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  1. Abu_Maryam

    Abu_Maryam New Member

    Dear all
    I have to give a khutbah tomorrow/today InshaaAllah and need to decide what subjects to touch upon=ur suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. Musta'eenah

    Musta'eenah New Member

    Aiding the oppressed muslims. Manners. The responsibilities of the muslim man to his wife and children. Seeking knowledge. Hijra. The youth. Mental Health in the muslim community. Domestic violence and the list goes on. I guess it all just depends on the community and their situation.
  3. Ra'ad

    Ra'ad anti-Terrorist

    Love and Hate for the sake of Allah.
  4. princesatriguena

    princesatriguena New Member

    Charity.... for the sake of Allah.... sadaqah... zakat.. it's always neede it always helps... lots of reward... it's easy to do even smiling..

    Oh I always like the khutbas that take the well known stories in the Quran and the hadith and relating them to today.. like Nuh... or Yunus... or the hadith about the lady and her cat or the man who killed 100.... especially Yunus it's my favorite... Sometimes we as Muslims we forget that these things still relate to us today...

    Yunus as we know was swallowed by the whale becasue he thought he could run and hide from Allah... even though the consequences of our sins today is not so instantaneousl and seemedly severly punished as it was in those days... and it may seem as a mercy from Allah, we clearly are at a bigger loss than those who came before us becasue Yunus after being swallowed by the whale could not deny his sins and therefore sought the mercy of his Lord and repented.. I'm sure that after surviving such an ordeal one could never regress to such levels of sin.... in fact after being saved He went and converted an entire city (for at least a while) Do we have such drives after being saved by our Lord?.. are we so grateful and share our Islam with others?. we are not so fortunate as those who came before us even though it seems we have it easier... but easy is not good always.. surely the path to hell fire is an easy one... easier still everyday... everyday we run from our sins and from our Lord and no whale will come and literally swallow us.. instaed we are swallowed and consumed whole by our lusts and fears, and evils and sink further away from our Lord as we loom in the belly pf the perpetual beast... imagine how many will die surely in the belly and never have sought refuge and escape from their Lord....

    Truly we are at the end of days and it is clear... we fail to see the signs and heed the warnings and we take for granted that which was revealed before us even thoguh it remains more true and relevant today than ever....

    What do run from in shame?... our responsibilities to our families?.. our community?... do we consume ourselves with work?... do we just seek to live our lives and earn a living and forget to give thanks and rememberence to Allah our Razaq? do we ignore when we see another brother in trouble? Will we know the whale is coming for us before it swallows us?.. are we in the belly now and don't realize it?... will we turn to Him in repentence and remeberence before it's too late?...

    hope this helps.. I get a bit carried away and over passionate about things at times I apologize in advance for this... but I can't help but be passionate about something so beautiul... can you blame me?... such is the Mercy of Allah that he would reach into the farthest depths to save us the wretched simply because we ask... Allahu ahkbar
  5. MuhamedAbdullah

    MuhamedAbdullah New Member

    In alot of areas the issue of biddah is very important as there are many Muslims falling into this without even realising.
  6. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

  7. daddyboy

    daddyboy New Member

    asalam alaykoum

    alhamdulilah in addition to the posts fo far my contribution would the following

    i sincerely believe that a good topic would be the importance of knowledge before action insha allah

    many muslims seem to feel that they can convey a hadith or a verse from the quran, and extract rulings from it themselves , in turn causing fitnah in the ummah.

    some examples of how the salaf as salih approached this topic would be very beneficial.
  8. FTR

    FTR Member

    Responsibilities of the Scholars towards protection of Ummah by the kuffars and uplifting Ummah towards the path of salvation.
  9. It's a bit late now but i would have suggested The importance of time.. Maybe for next time Insha'Allah
  10. Awakened

    Awakened New Member

    a khutba on khutbas, so many people attend jummah khutbas but are still not clued up about its importance, what is required of those that attend it and the virtues of it. Perhaps some insight into the khutbas of the past and what messages were given in them.
  11. princesatriguena

    princesatriguena New Member

    oooh I like this one!!! wish my Imaam would do something like this...
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  12. Abu_Maryam

    Abu_Maryam New Member

    JazaakhAllahu khair for all of your advices - InshaaAllah I will write an update soon of what the khutbah was about- but May allah reward you all for beautifully pointing me in the right direction-may He point you all in the right direction on the siraatul mustaqeem. ameen

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