Funny Dead soldier 'scared' of war zone

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    A soldier who was killed when a suicide bomber drove into a Nato convoy in Afghanistan was "scared to go back" to a war zone, his sister has said.

    Signaller Wayne Bland, aged 21, from Gipton in Leeds, died after the attack on the outskirts of Kabul on Monday.

    His sister Gail Bland said: "He didn't want to back but that is what he signed up to do. I saw the pain in his eyes."

    Two fellow soldiers from 16 Signal Regiment were wounded. Three civilians were killed and 12 more were injured

    Ms Bland said her family had been looking forward to being reunited with Signaller Bland on 22 August when he finished his tour of duty.

    She recalled the moment when the soldier talked about his feelings of going to Afganistan.

    "He was crying about the things he had seen. I had never seen tears in my brothers eyes but that time in the pub I will never forget it."

    Ms Bland said the last contact she had with her brother was a few days before his death on the internet when he was "excited" about returning home.

    Signaller Bland was providing top-cover for the convoy on a route familiarisation patrol in Kabul at the time of the attack.

    He was taken to military hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

    He had been a devoted supporter of Leeds United football club.

    His sister added: "He loved football, he was always, always happy, everyone loved his company.

    "I don't want to believe he is gone."

    Regiment commanding officer Lt Col Justin Hodges said: "Signaller Wayne Bland was a superb soldier, full of character and a highly popular member of 16 Signal Regiment."

    "It was abundantly clear to everyone who met Wayne that his strength and personality marked him out for a bright future in the Army."

    Defence Secretary Des Browne described him as a "model British soldier, demonstrating bravery and professionalism in every aspect of his work, which was vital to supporting our operations in Afghanistan".

    Some 115 UK personnel have now died on operations in Afghanistan since 2001.

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    I cant help but think he was right to be scared.
    so should the rest who are planning for any misadventures with Bush's band wagon, be very scared.

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