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    <a href="">Benazir Bhutto: A Pakistani Tragedy</a>

    All Hamad and Sanaat is for Allah who has His Hands on the forelocks of the tyrants, and of the munafiqeen, Praise be to Allah the sole King of the Universe, Who has his Arsh over the heavens and the earth.

    Salawaat on his most Beloved, salawaat on his Habeeb, Salawaat on His Mercy, Salawaat on the Imam of the Prophet (as), the Rasool-Allah (saw) who speaks no word, nor does action unless it be inspiration inspired, unlimited darood and salawaat on his Ahle Bait, his Sahabah and those that followed them till the day of Qiyamah

    Praise be to Allah who said and promised the believers

    “Perish the hands of Abu Lahab, Perish he. His (abu lahabs) wealth will not avail him”

    Doomed is he is the fire of Hell

    The Scholars of Haq said this is a promise that anyone who trend the path to render the men from the path of Allah, or even so much as to contemplate attacking the muwahideen, then this promise of Allah will apply to them also.

    We have witnessed the treacherous, the one with no deen, Benazir Bhutto perish,

    and all the wealth she had stolen from the ummah. The wealth she had stolen from the Muslims of Pakistan piled up in her Switz bank accounts, released by alliance with Musharaf has not availed her from the promised humiliation and Mawt of the zalimeen that Allah (swt) had mentioned in his mighty Quran.

    She (a british puppet) became the spine supporting the Kemalist loving US agent Musharaf, but how strong is the bond of the tawageet? Not butWeak!

    Who can support the tawageet (false gods/legislators) When Allah (swt) has His self declared war on the oppresson and tyranny of the tawageet?

    The corruption of the daughter of capitalism was seen by you O Muslims of al Khursaan

    Her Treachery was see by you O muslims of Al Hind

    Her betrayal of Kashmiri Muslims was manifest, she dined with the butcherers who supported the mushriks in slaughtering the honour and lives of the people from the land which is described even by the kafireen as paradise on earth.

    Allah (swt) had given the daughter of Nimrood a chance to make tawbah, yet she chose the path to please shaytan by telling the agents of shaytan in the White House and Downing street that she will, wipe out the Islam given to Nabi (saw) and the shariah and replace it with a moderate version of Islam, Made in the corridors of Washington and London, with the blessing shaytan Ar-rajeem.

    They plotted and they planned, Allah (swt) also to Planned, and the blest of planner is Allah (tmq al-Quran). Before even she has the time to breath the moment when her plan was executed. Allah ordered the plot to be exposed and disrupted.

    “When it is said to them (munafiqs) make not mischief of this earth, they say: We are only peace-makers” (tmq Al-Quran)

    Allah (swt) has Promised the shaytaani agents

    “We shall grab them by the lying, the sinful forelock”

    Who amongst us will escape the wrath of Allah (swt) when the lord of the Alimeen has grabbed us by the forelock in trying to destroy His blessed Shariah, or trying to change it or try to prevent His Muwahideen from implementing them?

    No castle, no fort, no refuge will the enemies of the Shariah find from the wrath of Allah (swt), Phirawn, Aad, Thamood or Khaybar. Neither did their wealth avail them from removing their false kingships to meet the one true King and legislator.

    Death will reach us all no matter how well protected we are by the false promises of shaytan, not a second can we delay it by nor a second can we extend it by, for everyone is an appointed time.

    May Allah make us of the people of Tawhid who enter His Court, with the noor of the Muwahideen (monotheist) shining from our forelocks, For that day Allah will declare, the hukm (law) is none except His. (O Allah make us those who declare this Tawhid in this life with every breath).

    Benazir Bhutto promised her masters that she will do more than what there agent Musharaf has gone to combat the rise of the Muwahideen, who yearn from the shariah to full-fill the promise of their ancestors in making the law of Allah (swt) established in the land of Muhammad ibne Qasim (rh) and the muslim who sacrificed everything to make Pakistan a Islamic. Today polluted with the filth of the Mushrikeen, and alcoholics and abused women, by rich feudal land lords and capitalists.

    She promised the crusaders, that like Musharaf to give open access to the US military to launch attacks on the muslims who assist their brothers in Afghaninstan injustice and treachery.

    She had promised like the Kemalist Musharaf to deal with the only reminiscence of Islam in Pakistan, by cracking down on independent Madrassah’s, and to force teaching of a state liberal, Kemalist, secular and bidaati Sufi version of Islam.

    She like the wife of Abu Lahab used to help her husband to cause Harm to the truth Physical truth of Nabi (saw) by thrown thorns in his paths. Just as she promised to once again throw thorns in the path of the believers from establish Tawhid in Pakistan and make submission to Allah (swt) laws the Nizaam of Pakistan.

    Her father threw the thorns of Marxism, and socialism, and placed on them the blanket of Islam, she throws the thorn without covering them up, she has more faith in her shaytan than her father.

    Allah Promised, and the thorn of Massad will be put around her neck and she will be dragged into the fire (infront of mankind).

    There is no Ilah (god/sovereign) except Allah (swt), You are true to your Promise O Rabil Alameen.

    O Muslims of Pakistan, Nabi (saw) said:

    “On the day of qiyamah you will be with those whom you love”

    Will you shed precious tears for a treacherous, traitor and the daughter of the imperialist agents, who stole from you, destroyed your nation with corruption and had promised the agents of shaytan to begin her assault on your aqeedah.

    Or will you shed your tear for your sisters slaughtered in the lal-Masjid who did not bow their head to any legislator than Allah? Will you not shed tear for your sisters in Waziristan? Or In Kashmir? Or in Afghanistan? Or Palestine? Or Iraq? Or the Kavkaz? May Allah (swt) make our sisters from Lal masjid and every oppressed sister and mother the princesses of Jannah.

    O Muslims of Pakistan, the arrows of the kufr are all pointing towards you, they fear the love you have for this beloved deen and your love for the supremacy of RasoolAllah (saw) deen over the mushrik deens of democracy and the mushriks next door to you, slaughtering your brothers and sisters.

    You must replace not just kufr leaders but the ENTIRE KUFR NIZAAM IN PAKISTAN.

    Nabi (saw) said “ I feel a cool breeze coming from al Hind”

    And He (saw) mentioned the promise of the rise of the black flags with white noor declaring the tawhid and rasalah to the Rest of the world with arise from Khursaan.

    Will you not be of those who will be from the risers of the Alam and full fill the wahadah of Nabi (saw)?

    RasoolAllah (saw) said: “You shall be raised on the day of Qiyamah the state you died”.

    What state will Benazir be in who died in the state of Addressing thousand of ignorant people, by preaching to them the aqueedah of Shirk and Democracy, And the aqueedah of freedom from the Ahkham (laws) of Allah (swt), Surely she will be declaring the shirk of Democracy when she is raised on the day of Qiyamah.

    How do you wish to be raised of Muslim on the day of Qiyamah. Do you wish to be raised in love with those who opposed Allah (swt) and his Messenger or wished to be raised in the work supporting the Call of the Quran and sunnah?

    So work to establish the Khilafah, the only nizaam of Islam, the nizaam of RasoolAllah (saw). And to declare tawhid to the world and the Mizaan of Tawhid which will punish every single BayDeen Zalim.

    Surley you will see with your own eyes that the death of Benazir will not wipe out the corruption until the whole shirk system is removed and the law of Allah (swt) is made High.

    Allah Huma saley Ala Muhammad (saw) wa aley he Muhammad (saw)
  2. Bashir Wal Ummah

    Allah U Akbar
    You Have Spoke The Truth!

    He Is Surley Being Groomed To Be A British Agent, To Take The Slice Of The Cake Of The Ummah Wealth.
    From His Own Word The Murtad Say
    "my Mother Said: "the Best Revenge Is Democracy"

    Well Musharaf Believes In Democracy, So Do The So Call "islamic" Politican In Pakistan, Soi Guess The Revenge Must Be Against The Callers Of The Khilafa

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