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    Assalamu alaikum,

    What have the scholars said about collective punishment? What I mean is: Is it correct to think that an Earthquakes in a certain land is due to the kufr or sinfulness of the people of this land? (Like the destruction of Thamud or Aad) Obviously, we woudn't know for sure that a particular natural disaster was a punishment or a test.

    Ordid collective punishment cease after the death of our Prophet (sallAllahu alayhi wa sallam) ?

    JazakAllahu khair
  2. Tuwaylib

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  3. aisha

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    assalamo alaykom

    to be honest, i believe that every earthquake is a reminder from Allah so we wake up and so we stop doing sins.
    Allah punished those who were before us by punishments thro nature.

    la hawla wa la qowata ila bi llah

    assalamo alaykom
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    What about those who commit no sins? Why did they die?
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    Death comes to all.

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