Question Did The Sahaba(RA) ask from the grave of the Prophet(SAW)

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    Assalaamu Alaykum everyone. Hope everyone is in the best of health and faith.

    I have made this thread to clear some confusion.
    A Barelwi brother i know is presenting the following as evidence to prove we can go to the grave of the Prophet(SAW) and ask the Prophet(SAW).

    The first video is habib al jiffri speaking :
    Sahaba visiting the Grave of the Prophet - [Eng Subs] زيارة القبور في الصحاح - YouTube
    The evidence presented is :

    The 2nd evidence he presents is a narration from ibn Kathir(rh)s book.
    Some urdu is spoken in the 2nd video. But the hadith is shown.
    IBn taymiya's student: hafiz ibn katheer says- asking from graves is allowed from sahih hadith - YouTube

    He also presents the following :

    Has anyone come across these narations in the books mentioned above ?

    JazakaAllah khair
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    Salaam Alaikum,

    Firstly, barelwis are not our brothers (as a group - and certainly as individuals if they reveal such beliefs as this one).

    Secondly, the reply of Brother Ayman bin Khalid (I think he dislikes being called 'Shaykh') should suffice (in regards to the narration concerning Abu Ayyub al-Ansari (radiallahu anhu):

    Secondly, the aathar of Malik ad-Darr has issues and all of them are raised by the brothers at Ahlulhadeeth wordpress in this three-part reply.
    The SECOND Reply to Asraar Rasheed as-Soofee al-Bareilwee (& Abul Hasan, GF Haddad, faqir & whoever) | Ahlul hadeeth
    The THIRD Reply to Abul Hasan Soofee & Asraar Rasheed as-Soofee al-Bareilwee (GF Haddad, faqir & whoever) | Ahlul hadeeth

    If you ignore the slightly infantile titles they are a wealth of useful information.

    Thirdly, the 'story of al-Utbi' is just that- a story. It does not constitute any form of Shari'a evidence.

    However, in analysis of the text, brother Abuz-Zubair noted the following:

    Lastly, Gibril Fouad Haddad al-Haqqani is not a reliable source for anything at all, as he is a mushrik, and all of this material that this mushrik gave to you is copied and pasted from Mr. Haddad.
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    Ok he has given the arabic of the hadith in ibn kathirs(rh) kitab :

    He also quotes from ibn hajr's(rh) books:

    My barelwi friend says:

    i dont actually know arabic, so if any knowledgeable brothers can please check the above and respond to this.

    jazakaAllah khair

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    If you don't know arabic, then why are you playing games with your Tawheed by arguing with a semi-learned Barelwi on such extraordinarily delicate matters?

    This is massively unintelligent.
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  5. If anything the transmission reported by Ibn Kathir shows how the Prophet SAWS cared for and corrected his Companions RA, even from their dreams by informing the 'man' [whether or not it is Bilal bin al-Harith] of the correct way to perform Istisqaa- go to Umar RA and follow his example. Umar RA then proceeded to have al-Abbas RA perform the Du'a.

    So that transmission is not an evidence for doing what Bilal bin al-Harith did BEFORE he was corrected by his dream of the Prophet SAWS and informed of the correct manner of performing Istisqaa.

    If the dream of the man is taken as an evidence [which I do not accept], then it stands to reason that there is more of a right upon those who would do so to also follow the instruction of the Prophet SAWS in the dream.

    Why count the transmission as authentic and argue for following it, but call only to following the actions of the man BEFORE being instructed by the Prophet SAWS?

    Doesn't it make more sense to follow what the man did AFTER being instructed by the Prophet SAWS, especially when it is viewed as a correction of his original acts?

    People cannot see once they have themselves chosen a path of blindness.
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