Death of bin laden is not a victory for the anglo-american war against islam

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    a bit dated but I thought it is a good read.


    European, American and secular politicians are now chanting the mantra of victory in their war against 'terror' (i.e. Islamic resistance against hostile invasions) due to the recent reported killing of Osama bin Laden. The global mainstream secular media is obeying usual orders to be the mouthpiece of the secular anti-Islamic establishment in declaring a victory against 'radicalism', 'extremism', the 'warped ideology of Islamists' and all the other familiar emotionally charged mind control slogans for the unthinking masses.

    The reality however, is that the Anglo-American led war against Osama bin Laden has been a massive failure from the beginning. It has been a military failure, an economic failure, a propaganda failure, an ideological failure and a political disaster.

    The whole episode of the world's major super power fighting a small band of mujahideen, poorly resourced, low in numbers, scattered throughout the developing world has shattered the false claim of military invincibility that the USA promulgates. The USA has been bribing, blackmailing, threatening and terrorizing nations to join its war and has gathered massive amounts of wealth, force, armies and hardware to succeed in its task but has struggled at every stage. The USA has struggled in Iraq, has struggled in Afghanistan and has struggled to chase its main declared enemy around the world, despite having a Muslim world full of pro-Western agents and munafiqeen to help them. The USA is now trapped in conflicts globally while the support for resistance spreads in all sorts of unknown directions.

    The world's major superpower declared war on one man and for the most part, lost. They lost thousands of soldiers in the process, lost dozens of military helicopters, lost dozens of expensive drones, lost thousands of paid agents and mercenaries and took ten years to find a man who was one of the most recognisable faces in the world with the highest bounty on his head.

    The first major point to be learned is that no amount of money, no amount of military hardware, no advancement in technology, no amount of soldiers and no amount of military allies can overturn the Will of Allah. The simple fact is that the USA and all its military might, all its wealth, all its influence, including its alliance of fifty countries (including all the developed european allies), could not capture Bin Laden for ten years. That is ten years, while they knew even the region he resided in. Bin Laden was not killed due to American military might but simply because it was the Will of Allah that he die at that time, we will all die when Allah wills and we can do nothing to speed that up nor slow it down. No amount of force and numbers can overcome what Allah has not given permission for. On this there are many ayat and ahadeeth, "If Allah helps you, none can overcome you: If He forsakes you, who is there, after that, that can help you? In Allah, then, Let believers put their trust." (aali I’mraan 3:160) and "...Say: 'Who then has any power at all on your behalf with Allah, if He intends you hurt or intends you benefit?'..." (al Fath 48:11) and "...Say: 'Who is he who can protect you from Allah if He intends to harm you or intends mercy on you?' And they will not find, besdies Allah, for themselves and Wali nor any Naseer.” (al Ahzaab 33:16-17) and "And no person can die except by the permission of Allah and at an appointed term..." (aali I'mraan 3:145) and Ibn A'bbaas reported that the Prophet (saw) said "...Know that if the nation gathered together to benefit you with something, they would not benefit you except with what Allah had already written for you and If they gathered together to harm you with something, they would not harm you except with what Allah had already written against you..." (TIRMIDHI)

    Bin Laden declared he would not be taken alive and he was not taken alive, he died the type of death he would have been praying for. He died fighting, although being a middle aged sick man, despite pathetic governmental and media attempts to claim he died a cowardly death (while he defended his family home from dozens of the world's elite troops with the latest high-tech weponry, arriving in four military helicopters, totally clad in bulletproof body armour, yet they were still held for 40 minutes, which in close armed combat terms is like a century!). Whether you agree with his views and methods or not, the media and political spin that he was a coward is beyond dull witted. He has been taunting the world's superpower for ten years, culminating in the type of death he had expected and only after drawing the USA and dozens of other countries into a conflict that even western strategists and analysts can see no end to. Every mujahid, as every Muslim knows, would long to die at the hands of an enemy who is fighting him for his Islamic beliefs and actions. So it seems that the USA fell into every trap set by Bin Laden right up until his very end.

    As for the European and American leaders on the other hand, they indeed are cowards manifest to everyone. They all hide behind dozens of bodyguards, all the latest technology and declare wars on underdeveloped nations far beyond the oceans that separate them. None of them can be found on a frontline, nor anywhere near a battlefield but they regularly send young but misled soldiers off to harms way, including young women. They regularly drop bombs on civilian populations slaughtering men, women and children, all from a safe distance. I think it is clear who the cowards are.

    We should remember that it was the American leadership who started chanting the name of Bin Laden turning the public perception of Islamic resistance into an individual leader and an isolated group, something quite ridiculous, but aimed at fighting Islam and Muslims while giving them another name. This diversary tactic also creating a false target so that victory could be claimed even in the face of failure. 'We have killed bin Laden, we are winning, a great blow to the terrorists, extremists' etc is the claim. However, those resisting Euro-American military, economic and political agression were never fighting for an individual leader nor fighting for an isolated organization. Rather they are fighting for the reasons they regularly mention - defence, retaliation, resistance against a global war against Islam and the Muslim world, the Western support for tyrannical rulers who suppress Islam, the Western creation of Israel as well as its continued arming and financing, and the overturning of the oppressive man-made systems in favour of a system based on Divine Law that would usher in a period of justice and supreme guidance for all who lived under it, including non-Muslims.

    It seems that the Anglo-American aggressors were so fearful of the legacy and person of Bin Laden that they had to dispose of his body in the most extraordinary way, immediately throwing him into the sea, not wanting even his dead body to cause them problems. This story is almost like Frankenstein, they imagined a monster, nurtured the perception of him in the public mind and then grew fearful of what they had initiated and lost all control. Now of course, there are several generations who will see Bin Laden as proof that a few people can achieve much and that a superpower, a major military will struggle to impose its will on any determined enemy. The Qura'n is clear about this, "...How often a small group overcame a large group by the permission of Allah?..." (al Baqarah 2:249) There will be millions who admired the courage of Bin Laden, as well as his humble dedication, giving up a life of riches to struggle against foreign anti-Muslim aggression. It's also now probable many will now arise, seeking to support any organizations or individuals who look like they might want to tread the same path. Of course the Anglo-American propaganda machine must select its next public villain No.1 to invoke the tribalistic instincts to bomb the next target.

    The claim that the USA, Britain and their allies have been persuing Bin Laden for fifteen years due to their desire for justice in the name of innocent civilians killed is manifestly a false claim when we see on a daily basis the deliberate killing of civilians by USA, Britain and their allies via their enormous arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. If civilian life was their concern, they would not have been busy bombing civilians for the last few decades, killing millions in the process.

    The United Nations has been continuously exposed as a mere tool of Euro-American agression against the Muslim world, a vehicle to steal its resources and political faciltator of its destroy and rebuild projects. 'We bomb you in the name of freedom and democracy, with the support of the international community'... 'Anyone who threatens our borders we warn them of our determination to destroy them with all our force, but we ourselves can invade who we want, and kill who we want without seeking permission of anyone, as we are the ones who make the rules to serve our tyrannical ambitions' These tyrannical ambitions though have been hindered at every step. The latest rebellions against the western supported tyrants in North Africa and the Middle East are now feared by the Western powers to transform from a move towards pro-Western democracy towards Islamic revival. As soon as the masses wake up to Western interference and manipulation in any supposedly free elections, they might start realizing their prosperity can only emerge in implementing Islam as a complete way of life.


    So keep shouting 'We got him' at the TV until you convince yourself the mission was a success.

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    in actuality they lost. They made it seem that the reason they are going is to kill Osama Bin Laden when that wasn't the intention. Now since his Soul has been taken and may Allah accept his transaction the people have gave up on the war. So they have lost the war because there men and people have lost the moral.
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    Sheilk Usama..

  4. Ghazi al Mujahid

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    they've been failing miserably since the Battle of Mut'ah
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    Another man rahimullahu from a different era. Waliullah
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    well Thade here doesnt seem to agree with you[video=youtube;KrKIbkthOUs][/video]
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    ^^^ Everytime i hear this guys voice it reminds me of those badly dubbed Hong Kong martial arts movies from the 1970s i used to watch as a kid.
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    As always, jihadist-salafis claim victory on everything.

    Everything that happen is a victory for the USA according to the White house and everything that happen is a victory for Islam according to salafist-jihadist. Both are not connected to reality.
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    to say that salafi jihadists say that everything is a victory isn't true. Allah calls the massacre of Muslims a victory, and calls victory victory.
  10. Aboo Shayba


    isnt that website by the khilaafah clique in London? Aka Jamaat Muslimeen (khawaarij) that went on a butchering spree in Nuristan.
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    Wait a sec.

    At 4.35 Abu Khadija say that bin baz made takfeer of bin laden (RH)

    Is that correct.
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    This article is not written by a salafist jihadist.

    I think that you're exaggerating when you say that the SJs claim victory on everything. What is everything? Everything?
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    I hope not..Nuristan was a clear sign that they were disturbed from day one..
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    You only asked that question because you wanted to make allegations which I'm not sure you can substantiate. Who did they butcher? Care to tell? What about the butchering spree of the hazaris by the Taliban in 1998? What do you make of that?

    I don't see your point anyway. All I did was post an article about current affairs. Its not like it has anything to do with their dawah. I don't recall seeing you condemn authors of articles that are posted from kuffar sources.
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    care to explain?
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    Pluma...if you feelin' neg...shake a leg homie! Of all the things to say about salafi jihaadis...what in the world does calling things victory have to do with anything? The Americans themselves admit that the taliban wins by not losing, and hezbollah won against israel by not losing...if AQ is still around after all of that exertion of effort...I think the analogy is good. Plus, AQ's goal was only to awaken the Ummah... and now its happened. If they weren't the cause for obtaining that objective, at least they didn't stand in the way of it. Let's give praise where it's due, and criticize things that deserve criticism...justly and productively. That said, if I were the one to give your one-liner, I would have said that the SJs are always calling everything "maslahah" and not "victory."
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    (fyi nasheed is included)

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    The point is : each time something happen, whoever gets killed, both side claim it's a superb victory for their side. It's getting on my nerve. Fans of Al-Qâ'ida see superb military exploit each time something happen.

    Try saying to a AQ fan that the 9/11 was one of the most stupid military move ever made, what answer are you going to get? "Oh no my friend, America is just failing miserably."

    (9/11 is the most stupid move ever made by jihadis. They still do not realize it since everything they do is a "superb military victory")

    This time, AQ's leader was killed. What do they say? "America is just miserably failing."

    Failing what? The guy was just really well-hidden (to the point of disturbing his capacity of leading the organization - jihadis will never admit it), that took them time, they got him. End of story.

    It reminds me of the 2007 offensive of Al-Anbar and Diyâlâ. ISI produced a video saying things like "this offensive is nothing, the mujâhidîn are going to just crush it." The reality is that they suffered extremely bad from this offensive.

    There it is : jihadis sees their group as military invincible, just like America does not see the possibility of failing.
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    That hazaris is a different matter.What AbuEssa,AbuOmar,AbuAyoub,Ilyas and others did in Nuristan is an issue..And yes people we're killed and some brothers wives were taken as ghaneemah..I knew people who were there and as such it's not second hand rumours from people years later that I rely on..Stay away from such people and their batill dawah,they have caused nothing but harm both at frontlines and in the dawah to defend the Muslims,their members are from the most aggressive of the takfeeris here in the UK and whose members are involved in all sorts if criminality..
  20. abuhannah

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    It seems you got some real hatred of Muslims going on,inshAllh you don't go all takfeeri like your close freind TawheedAllah..

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