Business & Finance in the Muslim World

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    Assalaamu Alaykum

    The real powers in every country is the business and financial elite. They have relatively stayed intact in every Muslim country that has faced a revolution so far.

    Is it possible for practicing Muslims to have key and influential positions in Muslim economies while avoiding Riba based financial systems?

    Once a business passes a certain stage it must have close and vibrant ties with the financial system it is operating in. It is impossible to operate a leading business without basic corporate financial services. Since every single Muslim country operates a Riba based financial system( even the so called Islamic system, correct me if I'm wrong), how can we expect practicing Muslims to engage in such a system?

    Since the business elite of all Muslim countries are secularists and crooks, is it possible for practicing Muslims to compete with them without sabotaging their beliefs and morals? Or do we need a complete system change? Considering it will cause major financial and economic meltdown to even try and change this current system. The only Muslim countries with clean slates have been invaded and reconquered( or in the process of). Also the current so called "Islamist democratic parties" have no qualms with interest and the status quo.

    I find most practicing Muslims businessmen operate in small to medium scale service sector businesses. Example, the so called "financier" of the Muslim brotherhood is just a furniture salesman with a few furniture outlets. Whats worse it is a Turkish franchise.

    Scholars always warned against individuals dealing with interest or working in banks. All the while all around them the roads and Building are built with debt. How is this taken so lightly?

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