Contents: The Etiquettes of Seeking Fatwa

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    We will attempt to cover the following topics, InshaAllah.

    Important Terminologies and the scope of discussion

    Vital Introduction: A Warning to the Spurious Mufti and the Careless Mustafti
    Who is a Mustafti?
    Those Obliged To Seek Fatwa
    Those Who Are Permitted To Seek Fatwa

    Those Qualified for Ifta
    Divisibility of Ijtihad
    Those Not Qualified for Ifta
    1) A Mufti whose replies are based on Taqleed of a Madhab
    2) The one who merely reads a book or two in Fiqh
    3) The one who possesses books of Hadeeth
    4) The layman who obtains a Fatwa regarding an issue

    General Etiquettes of Seeking Fatwa
    Issues pertaining to the Mufti
    The Mustafti is Obliged to Ask One Suitable for Ifta
    If the Layman is Not Able to Find a Mufti At All
    Seeking Fatwa From The Most Suitable
    Who Is The Most Suitable?
    Istifta of a sinful (Fasiq) Mufti
    Istifta of a Mufti whose condition is unknown (al-Mastoor)
    Istifta of a Careless Mufti
    A Caution from the Worldly Mufti
    The Nature and Wording Of Istifta

    Issues pertaining to Istifta
    Istifta According to a Particular Madhab
    The Opinion of the Majority: The Layman Has No Madhab
    The Opinion of the Minority: The Layman is Obliged to Follow a Madhab
    Misconceptions About Ibn Rajab’s Position
    The Preferred Opinion in This Issue
    Prohibition of Mixing Opinions and Following Allowances
    Point of Benefit (Did the Imams forbid the layman from Taqlid?)
    The Type of Questions Disliked For The Mustafti To Ask
    Hypothetical Questions
    For a Mustafti to Ask For Evidence
    Delegation for Istifta
    The Manners of a Mustafti
    Writing the Question and Translating

    Issues pertaining to post-Fatwa situations
    For a Mustafti to Ask Multiple Muftis and the subsequent difference of opinion
    About the Heart Feeling Settled on a Fatwa
    Repeating Istifta
    The Responsibility of the Mustafti When the Ijtihad of the Mufti Changes
    Prohibition of Belittling a Mufti Due to an Error
    Liability for Damages
    An Important Note Regarding Istifta Related to the Lives, Honour and Wealth of Others
    When Does a Fatwa become binding on the Mustafti
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    salam , excellent topic to discuss but as my arabic is quite limited could you please translate the meaning of ifta and istifa? jazkallah

    sister nazish
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    We're going to reschedule this course inshaAllah...
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    Is there a specific book your going to use?

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