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    Mastering Madina Arabic Books

    Use the below resources for studying and mastering the Books 1,2 and 3 of "Lessons in Arabic language"
    [as taught at the Islaamic University of Madeenah]
    written by Shaykh Dr. V. 'Abdur-Raheem​
    The ARABIC COURSE for English-Speaking students is a comprehensive and popular course for the teaching of the Qura'anic and Traditional Arabic, originally devised and taught at the renowned Madinah Islamic University catering for the non-Arabic speaking students from all over the world. Over the years, this course has enabled students to become competent in their use of the Arabic language and to participate and benefit from scholarly pursuits such as Qur'anic exegesis, hadith, fiqh, serah, history, and classical and modern Arabic literature.
    * It is concise (consisting of only three books, reasonably short) but extensive in their coverage.
    * It combines modern Arabic vocabulary with Islamic terminology used in the Qur'an and Sunnah.
    * It helps acquire an understanding of hundreds of Qur'anic verses, ahadith, Arabic parables and poetry.

    Madina Arabic : Book 1:
    Madina Arabic : Book 2:

    Madina Arabic : Book 3:

    Others :
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    Ma shaa' Allah.
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    Allahu Akbar! Alhamdulillah for the blessings of Allah! Learning arabi cant get easier! Jazak Allahu khair!

    I have a problem with downloading a file, part 4 of the DVD 2 book 1

    Madina Arabic Video - DVD 02 Fixed.part04.rar

    Does anyone have it?
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    Jazaakullah khair akh! Just what I was looking for, so I can mark my work.

    I've re-started book 2 and am on lesson 2. What I don't like about the Madinah books is the shoddiness in them. A lot of the time, new vocab isn't in the list at the end of a lesson. Also, the English key is so scant, I often have to refer to the Gateway or Bilal Philips series for a proper explanation. Even the Arabic solutions has mistakes in the answers, but the Madinah set is still my fave for some inexplicable reason.
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    For those who want to learn arabic and didn't know about this thread.
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