Circles and Activities happening in South London - 25/02/11

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    Please note, all information provided on our website has been provided by the masjids we promote, please contact the mosque to see if the class is running on the day has there will be events cancelled and resumed at a later date

    Lewisham Islamic Centre FC - Training Sessions<wbr>010/09/17/lewisham-islamic<wbr>-centre-fc-training-sessio<wbr>ns
    Lewisham Islamic Centre

    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes for boys<wbr>010/10/08/brazilian-jiu-ji<wbr>tsu-classes-for-boys
    Streatham Islamic Centre

    Young Sisters circles in English<wbr>010/10/15/young-sisters-ci<wbr>rcles-in-english
    Streatham Islamic Centre

    Seerah of The Rassul (salallahu 'alaihi wa sallam)<wbr>010/10/22/seerah-of-the-ra<wbr>ssul-salallahu-alaihi-wa-s<wbr>allam
    Lewisham Islamic Centre

    The Peckham Study Circle<wbr>010/12/03/the-peckham-stud<wbr>y-circle
    Peckham Islamic Centre

    Hadith Class<wbr>011/01/21/hadith-class
    Wimbledon Mosque

    Friday Circles - For Kids (6 - 12)<wbr>010/12/17/friday-circles-f<wbr>or-kids-6-12
    Morden Islamic Centre is a community portal primarily for Muslims in South London to be kept informed about prayer times, events and activities taking place in the local mosques and community.

    We need your help, if you know of any classes or events happening in the South London area, please do email us at

    JazakAllah Khair

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