Demonstrations, Protests and Pleas for Help

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    Demonstrations, Protests and Pleas for Help

    There's a great deal of talk these days about attending demonstrations, writing letters to government officials demanding assistance and so forth. As a matter of fact, that treacherous organization CAIR (which clearly does not care for the Sharee'ah) recently sent out an email in which they direct us to turn to the creation before turning to the Creator; and particularly to turn to the worst of creation, the kuffaar (infidels/non-Muslims).

    I am amazed at how at times like this when we need to turn to Allaah more than ever and when we need to take guidance from the Book of Allaah, such people direct us towards following the ways of the non-Muslims. Wallaahi, it is no wonder that the ummah is in the state it is in right now! Don't we realize that Allaah is our Mawlaa (i.e. protector)? "But Allaah is your protector, and He is the best of helpers." [3:150]

    Clearly, many of us have not understood that Allaah is our Mawlaa; rather we look to the UN, to America and other kaafir (non-Muslim) organizations and governments as our Mawlaa. This in and of itself is a problem!

    Dear Muslims, our 'ulamaa (scholars) have directed us to the correct course as found in the Quraan and Sunnah; they have urged us to repent to Allaah, establish our salaah (daily prayers), keep our duty to Allaah and abstain from sin. This is what we need to focus on at this time. We need to understand that Allaah is the All-Powerful and He is capable of all things. However, in order to receive Allaah's help, we need to do our part by adhering to Islaam and correcting our beliefs. "O you who have believed, if you support Allaah (i.e. Allaah's cause), He will support you and plant firmly your feet." [47:7]

    I wonder how many of us turned to ourselves and our households first to start helping; how many of us have made certain that there is no music on our iPods, that members of the household are all praying (and on time-at school and at the workplace), that our womenfolk are observing hijaab, that our men are growing their beards, that we are not engaging in adultery and fornication, that we cease dealing with ribaa (interest), etc…?

    This is the course to take; fight your enemies with your faith! Fight them with du'aa (supplication) and righteous deeds. As for going out and taking part in demonstrations, then this is foreign to Islaam and useless for the most part. In our present circumstances let's be frank and ask ourselves what good these demonstrations, marches and protests have done. What changes have been brought about in Afghanistan and Iraq after the many demonstrations and protests?

    Please, wake up and smell the coffee! It's done nothing and will likely do nothing. Participating in these demonstrations brings about more harm than good. People make fools of themselves screaming and shouting and perhaps destroying public property. And this portrays us as being an uncivilized and savage people. This, besides the other many unIslaamic things that happen; free intermingling to the extent that men and women are pushed against one another, women attend without hijaab, salaah times come and go while people are busy demonstrating. In all honesty, I see that demonstrations for our present situation are for the feeble minded and ignorant.

    With regards to writing to government officials etc…, then Inshaa Allaah if it is to simply voice our disgust concerning their position (supporting the Zionist regimes terrorism), it's fine. However, if you want to write begging of their help, then you're wasting your time! Spend your time and focus your energy on voluntary prayers, recitation of Quraan, du'aa (supplication) and fasting. Spend your time learning your religion and how to practice it.

    We are not helpless! We can do something very tangible, very useful and very practical. Let us apply Islaam in our daily lives and truly rely upon Allaah. Learn Islaam from true scholars of Islaam and not from the misfits and those promoted by deviant organizations like ISNA and CAIR (for example). Learn from those who refer to the Quraan and Sunnah and are not afraid of telling the truth no matter what. Beware of those who are more concerned about being politically correct and who are looking for the approval of the kuffaar (non-Muslims). This is not a time to be weak! Believe me, when we turn to our enemies (the non-Muslims, those who curse Allaah and reject Him), then we are belittling and humbling ourselves before them. Rather, let us humble ourselves before Allaah and maintain our dignity and honour.

    By Sh Yunus Kathrada

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