Cia Salafis Write Book About Bro Yusuf Khattab!

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Wild Wild West, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    The latest trash from SalafiManhaj

    Kofi Annan seems to love these forums and br AZ in particular!

    I wonder if he realises that he has used Dr Safar Al-Hawali as a reference whereas he usually just slanders him.....
  2. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    LOL!!!!! Jazak Allah Khair! Alhhumdulilah atleast now I have ijaazah :)
  3. this is slanderous how dare they to write such an article???
  4. tawheedullah

    tawheedullah <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    This is certainly a badge of honour!
  5. did they call you the ibn saba of this era , thats TAKFEER because ibn saba was a Munafiq and a Mushrik ,
    this is crazy how dare they to write such an article
  6. anam

    anam New Member

    Wow they used Safar Hawali lol reminds me of Salim Hilali quoting Sayed Qutb
  7. tayfah_mansurah

    tayfah_mansurah New Member

  8. Umm

    Umm New Member

    For years this cult has been doing takfeer in many ways except literally saying "you are a kaafir/munafiq/mushrik."
  9. InTheHearts0fGreenBirds

    InTheHearts0fGreenBirds Diagnosed with wahan

    nothing new, these dogs are trying to character assassinate the brother. As the saying goes "Cant treat a old dog new tricks"
  10. InTheHearts0fGreenBirds

    InTheHearts0fGreenBirds Diagnosed with wahan

    Who published this article did the coward give his name
  11. InTheHearts0fGreenBirds

    InTheHearts0fGreenBirds Diagnosed with wahan

    I wonder if abu zublair as one of the brothers calls him had his finger in this, I wouldnt be surprised.
  12. sword_of_islam

    sword_of_islam New Member

    SubanAllah may Allah protect bro Yousef from the munafiqs amongst us, i do not agree with everything brother Yousef says but he does show love and hate for the sake of Allah, which the munafiqs and there preachers have eradicated from there teachings.

    Beloved brother intheheartofgreenbirds, even brother Abuz Zubair would not stoop this low he may have differences in beleifs with us but i dont think that brother would ever write something like that so that a brother's freedom is in danger this is the work of munafiqs of this era the ones who follow blindly the palace scholars.

    We all have mistakes i am no exception nor is brother Yousef or anyone but to highlight his statements showing his hatred of the taghoot and the kuffar who kill the muslims and mention his family in the hope that the CIA would pick up on them is the lowest of the low may Allah protect all our brothers and sisters. Ameen
  13. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    This is blasphemous! I am not a Kharji the most I will do to Abu Zubair is give him a wedgie, I would never kill a Muslim unless the Khalifa appointed me to carry out the Hukm of the Shari3a.
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  14. sword_of_islam

    sword_of_islam New Member

    Brother Yousef why are you quoting me for, im sticking up for you for the sake of Allah i said you, like any sincere muslims show hatred towards the taghoot and those kuffar who kill muslims, but for these saudi salafis to use your words out of context is evil and just show how they wish to eradicate the muslims who are sincere in there deen.

    May Allah protect you and us all and may Allah guide you and us all and may Allah forgive all of us our short comings in the deen. Ameen
  15. Abu Q al Muwahid

    Abu Q al Muwahid New Member

    Only problem is that Abu Zubair would hand you over to the Murtadeen of Salul any day of the week. ;)
  16. sword_of_islam

    sword_of_islam New Member

    lol that i cannot argue beloved brother:D
  17. abu~Adil as somali

    abu~Adil as somali New Member

    aint those munafeqeen the sameones who wrote that piece of trash againts al imam anwar al awalky...after that trash how do they expect anyone to take them serious...and althought they have a total hate for this site and its forum, and even more hate for the "south london tempter tantrum throwing,teacher abo zubair saleem al azzaamii" although they dont like him or his site, they seem to be so updated with whats going on here all the time, and from what iv seen from them, they only exist because of this site..
  18. Madarijas-Salikeen

    Madarijas-Salikeen <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    These people love kuffar
  19. Abu Ibraaheem

    Abu Ibraaheem Active Member

    Threads merged
  20. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    Allah Hayeek Akhi I didn't mean to quote u in a bad way authubillah, sorry for any misunderstanding.

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