Announcement Dedicated To Muslim Detainees Everywhere

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    Dedicated to the Muslim detainees everywhere

    It’s another day
    No different to yesterday
    Locked up for twenty three hours
    On my own

    Away from humanity
    Trying to drive me to insanity
    All by myself
    Like a Quran on a forgotten shelf

    I refuse to be beaten
    Mentally or psychologically
    The games they play
    While I’m in solitary
    Messing with my head
    And hope that I would go mad

    They fear me
    Even though I am locked up
    Am I cannibal?
    Like Hannibal?
    Who needs to be kept away from others

    It’s my mind and ideas that they fear
    As they stay clear
    Refuse to talk
    But watch and stalk
    Every move I make

    Recording and making notes
    Of every discussion and debate
    I have with inmates
    I can feel their eyes and hate
    Watching over me
    And wishing that I was dead

    They believe the media
    And swallow the lies
    See me as an animal
    That should be put down
    And not locked away in a jail

    Do I feel disheartened?
    And lonely
    Quite the contrary
    I feel Allah close by
    Protecting me

    I remember Yunus in the belly of the whale
    And Yusuf in another prison
    Different times and places
    But the similarity is striking
    And I keep on making
    Dua to my one and only lord
    This they cannot censor or record

    I smile and pass my days counting
    Until I meet my lord smiling
    No regrets or shame
    For what brought me to this place
    And if I had another chance
    I would gladly do it all over again
    For Allah and my akhirah only
  2. Ra'ad

    Ra'ad anti-Terrorist

    Beautiful bro. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Ali Al Mahaldheeb

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    awesome read.. well done

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