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Discussion in 'Living Room' started by Abu Tourab, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. Abu Tourab

    Abu Tourab Formerly MilkSheikh

    anybody here ever switch from glasses to contacts?

    I wear glasses but since I lost them somewhere in my room I don't for now...I think I'm gonna switch to contacts.
  2. Qwerty

    Qwerty Please change user title

    Contact lenses are great, just stay away from those that you can re-use after cleaning. I use daily ones which you get rid of after use (they're a little more expensive). I tried the ones which keep for 30 days but got nasty eye infections.
  3. Abu Tourab

    Abu Tourab Formerly MilkSheikh

    looks like I'll go for the disposable ones, why did you try the 30 day ones, was it because they are cheaper? also, how much does it cost per month for the daily ones(around)?
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  4. Qwerty

    Qwerty Please change user title

    They are cheaper yes, but I only went for them because that's what I was offered at the time, for some reason they didn't give me an option. Following my visit into A&E with my infected eye, the eye doctor told me to get daily ones, so I made a request to them.

    I don't wear them everyday btw, just when I can be bothered.

    They cost £10 for a pack of ten pair.
  5. Qwerty

    Qwerty Please change user title

    Actually I'm not too sure about the price because I order them as and when and I pay over the phone with my card.
  6. Abu Tourab

    Abu Tourab Formerly MilkSheikh

    aren't people supposed to where their glasses or contacts everyday so their eyesdon't worse faster
  7. Layth

    Layth Abu Shawarma

    I got ones which can keep for 14 days and they are just fine. Tried the ones which can keep for 30 days and I didn't have problems with those either.
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  8. Hibiscus

    Hibiscus New Member

    The dailies I have from Specsavers cost £25 for 30 pairs
  9. Qwerty

    Qwerty Please change user title

    I've heard that, but then I also believe if you wear them all the time your eyes become dependent on them, and possibly weaker.
  10. Abu Tourab

    Abu Tourab Formerly MilkSheikh

    well than that makes being a consumer alot harder...
  11. FlagBearer

    FlagBearer Allow the drama...

    Has anyone had laser treatment done for their eyesight? If so, where? How much did it cost? What was the procedure like? Would you recommend it?
  12. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Formerly 'Field Marshall' | just too raw

    A friend of my brother had it done and recommends it whole-heartedly. I on the other hand am too concerned about the stated side effects so I stick to my glasses.

    If I had the money, I would go for the implanted contact lenses (there is a technical name for this that I do not know). It is a reversable and rather more expensive procedure than laser correction. I worked with a kaffir who told me his brother-in-law had it done and recommended it, though he advised that it should be done on general anasthetic as local anasthetic gives a weird sensation of things being poked very gently in your eye.

    My assessment is that stem cell treatment is not too far away and that will be a more preferable route.
  13. WM

    WM <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    Very expensive. Makes more sense to wear glasses, no? At least in my experience.
  14. Zahiri

    Zahiri New Member

    Contacts are a bad idea except for very short use.

    They block oxygen from reaching the retina resulting in dilation of blood vessels (at the very least).
    Just stick to your glasses but you might want to keep contacts handy for sports, emergencies etc
  15. Noorah

    Noorah اللهم ارحم شهداء غزة

    i wear the daily disposable ones when i can be bothered. i got from specsavers for the first year, but then switched to

    Disposable Contact Lenses : Daysoft : Daily Eye Contacts

    its much cheaper and have had no eye problems with these lenses..would definitely out to be £20 for 64 pairs.
  16. Abu Tourab

    Abu Tourab Formerly MilkSheikh

    Personally, I literally HATE glasses. I move around alot, and am very unorganized. I noticed that I always manage to get my glasses now though, but sometimes in wierd places. So wierd, I'm going to be smart and not tell you. Anyways, laser surgery might be an option for me because my friend in saudi is friends with a sudanese doctor who did it for him. But...I'm only 22 do I want to do laser surgery? Not really. I think I'll try to contact my muslim friend that's an optometrist (if that's how you spell it) and ask him for his opinion about alll of this in sha Allah. Oh, and one more reason why I want contacts, glasses are annoying during salah, and without them I loose focus when behind the imam. What happens when you cry wearing contacts?
  17. Noorah

    Noorah اللهم ارحم شهداء غزة

    ^^nothing much, you might just blink a lot, and they might move a bit but they *shouldnt* fall out or anything.
  18. Faaris

    Faaris Banned


    i have braces...wearing glasses would be to much
  19. Layth

    Layth Abu Shawarma

    LOL, yeah would be tragic.
  20. Noorah

    Noorah اللهم ارحم شهداء غزة

    i had both once upon a time...wasnt so bad. i think.
    yup train tracks with specky four eyes

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