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  1. Bismillah,

    Facebook is openly sponsoring the "Everyone Draw Muhammad Day" salaa Allahu 'alayhi wa salam. They are refusing to take it down even though they take down countless Muslim pages every single day. They know that if it was called, "Everybody Insult a Jew Day" or "Everybody Insult Black People Day" then they would take it down. These people are enemies of Allah and we should not give them our time and money. We should abandon this site and stick to other social networking sites. If we cannot sacrifice our networking abilities for our beloved Nabi - salaa Allahu 'alayhi wa salam - then who are we? What will he tell us when we come to his pond? SubxaanAllah the saxaabah risked death in order to kill those who insulted him, and we will not simply give up a luxury that did not even exist before this decade?

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    Allah make it easy for any brother/sister to give up their accounts for the honour of RasoolAllah s.a.w and replace their 'loss' with something better.....
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    The same could said for youtube.
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    Social Networking
    The ‘Loss of Face’ – book

    There is a famous hadith, where Rasoolullah (SAS) is reported to have said, ‘If you lose your ghaira (sense of honor) then you can do anything (anything no matter how shameless).’ I believe this is being demonstrated today in the Facebook drawing contest. First you lose your ghaira and then when someone puts up a ‘contest’ to draw caricatures of Rasoolullah (SAS), all that the Muslims can think of saying is, ‘Don’t log in on May 20.’ What goes without saying of course is, ‘Don’t give up Facebook.’

    The big question is, ‘What is social networking and how is it useful?’

    Of course you will hear the usual bleating saying, ‘It is so nice to know what my sister is doing….blah, blah.’

    So ask this person, ‘Why can’t you send your sister an email asking what she is doing and she can respond to you. Or even better, if you can, call your sister and talk to her.’ But no, I must talk to my sister in a space where it is not only the sister who is listening but almost anyone who cares to listen, whether that person is a stranger or related or concerned or not.’ So is it about your concern for your sister or is it something else?

    So also in this space are pictures which really have no place outside the home, in a public space of you hugging your sister or wife or whoever – but of course who knows it is your sister or your wife, eh!! And so on and so on. I don’t think I need to describe all that there is to people who put it there in the first place.

    Yes, of course there are controls. Tell me all about them. Tell me also how come almost nobody uses them. How many Facebook profiles do you know who have the maximum control activated where only their immediate family can see them? And of course in the end, all control is only as good as the techies and geeks on the Facebook site allow. After all they can access all that information anyway.

    So what is really being achieved by Facebook, Twitter and so on? (Twitter?? Whoever coined that term is a genius. Talk about under the belt. Who twitters? A twit!! – but then I suppose a twit doesn’t know that he is a twit, right?)

    So what is achieved?

    What is achieved is what would be the equivalent of peeping in through your window. Wanting to know what you are doing all the time. I want to know what you are doing all the time and I want you to know what I am doing all the time. Why? Why?

    Intrusion into privacy when it is done against your will is unpleasant. So what is better? Get you into a state of mind where you will volunteer to tell people all about your internal organs on your own. See the change? An intruder is an intruder only when he intrudes against your will. If you invite him in, then he is a guest, not an intruder. Same person, same you but different rules. And that’s what it is all about, the rules of engagement.

    So is it ‘social networking’ or is it ‘social engineering?’

    The purpose is to change the rules of society. Break barriers (bad word); make people more approachable (good word).

    And where does this lead to? Addiction and intoxication. Addiction to seeing what others are doing and telling others what you are doing on a daily, hourly, minute by minute basis. And being intoxicated with the false feeling that you are so interesting that people are really interested in what you are doing. Not realizing or willing to believe that these are the actions of other intoxicated people.

    You don’t like the word ‘intoxication’? Just don’t log onto your Facebook or Twitter account for two days and monitor your heartbeat, blood pressure, tremor in your mouse, whatever and you will see what I mean. And all this for what? What is achieved with the time that you spend reading about other’s adenoids and telling them about yours? Incidentally I know what adenoids means and that you don’t talk about them. But I don’t want to write what you really talk about, so!!!

    So what did you achieve? Just ask yourself this question, ‘What did I achieve by being on Facebook and Twitter (and whichever of these infernal social networks you are on) over the past month, year or whatever period.’ Remember this is a serious question because you Muslim/ah are spending your time (life) doing it. And that makes it the first question that you will have to answer to Allah. So what did you achieve? Prepare the answer. You will need it.

    Social networking is social engineering. Its purpose is to change the values and ethics of people. This is done, in its most benign form, to encourage you to indulge more and more in the consumerist society that is all consuming. We think we are the consumers. But we are in reality the consumed. Just think, how many of you buy things, see shows, go to restaurants (and other places), like or dislike things because of campaigns on Facebook and Twitter? See what is happening? Your minds are invaded and influenced. This is the most benign purpose. There are others, less benign. You don’t understand what they may be. Of course you don’t. If you could, you wouldn’t be there, would you? And that is why Facebook is for people like you. Sorry to sound impolite but to call a sheep a sheep is to acknowledge its identity, not a lack of politeness. After all if you want to define yourself as a sheep, who am I to disagree. You know yourself best.

    But if you would like to give those unused cells some work and think about what the agenda behind this social engineering (at least call it by its right name) is, then your eyes may actually open. I am a believer in miracles.

    Otherwise you are welcome to spend your time in giving the telephone companies more business by forwarding badly written SMS messages about the cartoon campaign ( I received the same message 8 times since last evening) and then when the angels come for your soul, you can tell Allah what you did with the life and time that He blessed you with.

    Just GET OFF Facebook. NOW. DO IT NOW.

    Can I be clearer than that?? Tell me how.

    (Source: Br.Khalid Baig)

  5. IbnMohammed

    IbnMohammed Forgive me ya Rabb

    Praise be to ALLAH I have never joined Facebook, even though I have got so many invites.

    O ALLAH bleed this company to death for waging this campaign against your prophet and may their owners be afflicted with painful diseases that causes them to perish . Ameen.

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    Main Page
    From Madinah

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    Facebook is being biased against Muslims

    Category: Facebook
    Asalaam Alaikum,
    Facebook continues to allow the hate page "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" even after thousands of Muslims complain yet quickyly deletes the hate page ""Everybody Ridicule Draw Holocaust Day" based on the complaints of Jews.
    See here:
    May 20 - Everybody Ridicule & Draw Holocaust Day | Facebook 22Everybody + Ridicule +% 26 + Draw + Holocaust + Day% 22 & cd = 1 & hl = en & ct = clnk
    Both sites are wrong. By why the double standards?
    Is Facebook just a tool? It is a tool but a tool controlled by those who treat some people better than others. Treat their own people in one way and Muslims in another

  8. muslima12

    muslima12 the help of الله‎ is near

  9. Intoodeep

    Intoodeep Banned

    Make Sincere dua from your hearts against those who insult the noble of creations to exist.

    May ALlah curse them and destroy them as the people of Aad were destroyed ! Ameeeeeeeeeeeen
  10. abdullah007

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    Amin to ibnmohammed and intoodeep duas, i have every niyaah personally to give up face book, joined a new social networking site for muslims only, it is :

    Sign In to MuslimsUnited - MuslimsUnited

    What is facebook to the honour of RasoolAllah s.a.w? Allah make facebook and everyone who joined in those blasphemous cartoons perish and perish reaaal baaaaaaaad....
  11. abdullah007

    abdullah007 New Member

    Forgot to mention that site was set up as a response to what facebook and that pathetic campaign against the Messenger of Allah s.a.w were doing....
  12. al-Azkabani

    al-Azkabani Formerly 'Salah ad-Din'

    Alhamdulillah, I never had an account on facebook. But I asked already my friends and others to deactivate it. And I joned muslimsunited network just to add numbers.
  13. abuhannah

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    I left the finah of facebook a long time ago...good move on my part,hamdulilah...
  14. As much as I hate the people behind this whole drawing thing, I unfortunatly doubt that deactivating our facebook accounts would so much in the way of stoping the evil. In fact we may be able to do more with our accounts activated by blogging and speakin out against it. The bottom line is it would probably be beneficial to deactivate our accounts either way seeing as how muslims in this day and age spend entirly too much time on the net and, speaking for myself first, it does take away from dhikrallaah so I guess tthere would be some good in it.
  15. Muneer88

    Muneer88 هنيئاً لك الشهادة

  16. Ibn malik

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    Facebook gwaaan
  17. Al Jazairi

    Al Jazairi نناديكم و لكن من يجيب؟

  18. Abu Ibraheem

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    the last few minutes deals with the issue of facebook when they insulted the Messenger of Allah (saw).

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