Important Critique of the Theological Trends Found in Marifah Forums & Their Ilk in the Real World

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    Asalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah

    After having a brief discussion with a student of knowledge on the forum, I have decided to start off this thread. Many may object and many may agree with what I post but the main reason I have started to post is to know if you have had any similar experiences.

    You probably know already that Marifah is full of sufis, but have you experienced any of them in real life? Or do you know any? I sure do and I will be relating some of my experiences.

    The ones which I’ve known and used to hang around with are the Ba Alaawis, not Brelwis, even though they hold similar aqeedah. They seem to differ from the Brelwis in a lot of things. At one point I even used to praise them for being so much different than the Brelwis but that’s not the case, I will explain further below.

    The Ba Alaawis take their name from Banu Allawi, since they are descended from the 4th khalif Amir ul Mu'mineen Ali b. Abi Talib RA. They have their ‘blessed’ city of Tarim in the Valley of Hadramaut and that is also their main centre of learning in the world. Their dawah has spread far and wide to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the Comoros Islands, the leader of who has recently has become a shi’ah! Ba Alaawis are known for their nearness to the shi’as and a couple of years ago there was a huge outcry after rumours were spread saying that Habib Jifry had become a shi’a but enough viable proof was not brought forward, but this wouldn’t be surprising as his lineage does have shi’i in it.

    Sheikh Muhammad al-Areefi has done some extensive research into the Ba Alaawis and a lot of it is available online but unfortunately it is all in Arabic, but none the less here is the site:

    بالفيديو :فضيلة الشيخ الدكتور/ محمد العريفي .. يكشف حقيقة صوفية حضرموت ..!! - ..:: منتديات شبكة صوفية حضرموت ::..

    Insha’Allah one of the brothers who is quite familiar with the Arabic language can translate, there is some very interesting stuff on there by the sheikh where he has actually been to the actual tombs and talked to the people who be there, on the first video there is a youngster who the Sheikh talks to, reciting at the side of the grave because he has been taught that reciting Qur’an besides a grave of a pious person after fajr salaah makes seeking knowledge easier. subhanAllah ajeeeb.

    Back to the point, they like most sufis are ash’ari in aqeedah but something quite intriguing about them is that the hold similar aqeedah to Brelwis in some aspects, like hazir and nazir, noor wa bashar etc. Although I had my suspicions, I had never really researched into their aqaaid much but was very surprised that they agree with the deviant concepts of hazir and nazir and noor wa bashar.

    Their ‘mashaaikh’ are quite well known and I will list some of them and their apparent deviances bellow:

    Habaaibs from the so called ‘blessed’ valley of Hadramaut in Yemen such as Habib Jifry:
    This is a video of him apparently refuting wahhabiyyah (salafis), but more like he’s mocking it than anything else. Most of what he says is just stupid and Insha’Allah there will be an analysis of it soon as well:


    That video above was done for the hujjaaj and wasn’t a TV broadcasted video. Point is that you will never hear him talking like that in a public speech or on TV ever, typical double standards, never show their real faces in front of the people. Nice stage tactic to attract the masses but this time I think the only person who you’ve exposed is yourself.

    Sitting with his deviant teacher Tahir al Qadri:

    YouTube - Great Arab Scholar Habib Ali Jifri received Ijazat from Mujadid Shaykh ul Islam Dr Tahir ul Qadri

    On noor wa bashar:

    YouTube - Arab Scholars Endorse Sunni Aqida of Noor o Bashar from 2:56

    He’s also part of the modernist radical middle way project:

    Radical Middle Way - Habib Ali Zain Al Abideen Al Jifri

    Here are some more videos in Arabic:

    YouTube - ‫?????? ??? ??????:????? ???? ????? ???????‬‎

    YouTube - ‫?????? ??? ???? (( ????? ???? ?????? ))‬‎

    YouTube - ‫?????? ?????? ???? ?? ?????? ??? ??? ???? ????‬‎

    YouTube - ‫???? ?????? - Al Jafri Running away !!!!!‬‎

    YouTube - ‫??? ?????? ?? ??? ??????‬‎

    YouTube - ‫???? ????? ????? ???? ?? ????? ??????? ?? ??????‬‎

    Habib Umar:

    Head of Dar al Mustafa institute in Hadramaut.

    Also part of the modernist radical middle way project:

    Radical Middle Way - Habib Umar bin Hafiz

    Habib Kazim:

    Also part of the modernist radical middle way project:

    Radical Middle Way - Habib Kazim Jafar Muhammad al-Saqqaf

    He came to my college a few months ago and there were sisters queuing up to meet him/see him/get blessings from him/ I do not know do what with him, but there was a good 50 odd of them who waited, some upto an hour, to see him but I never found out what for.

    And the rest of the habaaibs from Hadramaut, the place has many raised graves and domed tombs of the pious, I will add pictures soon Insha’Allah.

    Yahya Al Ninowy:

    On noor wa bashar:

    YouTube - Arab Scholars Endorse Sunni Aqida of Noor o Bashar from 4:11

    Muhammad Alawi al Makki:

    He is one of their highly esteemed scholars, studied in Madinah and was a teacher in the Haram of Makkah until he was exiled for preaching incorrect teachings. I was told by Sheikh Abdur Rahman Damashaqiah that he was in the same room as Habib Jifry in Saudi Arabia and asked him for a debate, he was not able to ask him face to face as Habib Jifry’s followers would not let him, they passed notes to each other and Habib Jifry declined and said something along the lines of him not debating with Damashaqiah because these Saudis exiled his sheikh, I can’t remember what he said 100% but it was through one of his pal talk conferences about a year ago. subhanAllah they still hold a grudge because of this, look how far studying Sufism and tazkiyyah has got them.

    Here are some of the views of the Deobandi scholars on Muhammad Alawi al Makki, to the Deobandis he is in essence a Brelwi:

    Beliefs of Muhammad ibn Alawi Maliki and the scholars of Deoband

    More about him can be found on the forum and online.

    Hamza Yusuf:

    He doesn’t need much of an intro, typical modernist, although he has done some nice works on seerah, his befriending of President Bush and the American government has taken it too far.

    Also part of the modernist radical middle way project:

    Radical Middle Way - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

    Huh Ha Mim Keller:

    On noor wa bashar

    Sheikh Nuh Keller endorses Barelwi Aqida on Noor and Bashar???

    YouTube - Arab Scholars Endorse Sunni Aqida of Noor o Bashar from 2:31

    Farraz Rabbani:

    Al Yaqoubi:

    On noor wa bashar:

    YouTube - Arab Scholars Endorse Sunni Aqida of Noor o Bashar

    And not so surprisingly Tahir al Qadri is a teacher of many of them but I don’t even want to go into his deviances, they’re just ridiculous.

    Not all of the above are Ba Alaawis but they seem to stick together like the opposite ends of a magnet.
    I have had many encounters with them and there is a very big fitnah amongst them. Once I was very close to becoming one of them, attending their classes and hanging around with them but Alhamdulillah Allah swt kept me away from them and put me on the straight path.

    I had realised many things with them while I was around them such as; the ‘habaaibs’ have a certain style in which they groom their beards, look at the pictures on the radical middle way site. The cheeks have no hair at all, the jaw line is trimmed so it follows the jaw line down and then grown long from the chin. Personally I don’t like it, but my question to them is why not let it grow? You always talk about the love for the Prophet, then why not let your beards flow as is mentioned in the hadith? And what makes it worse is that you get the sisters having pictures of these guys and you get the odd ones saying, ‘oh look how beautiful habib looks.’ Get over it! They talk as if they fancy them. And some even say Habib Jifry resembles the Prophet, but sorry I don’t see no resemblance.

    Also hanging up pictures/posters of them in their bedrooms (sisters) is permissible all of a sudden, and I have been told that some say looking at Habib Umar’s picture in times of difficulty will help rid of that difficulty, I think we’re getting into Haq Baadshah territory here.

    Also encouraging marrying young, nothing wrong with that but it’s the way they go about doing it. Sisters at the end of high school around 16years old approaching brothers to marry them, without the permission of their wali at all, but worst of all it goes on with the permission of their local teachers.
    Believe or not, I am talking from personal experiences with these people, there’s more which I will post at a later stage Insha’Allah. Please add your experiences as well.

    Also, in the title was mentioned Marifah Forums, reason being that they leech off most of these scholars. Links from Marifah will be added as well soon Insha’Allah. More will be added at a later stage but it would be great if some of the knowledgeable brothers and sisters can comment also Insha’Allah.

    I did not do this to belittle or mock the brothers and sisters who follow this way, just some advice to you, and Insha’Allah you will be brought back to the truth. This only a little effort and i ask Allah swt to accept what is correct and forgive me for anything incorrect.

    ps. The title wasn’t my idea, I can never come up with something like that, you can all guess who it was :D

    wassalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh
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