Debates with Mona (Shaytaana) regarding the Niqab ban.

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Abdullah11, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Abdullah11

    Abdullah11 A wannabe neologist

    Remember to lower your gaze when the Shaytaana comes on.

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  2. So a Muslimah who covers herself and another one who doesn't are equal?

    lol funny how she said "Salafi ideology behind the niqab" What does she know about the Salaf?
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  3. So sad that a Kafir host is debating in favor of our Women, and supposedly a "Muslimah" is saying Niqab is out of Islam, and it is forced by right wing Salafis.
  4. Abdullah11

    Abdullah11 A wannabe neologist

    Nicely put in a comment:

    Mona Lisa claims that the Niqabi women are invisible. Ironically, she has a debate with a Niqabi on TV and loses, badly.
  5. Abu Yahya

    Abu Yahya New Member

    I hear this argument put forth in many discussions such that facial expressions are essential to communication. IF that would be absolutely true in every case, then why can't I say that forget facial expression, I think body movement and curvy figures are just as important as well. Who is to stop me from saying that it's not true in some cases? All the Western Entertainment channels use this technique. The point here is the inconsistency in their philosophical arguments. They can never say in the absolute sense because their judgments are limited. What's sufficient to one, is insufficient to another.

    And to stupid Mona, someone needs to question her about the guidelines about interacting with the opposite genders in Islam. Are we not told as Muslims to lower our gazes when speaking to the opposite gender? There are ahadeeth about these issues which form an understanding that when speaking to the opposite gender, we should lower out gazes. There are so many scholarly articles about this. And this ignorant lady is speaking about the Deen. Such sheer audacity! Honestly, WHY can't this stupid person be put on a debate with a shaikh? I'd love to see her respond to a hadeeth and start to mumble jibberish in trying to refute the hadeeth which she has no knowledge of. Imagine a scenario where the shaikh gives tafaseer of the various ayaat which talks about women covering and how some of the salaf understood the verses to mean such and such. It would really put people like this to shame to show how little they know and they boast about being a spokesman for Islam.
  6. Layth

    Layth Abu Shawarma

    Subhan Allah that sister Hiba really owned that she-devil.
  7. Indeed she did, so did the host. may Allah open his heart to Islam.
  8. Abu Kamel

    Abu Kamel <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    This Mona is a product of Egypt. Remember, Tantawi, former grand mufti of Egypt, said niqab is not from Islam.
    Many of these Egyptian secularists are claiming Salafi are the boogeyman going to take over.

    Mubarak and his legacy of thulm have created a generation of warped Egyptians who don't understand Islam properly and contort the Deen to submit to Western ideological guidance.

    Subhanna Allah.
  9. Abu Kamel

    Abu Kamel <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    BTW, Muslims need to stop only reacting and defending Islam and start on the offensive.

    France legalizes fornication, adultery, prostitution, porn. It has sex slavery and sex trafficking which it can't contain.
    France is dominates world fashion by having a multibillion dollar high fashion industry in which immoral, eccentric men dominate and influence what women wear.
    As well, France's parliement is dominated by men who voted on banning niqab as well as legalizing all of this debauchery. French men stand to profit and pleasure themselves from this and women are the ones who suffer.
  10. al-Azkabani

    al-Azkabani Formerly 'Salah ad-Din'

    I guess this is more interesting... )))

  11. All I got from the video above is..

  12. cBox

    cBox Premium Member

    The dumb **** is talking about how the government tells people how to dress all the time and that we shouldn't be outraged about a single case. Well Miss dipshit, then why only the Islamic veil? It's a prison?! Ok for the sake of argument I'll grant that even though it's BS, then what about all the women wearing miniskirts and other skimpy outfits? We could argue that those women are "imprisoned" by todays media and "beauty" standarts. That they are "forced" to wear it because they feel like otherwise they wont be accepted. And after all, they're wearing the miniskirts only for men too see, so men take interessent in them and their body, what other reason could there be? So in a sense, they're wearing them because MEN WANT IT, right? So let's compare.

    Veil -> Muslim men want it
    Miniskirt -> Non-Muslim men totally want it

    Veil -> Muslim women want to wear it
    Miniskirt -> Non-Muslim women want to wear it

    Veil -> Makes women invisible
    Miniskirt -> Turns women into sex objects

    So there, why not ban skimpy clothes too? The government does it all the time, so why be bothered in this instance? It's for the betterment of womens life standarts right? Yeah right. I could've given an example about nuns too, since they too cover themselves, so why not ban that too? They're limiting themselves just as much as Muslim women and their veils, so.. oh wait sorry it's not Muslim. The only difference in your eyes is that the veil is supported by Muslims, so the ban boils down to racism, and nothing but racism. You talk about freedom on and on, but not only do you not have freedom, who is less free than your people? Freedom means doing whatever you desire, without having to consider, or be bound by ANYTHING. This is the original definition of the word Freedom. Governments now change this to mean "Acting as you like while not violating other peoples human rights or government rules". If you were free at all you wouldn't tell people how to dress. If some gay guy can walk around with a pink skirt, blue shirt, white paris hilton glasses, and a yellow cap, then why are our women not allowed to wear a piece of cloth? I know it's not about the cloth but about what it symbolizes, but I already said how it just boils down to racism. They talk about "Muslim women this Muslim women that" as if "Muslim women" were an entirely different form of life, seperate from normal humans, and therefore there should be special laws for them. This is simply racism.

  13. 'Abd al-Kareem

    'Abd al-Kareem Scaffolding

    Debate Between Bigot and Muslim Woman

    Bigot: Muslim women are forced to cover!

    Muslimah: No we aren't. I do this voluntarily.

    B: Only because your husbands threaten to kill you if you don't!

    M: I'm not married.

    B: It's because Saudi Arabia and Pakistan kill anyone who doesn't wear niqab! By stoning!

    M: I'm a UK citizen. Been living here all my life. I'm originally from Bangladesh, by the way.

    B: Your parents must've threatened to slaughter you in your sleep if you dare go outside without being fully covered from head to toe!

    M: Neither of my parents even prays, let alone cares about my veiling. My mom goes outside in colorful gowns and enough make-up to make a clown envious, and my father couldn't care less.

    B: Your brother will cut off your hand if you don't wear niqab..!

    M: My brother is 9.

    B: It's just a custom. You only do it because you're Pakistanian!

    M: Bangladeshi. Will you explain to my thousands of white Muslim sisters who wear niqab that they're only doing it because they're, like myself, Pakistani?

    B: Deep down inside you want to dress like a skank – like my wife!

    M: No, I don't.

    B: Yes, I'm sure you do!

    M: Okay.

    B: That's what true freedom is, anyway! The freedom to dress however you like without men trying to force you to dress the way they see is correct!

    M: That's ironic.

    B: What?

    M: Never mind.

    B: You need to uncover your head, and dress in revealing clothing!

    M: Why?

    B: Because we believe in freedom!

    M: If you really believe in freedom, then you believe I have the choice to refuse to dress that way.

    B: Let's just get to the point here: We need to ban face veils! They're oppressive! Women should be allowed to dress as they wish! Women shouldn't be allowed to wear face veils!

    M: That's ironic.

    B: What?

    M: Never mind.

    B: The only reason you dress like that is because you've been brainwashed!

    M: You mean 'convinced that it's the proper thing to do?'

    B: No, 'brainwashed.' I have to use that term because it's alarming and sensationalist. Unlike 'convinced' which is sort of regular. I can't sell 'convinced.'

    M: Well, then won't you be objective and say the women who wear revealing clothing are also brainwashed and only dress that way because society pressures them to, which all basically caters to the desires of men – any way you look at it?

    B: No, I won't say that.

    M: Why not?

    B: Because, those women aren't brainwashed. They're convinced.

    M: Listen, I was born and raised in the UK. I dress this way knowing that other options are readily available. I spent my youth learning under your education system. Who brainwashed me, and when?

    B: The Taliban!

    M: The Taliban?

    B: The Taliban.

    M: Okay.

    B: And al-Qaeda!

    M: Okay.

    B: You will be stoned..! Honor killings... Ray guns...*indecipherable*

    M: Yes.

    B: Your...Your... you can hide bombs under there...?

    M: Yes. Yes, I can.
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  14. TheUmmahStridesForward

    TheUmmahStridesForward It was written...

    What a Devil,

    "as a feminist I will not be silenced".. should be translated to- "I will support the policies of the west whether you like it or not, playing on emotions and self-indulging nonsense, because I am a westernised woman and I hate Islam and everything it represents, whilst I love the west and everything it represents"

    They are basically telling Muslims, that when you revert, don't become a Muslim, become a westerner who calls God Allah instead, that will suffice. :confused:
  15. abu hadeed

    abu hadeed <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    yet after all this, these apostates and secularists such as Mona, Maj and Ed still want to be identified as Muslims.Such an irony
  16. murdiyyah

    murdiyyah [x]

    64 guests!?
  17. Abdullah11

    Abdullah11 A wannabe neologist

  18. R Khan

    R Khan Not enough words to expre

    I saw that second video earlier, masha'Allah that sister was on a roll! And that Moan-a lady's facial expressions were priceless when sister Hiba put her in her place!!
  19. Did Mona have bon bons before she went on the interview? :p
  20. R Khan

    R Khan Not enough words to expre

    Lol I wasn't gonna talk about bon bons because I wanted to be serious from now on.

    *cough* she probably sniffed some of the powder from the bon bons and got high before she got on the set.
    But honestly I feel like buying a packet of bon bons just to throw it at that Moan-a. I'm sure our Afro bro feels the same way.

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