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    Asalamu alaykum, I presently reside in a non muslim area, and the only two masajid close by are owned by the Police and Air force respectively. Its compulsory for anyone in the police or armed forces over here to be clean shaven, so the imams in both masajid are clean shaven force men.

    I am close to the Police imam and I have learnt a lot from him as he is very knowledgeable and of good character alhamdulillah, but I have also come across fatawa which say a man who shaves is a fasiq and its dislikes or prohibited for him to be an imam, so its not advisable to pray behind him.

    Well in this situation, judging from the circumstance, would it still be disliked to pray behind such an imam as the only alternative is a masjid which is a bit far but of reachable distance where the imam has a beard, but he is like a tool in the hands of the government, and he even uses the masjid to campaign for elections and insults rival political parties during khutbah.

    Which of these is a lesser evil?
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    Here in the Netherlands - and I believe in most of Turkey - Turkish imams are clean shaven... Not having a beard has different meanings in different circumstances, with different consequences.. You should judge for yourself what is best for you (and your relatives) and not concern yourself with matters that, perhaps, may have a bad influence on your religion.. That is my personal advice.

    If you need strong advice, you should contact a mufti of your region who is knowledgeable and trustworthy and ask him (or her).
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    if there is no one else who can lead the prayer other than someone who shaves then I am unaware of any prohibition of praying behind such a person, perhaps someone can shed some light on that?

    however if this Imam happens to be a Kafir spy or a Kafir invader like the Airforce Imaam then it doesnt matter if he is clean shaven or not. its not allowed to pray behind someone who nullifies his Islam.

    as for the Police Imaam yes keep him close since you know him already he is a lot better to have in your corner than a Kafir loving bearded Imaam desperate for a pat on the back from the agency he works for or an Imaam who is obliged to carpet bomb the Muslims even if he is not a pilot he is still a facilitator for genocide

    but having said that even praying behind the Police Imaam is problematic since he has to enforce laws that contradict the Sharia especially in places where the Sharia has standpoint and I'm not talking about the harmless administrative rules/guidelines that exist for efficient work flow and safety etc etc

    It is narrated in Sahih Ibn Hibban from Abu Saeed and Abu Hurairah that the Prophet (saw) said:

    "Some day, your Emirs will show favour to wicked people and delay performing the prayer from its fixed times. So, whoever among you sees such a thing, should not take the post of a monitor, policeman, revenue officer or a treasurer."

    if it is not allowed to take the jobs that have been mentioned above under a Muslim Ruler than how can it be permissible to take a similar job under a Kafir Ruler?
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    brother according to my knowledge we can pray behid cleanshaved person but the case you have mentioned is different... the imam is clean shaven because he was ordered to do so by police... and the imam fulfilled the order.. and the imam still supports the police and air force so this is kufr... being clean shaved is different issue but supporting kafir police is very different thing... being clean shaven is sin but enforcing or legislating that people should not be allowed to grow beards is kufr... hatred for sunnah is kufr....
    even prayers behind zaanis, thiefs, robbers, adulterers etc are also valid....
    now if there are two imams... one openly suuports kafir political parties.. you should not pray behind him even he has a beard... and the second imam who is cleanshaven, if he is doing so by the orders of authorities then you should not pray behind him.. but if this is not the reason of him being cleanshaven.. then you can pray behind him... prayer behind a faasiq is valid... even prayers behind , thiefs, robbers, adulterers etc are also valid..

    and brother can you tell me about which country are you talking...?? where do you reside...??? which country and which city...??
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    Assalaam alaykum brother,
    please slow down, i am not sure how old you are but if you are over 30 i will assume you have observed your deen for at least 25 years. then you should notice the major change that happened over the decades.
    Alhamdulillah we got the message and we grew beards and tried hard to kick out racism, nationalism, tribalism maybe even bidaa that sneaked into our deen incognito. not everyone got the message so please be careful with your judgement. even imam who support the armed force you have to classify as ignorant, give him daawa before you make takfir on him. you have to know if he's really aware of the kufr of nationalism. not many people do.
    you remember the hadith LOVE OF YOUR COUNTRY IS PART OF YOUR IMAN? how many muslim already found out its a fake hadith? you will be surpised.
    please slow down with your takfir, not every muslim knows what you know even imams.
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    Al-Salamu `Alaykum Wa Rahmatu 'Llahi Wa BarakaTuhu,

    He's 19.
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    walaykum salaam!

    well thats a shame, he did not witness the islamic heros of the 80s like ayyadolla$ khomeini
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