C4, 6 Aug, 8pm: Dispatches: Britain Under Attack

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by AkramUKConv, Aug 3, 2007.

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    It is also mentioned in this Daily Mail post, posted below.

    Apparently, the "documentary reveals that fanatics are continuing to peddle a message of hatred in the UK." You can leave a comment at the Daily Mail article in this link.

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    Don't forget it!

    Although, they are still not advertising it on their website. As of 14:00 on 05 August 2007 the website is advertising last weeks and next weeks but not tomorrows!
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    Wonderful just what we need!:rolleyes:
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    Remember, its on tonight at 08:00PM-09:00PM on Channel 4. ALthough it has been advetised on TV it is still not on their website.
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    Don't forget to give your feedback to Channel 4. Contact Details:

    Phone: 020 7306 8333

    Online Enquiry Form

    Also leave a comment at the Daily Mail article here.

    Concerns about portrayal of British Muslims?

    Haras Rafiq, a member of the Sufi Muslim Council filmed by Channel 4's Dispatches said,
    "A percentage of people actually agree and support proactively the people that are deciding to blow themselves up. It varies, it can be 7 per cent, 5 per cent, 9 per cent."

    From where does he get his figures!? Just think of a number, any number....
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    haras rafiq is such a slimey snake.....i cringe everytime i see this mentally enslaved snake on TV.........
  7. AkramUKConv

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    Some information on him...

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  8. MosDef

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    He is a disgusting personality. Boot-licker no.1
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    Below is the article published today by the documentary director, from the Guardian, August 6, 2007.

    The maker of the film, Phil Rees, has written a very good article about the issues he tries to cover in the film. He is a strong critic of western foreign policy and western interventionism, particularly in the Muslim world, and has appeared on the Islam Channel many times. He wrote the book 'Dining with terrorists' (using the word 'terrorist' ironically) about various meetings with resistance groups around the world (Muslim and non-Muslim). Source.

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  10. AkramUKConv

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    I thought it was a very good documentary. It actually put another side to the story on as opposed to the Zionist Government view. I thought it did a rather good job of addressing the reasons for 'radicalism' [foreign policy] as opposed to preachers of 'hate'.

    A preacher isn't needed to radicalise anyone [the Gov would disagree (look at the comments here)], whereas in reality all you have to do is turn on the TV.

    This is a findamental point as was made quite well on that programme.

    All those Muslims that said it was the preachers were, in my opinion (ex BNP), made to look like complete fools who didn't have a clue what they were talking about. Are the dillusional or do they just enjoy their fay pay check from the Zionazis too much?

    I hope this is put up on YouTube.
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  11. MosDef

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    Apparently it is available on the dispatches website. I think the brothers from Luton done well and they are IMO correct.
  12. AkramUKConv

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    Here you go:

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    And, this is the worthy bookshop (screenshot) they went into:

    As-Sabeel (Retailers of Islamic Books, Clothing, DVD's and Goods) - 12 Wokingham Rd, Reading, RG6 1JG - 0118 966 4141 - info@as-sabeel.net - www.as-sabeel.net
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  14. AkramUKConv

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    Make your voices heard!

    Don't forget to give your feedback to Channel 4. Contact Details:

    Online Enquiry Form

    Letters: Viewer Enquiries, Channel 4 Television, 124 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 2TX

    (Dispatches 'Britain Under Attack', 6/8/07, 8pm.)

    Here are some points
    you could make in your own words:
    1) Thank the programme-makers for highlighting the central role of foreign policy in causing radicalisation, and the government's refusal to acknowledge this fact.
    2) Complain that the trailers and promotion of this programme were sensationalised and inflammatory, portraying Muslims as a threat.

    Some further points:
    - A broad range of Muslims were interviewed and views such as those of Moazzam Begg made an important contribution.
    - The programme mentioned the problem of draconian new anti-terror laws that have been introduced.
    - Although Channel 4 billed the programme as being about British Muslims, Abu Mohammed and Omar Bakri who were in the programme representing the extremists are not based in the UK. It is vital to remember how unrepresentative their opinions are and not to provide them a platform to preach their hatred.
    - The Islamic prohibitions against harming civilians should have been mentioned.
    - The programme should also have shown the efforts of British Muslim organisations such as MPACUK to channel anger at foreign policy into effective action to create change peacefully through the political process.
    - The programme addressed Muslim concerns that the government in their work to de-radicalise young British Muslims, are attempting to delete chunks from our religion, such as Ummah and Jihad. Muslims are outraged by this and want the government to understand and accept Islam for the peaceful religion that it is.
    - In the scene where the RUSI conference was shown, policy-makers described the views of extremists as a “cancer” when it is in fact an ideology just like the BNP. It could be solved if the government accepts the role of the foreign policy in fuelling extremism and takes the necessary steps to address the issue.

    With more and more documentaries about Islam and Muslims it is more important than ever that we make our voices heard - it will only takes 5 minutes to contact Channel 4 with your comments. All comments from the public are logged and circulated to the programme-makers, to inform future programmes.


    Phil Rees produced an interesting documentary on this sensitive topic. He has covered it from many angles, speaking to people from all sides of the arguments. Among the many points that were critically examined were the idea that Islam and the West are incompatible and that Muslims see the 'War on Terror' as 'War on Islam'. There was also a discussion of the theological argument used by extremists to justify attacking Britain and whether the presence of British troops in Muslim lands has broken the covenant between Britain and its Muslim citizens.

    The programme also talked about the Muslim allegiance to the Ummah and whether this was more important than nationhood. It looked at government-supported programmes to de-radicalise young British Muslims (details of which were extremely secretive) and efforts to promote a depoliticised Sufism as the acceptable face of Islam in the U.K.

    Watch the programme at www.channel4.com/4od

    Sufi Muslim Council sings the government tune again...

    The programme highlighted the way the government is keen to promote Muslim groups that are prepared to ignore foreign policy and the suffering of the Ummah - groups such as the Sufi Muslim Council. Haras Rafiq, a member of the Sufi Muslim Council filmed by Channel 4's Dispatches said Muslims have more important concerns than Iraq and Palestine, such as GCSEs and overdrafts. He also repeated his scaremongering about British Muslims:
    "A percentage of people actually agree and support proactively the people that are deciding to blow themselves up. It varies; it can be 7 per cent, 5 per cent, 9 per cent."

    From where does he get his figures!? Just think of a number, any number....

    Dispatches: Britain Under Attack
  15. Daniel

    Daniel TAFKA BM

    Haras Rafiq is the one that the British government looks to as an expert of "extremism"? No wonder they cannot solve any problems. These ex-"Islamists" (i.e. Hassan Butt, "Ed" Hussein) and groups like the Sufi Council of Britain only seek to serve as a cover for the failed policies of the British government.

    All this nonsense about "political Islam" being the source of the problem shows how disingenuous these government officials and their pet Muslims really are. They never seek to resolve the foreign policy issues that give rise and creditability to extremism, only compound the issue by attacking Islam as a whole.
  16. Daniel

    Daniel TAFKA BM

    Here is more of the program:

    Part 1.

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    Part 2.

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    Part 3.

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    Part 4.

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    Part 5.

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  17. AkramUKConv

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    Just like the Dispatches 'Mosque Uncovered' programme, (please comment here fo rthat particular programme), it is too be investigated, below. Please post on the appropriate programme in the appropriate thread, linked.


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