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    Are these guys okay to roll with? They are at the masjid, they were doing this talk once i listened all they did was one guy got up and told a story and said about how bad backbiting is then there was zikr and then a dua then thats it but they do this thing called a qafilah and basically its the same thing but in other masjids. From this i'm thinking whats wrong with these guys? no shirk anything like that, and one of the guys i asked him about barelvis like you guys say theyre barelvi, he said they do stuff differently i dont think he knew what barelvi was, he said were ahle sunnat i dont know what that is so what do you think?
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    asalaamu alaykum

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    Akhi, it is absolutely known at the moment that this group believes it is permissible to call upon other than Allaah. The ameer of this group is Ilyas Attar Qadri and he preaches that it is ok to call upon saints to answer your needs! This is the type of shirk that exits a person from Islaam.

    It is good not to be sectarian but you absolutely cannot be associating with groups that have major shirk in their aqeedah. Avoiding them is not sectarianism, rather it is protecting your deen.

    As for the 'good' things they preach, you can get those even from a Qadiyani or Shiah gathering - doesn't mean you should join them. And neither can you predict what will happen in the future, so it is foolish to associate with such people on the hope they will become closer to the sunnah. Currently there is no proof of this whatsoever, other than what some Western members of the organisation may like to portray in order to increase their following.

    From your posts it seems you are eager to learn about the deen, so I would suggest you study a simple translation of the Quran and then some basic books on tawheed first insha allaah.

    I would not normally warn against a group unless absolutely necessary brother. Dawate Islami is a big NO!

    Also akhi, wherever you are, there will definitely be halaal options for you to learn about the deen, listen to heart softeners and boost your imaan insha allaah.
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    As-salaamu alaykum

    As a poet said:

    "Naam ke aashiq hai yeh,
    bare he fasiq hai yeh,

    Eh Momin boleh baleh,
    Apna Imaan bacha leh,

    Qareeb in keh na jaana,
    Na lagna in ke paleh."
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    i dont understand urdu so please translate, so dawat e islami = not good i wont go, but that guy whose with them he alwqays wants me to come to there talk or even go on there qafilah, i wont go but the talk i have been to like 2 times and like i said its just they pick a topic to talk about and do zikr and dua shake hands at end and leave no shirk involved actually last time (havent been for month) one thing that alarmed me was that one guy was doing a naat i obviouisly dont understand it sicne its in urdu, but i remember him saying ahmed raza khan barelvy or something like that, although i have never seen them doing shirk here but of course i cant deny if they do or not since i dont know so i will not folow them etc vecause of what you said, so one shouldnt follow any group? The masjids around me are Barelvi, should i not go to them?
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    Brother, there are some organisations within Islaam who have some good within them. For example, Tableeghi Jamaat do some good work and a person can sit with them and take what benefits and leave those issues that are doubtful or check up on those things elsewhere.

    As for those who make shirki beliefs a fundamental part of their religion, then our association with them should only be to make da'wah to them (and that of course can only be done by those who have sufficient knowledge in the first pace). Sure they will say some good things from time to time, but it does not matter. Even the Christians preach 'love thy neighbour' but we have to dissassociate from them due to their shirk and kufr. As for naats, not understanding Urdu means you are probably missing out on a lot of their shirki beliefs which are contained within these naats. You don't need Urdu to understand the antics of the Dawate Islami founder here btw.

    Once again, don't worry about groups just yet, seek knowledge from the Quran first of all, then reliable people who can be trusted. Bro Mu'awiya had said earlier that we must avoid getting into a cult mentality and this totally correct.

    As a rule, always look out for this: If you come across someone that believes it is OK to say "O Prophet, o wali, help me, correct my affairs etc." then this is someone not to spend time learning from.
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    I hate when urdu brothers write wise words without translating them ! :mad:

    Don't assume were all urdu here guys!!!
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    Wa Alaykum Al-Salam Wa Rahmatu 'Llahi Wa BarakaTuhu,

    Here's a rough translation :

    Of name (fame) they are lovers
    Great Transgressors (Fasiq) they are

    Oh Believer - Sweet and Innocent
    Save your Imaan

    Close to them do not go (Don't go close to them)
    Don't stick with them
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    But thats what the devil said....

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