British man said to be mentally ill executed in China..

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by abuhannah, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. abuhannah

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    (the bro had serious mental health issues,May Allah accept him,ameen)...

    A British man convicted of drug smuggling in China has been executed, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

    Akmal Shaikh, 53, of London, had denied any wrongdoing and his family said he was mentally ill.

    The execution took place despite repeated calls from his family and the British government for clemency.

    British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said he was "appalled and disappointed", and condemned the execution "in the strongest terms".

    Mr Shaikh is the first EU national to be executed in China in 50 years.

    In a statement, Mr Brown said: "I am appalled and disappointed that our persistent requests for clemency have not been granted.

    "I am particularly concerned that no mental health assessment was undertaken.

    "At this time our thoughts are with Mr Shaikh's family and friends and I send them our sincere condolences." .

    BBC News - British man said to be mentally ill executed in China
  2. Muwaahid

    Muwaahid I disbelieve in disbelief

    If he was a white Anglican Protestant( christian), Im sure the british govt would have done more...
  3. huehuecoyotl

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    Like what? Stomp their foot?
  4. SunniHammer

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    highly unlikely, China is not some subservient banana republic where the West can flaunt their clout about and get what they want.
  5. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    I heard he went there to be a pop star.
  6. pakhtoon

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    More proof that China is emerging as a superpower and that the squealings of a country that was once considered influential are now simply swept aside as they continue to go to china with a begging bowl in one hand and a list of demands in the other.

    China is flexing its muscles as the new kid on the block and I wonder what they'll do over the next 30+ years and how they'll shape the bankrupt west.
  7. huehuecoyotl

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    Brazil, Russia, India and China are all rising. China and India were two of the few countries that had positive growth during the recession. As to how they will act, probably like every other nation in history when it become powerful, use its influence to further their goals. Taiwan will be absorbed, Japan will be under enormous military and economic pressure, the Russian Chinese border will heat up, and China will either use the current US network of security underpinnings for the Middle East or create their own. Preferably create their own, because they tend to leave their economic partners do as they wish as long as they get their product. The West will become net creditors as China is now which means less military expenditures, less government and and probably more freedom for the individual. Russia of course will increase its sphere of influence over the Western European states, India I have no idea about because I haven't studied them a lot. And I don't think a lot of people here cares about what Brazil does.
  8. abumuwahid

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    If he was held in a Muslim country, like Sudan, then the so called Muslim MPS in westminister would've been quoting Qur'an and Sunnah to the leader and pleading for clemency.
  9. abu 'eesa

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    China is the new USSR as far as I see it. They are already butchering people in their lands.
    Same with India.

    Oh by the way, what is the standard for a super power to follow? Who is it set by?
  10. huehuecoyotl

    huehuecoyotl A Simple Kind of Man

    Well the Chinese have already set their own precedence for being a superpower ( Dynasties) and so has Russia (Czars). Brazil really has no precedent for being a superpower ( finally a Latin American superpower) and neither does India. As to who actually set the standard... there really isn't one it. It is born out of the geopolitical climate that surrounds the entity of the characteristics of the state

    Some quotes as to the characteristics of the state:

  11. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    India will be superpower only after it can find men to recruit in its army.
  12. huehuecoyotl

    huehuecoyotl A Simple Kind of Man

  13. aisha12385

    aisha12385 Inactive Member

    I have no qualms over drug dealers getting executed. Bipolar disorder is used too often as an excuse for criminal behavior. I don't buy it, especially when there are drugs to treat it and 90% of those treated are satisfied with their treatment. Wasn’t this man from a country that provides free healthcare? Was the mental illness even documented? While people with bipolar disorder may be more likely to act recklessly based their mood, they still know right from wrong. Doesn't a depressed person know right from wrong when they commit suicide? Aren't they still doing something haram? Doesn't Allah still punish them? And in that case, they are only hurting themselves, so what about the drug dealer who ruins many lives? How many of you would accept bipolar disorder as an excuse for child rape or for murder? I'm saying this as someone very familiar with people who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I don't buy it as a defense for criminal behavior, especially for something like selling drugs. I read that 2.6% of the American population has bipolar disorder. Should the criminals among the six million Americans who have it get a free pass when they commit criminal behavior? I don’t think so. I can’t opine confidently on this specific case without knowing the details, but from what I read online, I can’t say I’m too disturbed about it. Nevertheless, may Allah forgive the brother and ease the pain caused to his family. Ameen.

  14. huehuecoyotl

    huehuecoyotl A Simple Kind of Man

    It wasn't so much that bi polar was the excuse, it was that no testing was allowed to determine if he was or not or if it affected his judgment.
  15. aisha12385

    aisha12385 Inactive Member

    1. He had no medical record indicating a mental disorder.
    2. There is no definitive medical test that can prove the disorder.
    Psychiatrists reach diagnosis after looking at the patient's medical history, psychiatric history, family's psychiatric history, and current symptoms. The first two did not support the claim of mental illness. As far as I know, there was no claim that other family members had been diagnosed. I agree that they could have made an effort to have him evaluated, considering a claim was made. However, evaluation of symptoms in a bipolar person can only occur when the symptoms are there. Bipolar people don't display symptoms all the time.

    Still, I wouldn't buy it as an excuse for selling drugs. I would only have my doubts about a person’s culpability when committing a crime if he or she had some serious documented manic episodes and the crime was a result of recklessness without intent (such as vehicular homicide). Such an episode would probably render a person incapable of carrying out organized, prolonged tasks such as drug deals. This man was 53 years old and had NO medical record indicating ANY psychiatric conditions. Onset bipolar symptoms typically occurs in early adulthood. Those with manic episodes usually get them every few years. Did this man or his family have anything to support their claim? <O:p
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  16. huehuecoyotl

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    When it is someone's life on the life though I think every defense or explanation should be examined.

    As far as the story goes he wasn't a drug dealer he was a "mule" or drug carrier. He went to China to be a pop star ( lol what?) and was told to carry something along with him. He gets arrested and executed. Now if he was a long time drug dealer I obviously see a case for the frivolity of bi polar as an excuse, but the manic phase of bi polar would easily explain the sudden desire to be a pop star. Also the easy gullibility. Now should be pay for carrying drugs? Perhaps, but if he really is bi polar and untreated definably not with his life. The problem is the Chinese never really gave the defense a chance to prove it.
  17. aisha12385

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    I agree.

    You have a point. What I expressed reflect my general sentiments about bipolar disorder being used as an excuse for criminal acts. There are too many unknowns in this case for me to opine confidently about this one. The article states that the complaints were that he was not "independently assessed". From that, I got the impression that he was evaluated by the Chinese government, but that wasn't good enough. I also find it hard to believe that he was unaware of having an extra 4kg in his bag. That's a little more than the weight of a gallon of water. That's really sad if the man wasn't aware of what he was carrying, but then how can anyone prove that.

    Oh and why are there smily faces in my posts? I didn't put them there :confused:
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    OK, Wallahi, i did not put any smilies in my posts. Actually, i don't see them in my original post, only on huehuecoyotl's quote where i'm being quoted and that's why i included it in my reply. Someone left me a neg rep saying i left smilies. I went back to edit and I don't see any smilies? I am not celebrating that the man is dead or think this is funny at all!!! I feel bad for him.... Maybe because I copied from word?? My post had some angled brackets, but I removed them and they didn't even show up as smilies, but brackets... idk..
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    Your post does have smilies.
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    Still??? Like I said, copied from word and got a message saying I had 16 images and if I'm sure I wanted to include them or something like that. I went back and found only angle brackets at the end of the sentences. I removed them. I only saw the smiles in my quoted text in hue....'s post, never in mine. Again I went back to double check, removed the spaces even, and they are still there? If so, moderator, pls remove any smilies on any of my posts... jk.

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