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Discussion in 'Comment on Articles' started by Anonymous, Aug 7, 2006.

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    <a href="">Assad's Death A Crack in the Anti Islamic Alliance</a>

    Salaam Brother

    I have been to Syria and I have heard of this atrocity commited by the worst regime in the arab world. But by the garce of Allah, this atrocity is never forgoten by the ordinary syrian people, even though they are under survilaice for 24 hours. May Allah be with people of Hamaa and May Allah be with people of Hamaa and May Allah be with people of Hamaa. Amin and Amin and Amin
  2. Suhaib Jobst

    Suhaib Jobst 'Amal Ahl al-Madina

    Its a shame what has happened to the land of Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Qayyim, Imam Nawawi, and countless other scholars. The Sunni mujahideen had the wide-reaching support of the majority Sunnis, who were tired of having the Alawites dominate everything. In fact, the revolt in Hamah was partly due to Assad's policy of settling Alawites into the city and displacing Sunnis. The apostate tyrant then tried to cover up his crime, but it remained etched into the minds of the people.

    And its also a shame how the Muslim countries reacted to this, including the "Islamic" Republic of Iran, which cooperated with the Syrian regime. This was occurring at the same time the regime intervened in Lebanon, on the side of the Maronite Christians, against the Palestinians and Sunnis. It's just a matter of time until an Islamic state is established in Shaam, insha'Allah!
  3. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

    I think you will find that the most intelligent people do believe in God. And as the Quran is from God then it has no need for reform as its for now and the future.
    Shame about your childhood , as its obvious you were not brought up in a proper muslim enviroment .
  4. gag order

    gag order Anti-Troll

    at least the muslims have broadband connection in their dark age

    not bad at all !
  5. abu~Adil as somali

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    ya akhi, when that kafir hafid al assad went to that town.. he gased the whole town from top to bottom, and then he began his air assult on men women and children who survived, and if that wasnt enough i read in arabic history books his death squads were going from house to house making sure no one was left to tell the tale, sadam has done it to the kurds, king hussain done it in jordan, thousands of prisoners disapair from time to time...egypts taaqoot mubaark does it, and in saudi arabia we know what hapens there. not to mention the north african countries, the genocide thats taken place in dafuur..
  6. intissar

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    The old Assad did not even properly inverstigate the murder of his 1. son by the Mossad & his own uncle:
    The brakes and steering wheel quit working when he quickly drove to the airport through the foggy weather. The experienced driver died when the car crashed into a tree.

    His 2. son is involved in the murder of Ghazi Kanaan. Maybe Kanaan knew that Assad had foreknowledge/aquiescence concerning Hariri. After all, the bloodless coup d'etat via the Mehlis commission promised to be an elegant way to fill the positions of the accused with his own crownies.

    Additionally, by now Assad seems to be involved in the murder of Gazi Kanaan's brother, too:
    Naharnet reported that Ali Kannan was suicided by having been laid in front of a train after his meeting with Assad wherein he accused Assad of complicity in his brother's murder.

    One might wonder if Assad will sign away the Golan in a "peace agreement" with Israel.

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