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    <a href="">Women Without Fear</a>

    i did not here about this until now . I beautiful article jazak Allah khair
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    Heroic actions - links to video and pictures

    Alhamdulillah, the sisters in Beit Hanoun have shown Allah their honour and bravery.

    Many of us didn't even realise this happened - but Allah is Witness to everything, and that is enough.
    It's true, that this event wasn't really reported much. Tells us whose news we're watching eh?

    If you look carefully, there is footage on the BBC about this.
    By the way shooting and killing unarmed women would have been called a "bararic", "evil", "disgusting" "sickening crime" - if those dead women hadn't been muslim of course.

    Inshallah may Allah give us the courage that these unarmed muslim women have shown.
    While they were shot at by the Israelis, facing tanks and bulldozers, and lay dying in the streets, they fulfilled their oaths to Allah.

    BBC link to the story:

    Video Footage:

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