is free from this sufi heretic
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    Are you sure it is Ibn Al-Jawzi or Ibn al Qayyum. They are different people. There are many false books that are attributed to Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani. Fatah ur Rabbani and the other one are not surely attributed to him. There was a post by brother Abu Adam about it. You gotta make sure what you are reading from him because Sufi's have tampered with lot of his books and even wrote books in his name which he has not written himself.
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    Salaam. Another book that is authored by him is Ghubyat at-Talibeen this book. here is a small excerpt from the book:

    Shaykh Abdul-Qaadir al-Jeeelaanee (d. 561H) said:

    And from their saying [the Saalimiyyah] is that Allaah is in every place and [that] there is no difference between the Throne and [what] is other than it of the [various] places. And in the Qur'an is rejection of them [them being declared liars]. Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic said: "Ar-Rahmaan ascended above the Throne." And it was not said, "...ascended above the earth..." and nor upon the interiors of mountains. And mountains and other than them are from the places (amkinah).
    And this is the end of what is associated with [the affair of] i'tiqaad (belief) and usool (foundations) from the aspect of (mere) indication and conciseness.

    Ghunyat ut-Taalibeen of Shaykh Abdul-Qaadir al-Jeelaanee (1/241-242)
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    The only apparent heretic must be you, speaking about this scholar as you do.
  12. Salaam alaykum

    Beware of slandering Abdul Qadir Jilani.Anything in his works goes against Quran & sunnah then its not by him at all.His Aqeedah is sahih.

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