Video Breathtaking story from Albania.

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by Layth Ibn Sad, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Layth Ibn Sad

    Layth Ibn Sad New Member

    Shaikh Nabil al awadi goes to Albania to meet a family who decided to abandon the village and live in a cave to save their religion.
    The story happen at the time when the dictator of Albania decided to ban all religions and declared Albania the first atheist country in the world.
    They stayed in a cave for 30 years until the fall of communism.

  2. abumuwahid

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    La ilaha illaLlah

    30 years in a cave to save their Islam!

    Sounds like a story straight from the Qur'an.

    May Allah protect them and grant them success in this life and in the next. Ameen....
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  3. Abu Idris Al-Albani

    Abu Idris Al-Albani New Member

    Does Shaykh Nabil speak Albanian? I don't see a translator there??
  4. justabro

    justabro Salafi (Retd.)

    they've cut out the translation from the video and given subtitles for the Albanian. The real question, do YOU speak Albanian?
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  5. Abu Idris Al-Albani

    Abu Idris Al-Albani New Member

    Sadly bro...I don't. I do however speak a bit of Bosnian. My parents and grandparents speak both though.
  6. Ibn Jubayr

    Ibn Jubayr Active Member

    Beautiful story! May Allah keep them steadfast. Amin

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