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    Is there a (official) death list today, like there was at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wassallam, in fath al-makkah?
    And how many people in modern times have been killed/assassinated due to insulting HabibAllah sallallahu alayhi wassallam?
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    I dunno.

    What's the difference between theo van gogh and a limo?

    A limo can take 8 in the back!
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    A death list is going to get A4'ed fast.
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    I think considering the current climate just a simple list wouldn't be sufficient. You need the yellow pages for that.
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    Mr. Murtad Made A Film Interviewing "Rasulullah"
    In Netherland the name Ehsan Jami, 23, is quite well known because as a member of city council in Leidschendam-Voorburg, he always behaved very critical towards Islam. Born and raised in Iran, Jami migrated to Holland with his family when he was 11 years old. Following the film about Prophet Muhammad in which the release was banned, now he launched a new film entitled "Interview with Muhammad." This film was said to contain issues that could hurt the feelings of the Muslims. The Dutch ambassador to Afganistan in Kabul for example warned the Dutch citizens there to be cautious. It is not impossible that the film would cause sharp reactions. Is it true?
    The film "Interview with Muhammad" is not so hostile like the other films made before this. The Film which has a duration of fifteen minutes showed Jami interviewing “Prophet Muhammad”. The role of the Prophet was played by an actor wearing a head gear in the style of the Bedouin. His face was hidden under a paper mask.
    Both were discussing the life of Prophet Muhammad. This film shows the more modern and free thinking “Prophet”.
    Opening discussion
    Ehsan Jami told that he made the film in order to open discussion in the Muslim circles. According to him, the Muslims should interpret the acts of the Prophet in a different way. At least that was what he hoped for, his attempt. But in practice it depended on the Muslims intuition and reformation. This a call for Islamic reformation, he said
    But Ehsan Jami is not a credible figure to make such a call. His name was only known a year ago (2007), when he announced the establishment the Ex-Muslim Committee. At that time, he harshly criticized Islam, in fact he even equalized Prophet Muhammad SAW to Hitler.
    Lately, Jami tried to change direction. The film "Interview with Muhammad" is more moderate compared to the attitude Ehsan Jami showed last year. And very different from the films by other criticizers of Islam such as Submission, Fitna or the caricature film about the Prophet which had been designed by Jami before.
    The way out
    Ehsan Jami said that he did not want to create problems nowadays, but was offering a way out. He hoped the Dutch Muslims would rise and struggle for something that they believe, for the sake of their civilization, culture and basic rights. But why should the Muslims listen to someone who had claimed to be a murtad?
    Jami's film was launched a day before the 60th commemoration of the Universal Basic Human Rights Declaration. Jami's message to the Muslims was to place 'humanism' over 'religion'. The biggest question is of course, how many Muslim citizens would listen to his call? Even though his thinking now is more moderate, he is still considered to be a problematic figure. And although the film this time is done more seriously compared to the Fitna, but it still hurts the feelings of the many Muslims he tried to approach.
    The way to respond
    First of all we should understand the fact that if anyone mocks or insults the Prophet SAW, it does not lessen him in any way from his noble position in the eyes of Allah SWT or His people. On the other hand, it just shows the lowliness of the persons behind the mockery, as well as the religions they follow (or the lack of it!). All these people will surely die one day, down with all their ideas.
    Let’s first ask ourselves something… If someone insulted our mums or dads, how would we react? 'I'll kick his head in' is what we will probably say, yeah? If someone insulted our sisters, brothers, husbands or wives what then? We'll probably react with anger, flex our muscles, right? We all know that may not the best way to behave, but sometimes when someone goes too far we simply lose the plot!
    In an authentic hadith related in Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet said: "None of you believes until he loves me more than he loves his children, his parents, and all people." In another hadith in Bukhari he said: "None of you believes until he loves me more than he loves himself"
    Now, if we hold the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) closer to us than our mums, dads, brothers and sisters or even ourselves, and people insult him, then what? If the person we see as our ultimate role model is ridiculed then what must our feeling be? Many people will answer by showing anger, hatred, violence, causing havoc, letting off steam, shouting and screaming!
    From the sirrah of the Holy Prophet there are two different scenarios or course of actions taken by the Prophet SAW or the Sahabahs when the Prophet was insulted. These are just two of the many examples of the two different scenarios:
    First Scenario:
    An old woman who opposed the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW made a habit of throwing rubbish on him whenever he passed by her house! Prophet Muhammad SAW had to pass by that house daily as it was on his way to the mosque. Even though this incident became a daily occurrence, he would pass silently without showing any anger or annoyance.
    One day when the Prophet SAW was passing by he noticed the woman wasn’t standing there waiting to throw the rubbish on him. Wondering why, he stopped and asked her neighbour about her well-being. The neighbour informed the Prophet SAW that the woman was sick in bed. The Prophet SAW politely asked permission to visit the woman. When allowed he entered the house. The woman thought that he had come to take his revenge when she was unable to defend herself because of her ill health. But the Prophet SAW assured her that he had come to her, not to take any revenge, but to see her and to look after her needs, because it is the command of Allah (swt) that if anyone is sick, a Muslim should visit the person and should help them if help is needed. The old woman was greatly moved by the kindness and love shown by the Prophet SAW. By this simple gesture of kindness she understood that he was truly the Prophet of God and Islam was the true religion. She accepted Islam and became a Muslim.
    Second Scenario:
    Ibnu Abbas reported a hadith which mentioned a blind man whose wife was always insulting and making fun of the Prophet SAW. The man tried hard to warn and stop his wife from doing it. Until one night (as usual) his wife started to insult and mock the Prophet SAW again. Feeling he could not stand it anymore, the man then took an axe and then propelled it into his wife’s belly and forced it deeper and harder until his wife died. The next day a direct notification from Allah SWT which explained about the incident came to the Prophet SAW. On the same day Rasulullah SAW at once summoned all the Muslims and said to the assembly:
    "By mentioning the name of Allah, I request the person who did it, indeed the action was my right, please stand up."
    Then (I saw) the blind man stood up and fumbled forward until he came in front of Rasulullah SAW, and then sat down while saying:
    "I am the husband who did it O Rasulullah. I did it because she always insulted and made fun of you. I have tried my best to stop her and I have repeatedly warned her not to do it. From the woman, I have two children who are beautiful like pearls. My wife loved me. But yesterday when she once again insulted and made fun of you, I could not stand it any longer and I straight away took an axe, and slashed it into my wife’s belly and thrusted it in harder into the belly until she died."
    Then Rasululah SAW said:
    "Bear witness that her blood was halal." (H Abu Daud andan An Nasa’i)
    Through the above qoth’i dalil we can deduce that if there was to be anyone from amongst the Muslims who would react and cause the death of the above Mr. Murtad, then it is also a right (lawful) course of action to do.
    To all the Muslims especially those who have the advantage of possessing knowledge and ideas, those who are endowed with wealth and status as well as power, take heed and do your da’wah accordingly, all that you hold and own today will be asked and you will be made accountable in front of Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla in the Yaumil Hisaab soon. Therefore show your loyalty and the manner of a Mujahid to defend Prophet Muhammad SAW and do not fear the blame of those who like to blame when carrying out your noble duty as a member of the Ummat of Prophet Muhammad SAW!
    So brothers and sisters, one thing for certain is that we cannot just sit down unperturbed after watching the lowly and cheap work of the kuffar. Let’s all make ablutions for prayer and offer two sincere nafl salah. Once finished, make a strong supplication to Allah to curse the attacker of the honour of our beloved Prophet. Sincerely show that our actions (du’a) are no longer something of “talk.” This is the least we can prove of our seriousness on this issue in the eyes of Allah. Our collective du’a could make a difference, insha Allah.
    Lastly, we call on ourselves and the readers to keep on repenting (tawbah) to Allah as well as increasing our righteous deeds in the effort to escalate our taqwa to Allah ‘Azza wa Jalla as provisions for our voyage in the seas of life which have become the arena of trial for our iman that we have pledged.
    Hasbunalloh wa ni’mal wakil , ni’mal maula wan ni’man nashiir , laa haula wa laa quwwata illa billah !
    There Lies A Beautiful Meadow
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    And the two fingers...
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    LOL this is the quickest way to make the front page on the Scum newspaper.

    they tried this with already.

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