Breaking News! Cow urine powers BJP poll fight

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by AbuSaif, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. AbuSaif

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    If re-elected to power in Uttarakhand, BJP will encourage the production of filtered Gau Mootra (cow urine) in the state, says a rather ambitious party manifesto.

    Among a host of promises on the ‘development’ front, the staple of each poll manifesto, BJP also has promises related to cow,

    ranging from utilisation of the animal’s products for medicinal purposes to provision of shelters for ageing and sick cattles.

    The party’s Uttarakhand in-charge and national general secretary, Thawarchand Gehlot, detailed the uses cow urine would be put to: “Gau Mootra is filtered and cleaned to produce a concentrated juice called ‘ark’. This helps cure various diseases from cancer to injuries.” “Cow urine also helps produce medicines for the treatment of eye and ear diseases.” The urine can also be dried to produce tablets, Gehlot said, adding yoga guru Baba Ramdev in Uttarakhand and Kamal Kishore Nagar in Madhya Pradesh have made medicines from cow urine.
    The uses, apparently, are not restricted to humans alone, but will widely benefit agriculture and environment. “The liquid (derived from filtered cow urine) can be used as a fertiliser. It does not harm soil like the fertilisers having strong chemicals,” Gehlot said.
    BJP’s ideological mentor RSS has been promoting ‘scientific’ experiments on the five cow products (Panchgavya), including urine and dung, exploring everything from medicinal properties to making a cola from cow urine and endorsing cow urine as a fertiliser, thereby improving soil fertility as well as increasing farmers' income.
    Days ago, the BJP’s central cow development cell had taken offence at the media calling the Madhya Pradesh government’s cow–related initiatives “superstitious
  2. AbuSaif

    AbuSaif New Member

    Never buy medicine from India...:p
  3. C.i.B.

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    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! nasty nasty nasty! eugh. yuck. *does ULTI*

    also, abusaif, never buy anything from a 'vegetarian' shop. in birmingham there are a few cake shops, etc that advertise themselves as being vegetarian. these guys probably 'bless' the food with cowurine.

    ALLOW THAT. and this vegetarian nonsense.

    homeboys needs to recognise we are at the top of the food chain.
  4. AbuSaif

    AbuSaif New Member

    Allhamdulliah, Islam is beautiful and clean.
  5. C.i.B.

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    MashaAllah succint and to the point akhi. reading my post it looks like a 9year old wrote it lol
  6. AbuSaif

    AbuSaif New Member

    No brother, everyone has has his/her own way to express themselves and you have your own...
  7. yahya007

    yahya007 rep-power police

    urine for medicine ?
  8. C.i.B.

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  9. suhail

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  10. Abu Hawwa

    Abu Hawwa Formerly 'LionofIslam'

    yeah i was about to say the same. Look at the evidence rather than just saying "pft cow urine" but the Hindus drink cow urine as an ibadah and something they think is good.
  11. Layth

    Layth Abu Shawarma

    Urine from pregnant women is used in some medicines.

    ps. obviously back in the time of the Prophet (SAW), they didn't have super advanced machines to isolate and extract the desired substance from urine, so those who had certain illnesses had to drink camel urine.
  12. Pro-Human

    Pro-Human Well-Known Member

    So the Prophet himself recommended the drinking of camel urine...this might be a good time to start treating Hinduism with the same level of respect that you demand your own religion be treated with?
  13. AbuSaif

    AbuSaif New Member

    It is a part of Hindu worship to drink cow urine . It has been practised in for centuries. A lot of Hindus also take their morning showers with fresh cow urine by sitting right under their "gao mata" mother cow. Whilst taking the shower they gargle and drink some of the urine as morning pooja (Worship). Some people who want extra blessings from their 'gao mata', they also rub dung on their bodies.

    As one of the brothers mentioned benefits of drinking cow urine. That is not part of worship in Islam, Alhamdulillah. In ancient days when people used to travel in desert, if they ran out of water they would survive on camel urine. If a camel dies you can cut it up and their is an organ that stores the water in camel body and it is drinkable.

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