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Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by SunniHammer, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. SunniHammer

    SunniHammer New Member

    sallam wallakum.I have noticed for a long time now, the anti Muslim and racist attitude of the Sun newspaper.They deliberately fabricate reports to show Muslims up in a bad light even though many of them turned out to be false.Many of their columnists are right wing islamaphobes such as Trevor Kavanagh and John Gaunt who demonise the British Muslim community every chance they get.They even have a muslimah on their columnist panel just to blend it through audibillah.

    I was wondering if it would be a good idea to setup some sort of campaign in the UK to get Muslim owned newsagents,mini markets,petrol stations etc to stop selling the paper and individual Muslims to stop buying it.

    As Muslims we should not even be buying the Sun as it contains pornography however i was shocked to notice the large number of Muslim owned corner shops and newsagents who sell that crap, not to mention the vast number of Muslims who read it.

    The Sun itself claims that 17% percent of British Muslims read the Sun

    I do not know if there is any truth to this however we must make an effort
    to show our disdain for these kaffirs who only seek to divide the Muslims further.

    your feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Jazakullah Khair
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  2. walid

    walid New Member

    what sort of sad muslim would read the sun? Half of it is pornography
  3. SunniHammer

    SunniHammer New Member

    according to them 17% of the UK Muslim population:confused:
  4. is it halaal to spend money to buy it in the first place? Allah knows best

    it's full of naked pictures and haraam stories
  5. people the sun newspaper considers muslims, we dont see them that way

    it wouldnt bother me if they say 60% coz i know what kind of muslims they are talking about
  6. Abdul Haaq

    Abdul Haaq Active Member

    thats why you can view it online for free, lol. Seriously i wouldnt encourage anyone to read or view what they publish...shaytaans.

    As for john gaunt i didnt know he was a sun columnist but i do listen to him on talksport radio and i am interested in what he has to say because unlike other kuffs he doesnt beat around the bush, its never got to a stage where he insults islam explicitly but obviously he is against religion. Its quite funny because he has issues with many ills of british society e.g crime, alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, high taxes etc, chavs, broken families and i always sit there thinking if only he understood that islam provides a solution to all these things.
  7. SunniHammer

    SunniHammer New Member

    lol the biggest negative feedback i am getting with this is from Muslims surprisingly enough.

    They are complaining that if Muslim shop owners stopped selling the Sun then their profits would decrease and that the buyers would just get it from Kaffr owned shops.

    sounds to be like the typical "Drug dealer" cop out

    "if they don't buy it from me, then they will go elsewhere":confused:
  8. Idriss

    Idriss New Member

    Bro’ I know you mean well ‘but if he sells the sun, he sells tobacco’ if he sells tobacco’ he sells alcohol’ he also sells porn magazines’ I doubt that such Muslims don’t give a monkeys what s in the content of the sun’ we are talking the 17% that hang out in the bookies and need to tick off their horses? Also ask them why they sell these things they’ll give you an answer “this is none Muslims society brother we don’t have to implement shariah!” really I have tried it.
  9. MuhamedAbdullah

    MuhamedAbdullah New Member

    The British tabloids used to attack the Irish in the same way that it now attacks Muslims yet Irish people continued to read this trash and still do. I know many people who buy several of these rags each morning and they are the sole place from which those people get their news as they don't read anything besides the papers and they don't even watch BBC which for its many faults is still much less biased than the likes of the Sun.

    It seems to be the working class people who tend to buy the Sun and it is these very peoples ignorance which is being manipulated by the enemies of Islam.
  10. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

    Its a gossip news paper, and gossip and smut always sells.
  11. s-b-r

    s-b-r Patience is a Virtue

    You have an error in your title! It's called 'The Scum'!

    Typical dumbed down tabloid trash for the lowest common denominators, ie people who have grey matters all around there head :D

    I think they still boycott the paper in Liverpool after the scum wrote some nasty article about the Hillsbrough tradegy,
  12. Iqra

    Iqra Bismillah

  13. that anila baig is a calamity and a warning to muslim parents
    everytime i said muslim kids should learn quran first..... then secular education later if you wish them to learn other things and cannot afford islamic schools.people think i am being extreme

    i am sure she doesnt know that hijaab is command from Allah and siding with kuffar against muslim takes you out of the fold of islam.

    personally i am tired of talking about all these traitors, i just see or read and keep quiet.
  14. SunniHammer

    SunniHammer New Member

    funny thing is that she used to wear the Hijab when she worked for Telegraph & Argus in Bradford.
  15. Abu Khadija7

    Abu Khadija7 New Member

    whoever enjoys reading that filthy newspaper has got problems, how many of times do we hear them talking bad about the muslimeen, when have you seen 1 day that they do not keep islam out of there mouth, May Allah make this tabloid newspaper bankrupt, May Allah disgrace those who try and disgrace Islam, May Allah turn there plots on them who ever plots against are brothers and sisters
  16. just a topic ya akhi

    no muslim enjoy reading the sun
  17. hmmmmm!!!!

    a muslim girl works for the sun
  18. Abu Abdallah al-Bulghari

    Abu Abdallah al-Bulghari <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    I doubt she qualifies.
  19. IbnHashimBinUthman

    IbnHashimBinUthman New Member


    But as long as Prince Walid bin Talal ibn Saud, remains a part owner than we'll have to pray harder.
  20. walid

    walid New Member

    Salaams brother is this true?

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