Did we celebrate 'Eid too early this year?

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by Umm Yassin, Sep 3, 2011.

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    The Iranians aren't exactly fans of Ahlus Sunnah (or Saudi for that matter) are they?- this throws doubt on its credibility immediately, though I am sure others can come and give better information insha'Allah
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    LOL yeh the two look so much alike!
  5. Abu Osaama

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    Obviously this is another lie from the filthy shia. Other countries saw it anyways, so it doesn't matter.
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    They actually do look the same during day. Because the Saturn has rings therefore and you can only see one side of saturn so it looks kind of half-curve of a circle (Hence why Saturn is called the planet with one ear).
  7. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    Actually, it's not because of this article that I posting this message, it's because someone on fb said that some sheikh from an university in SA confirmed this news.
    But all of this is too vague and it's too much hear-say.

    I opened this thread to see if this news can be confirmed ...
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  9. Nusaybah

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    I don't know much about astronomy, but the planets that I've seen looked more like stars. So I don't know how saturn could ever be mistaken for the moon.
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    These days we have high quality cameras (with zoom lenses) and we have the internet.

    Why can't those who declare the sighting of the moon take a photo of it and post it on an authoritative website - as proof. So that everyone in the world can see it has been sighted (by those who claimed to have sighted it) and there can be no argument; and also to reduce the likelihood of fitnah?
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  11. Sayf Al Khubs

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    I don't know about SA or whether this news is true or not. But I can tell you that other countries like Somalia have seen the moon, people living in different cities in somalia saw the moon, and the Mujahideen made an announcement based upon this that it was Eid the following day.

    So nothing to worry about people :), Saudi Arabia has no monopoly on this, thank goodness.
  12. abu~Adil as somali

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    akhi this is nothing to do with shia or sunni fueds, this is all over the arab world, news papers and tv programs are interviewing many people in the world of astronomy who were saying the same thing, saying that the saudi's will be held accountable for their mistakes, it got that much to the saudi's that the GRAND MUFTI al shaikh issues a fatwa declaring anyone who says or has doubts about the eid or seeing of the hilaal "cresent" is a LIER againts the sunnah of the prophet a.s..and the shiek finished of with saying that trust worthy people have witnessed it and their word have been taken in regard to the end of ramadan
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    What this boils down to is accusing those who claimed to have seen the moon in Saudi to be liars. So although the burden of proof to this accusation is on the accuser, I think it would be prudent - for the sake of averting fitnah - that those who see the moon take a photo of it and publish it (on the internet) for everyone else to see.
  14. Wa Alaykum as-Salam,

    It doesn't work that way exactly. Just because the moon appears in one place at a certain hour and minute, it means the 'visibility' is only applicable to that specific part of the world. The moon would not necessarily be 'visible' elsewhere at the same hour and minute. That is because of the shape of the earth and the rising and setting locations of the moon.

    Also there is a difference of opinion among astronomers on the calculations used to represent the visibility patterns on the maps shown. All of them though show that it is impossible for the moon to be sighted in KSA.

    Brother, there are many more credible witnesses who state that the moon was impossible to see in the areas it was reportedly seen based on well-accepted and researched astronomy observations. There is also credible testimony that Saudi Arabia has fixed its lunar calendar and that it is a statistical improbability that they could be correct so often in their predictions of the moonsighting based on the perpetual calendar they have established.

    Finally, this boils down to a difference of opinion over the matter of whether or not each town should sight it's own Hilal if possible. Which begs the question- so what if Saudi Arabia had sightings?

    In our area it was impossible to see the Hilal on the 28th, and after sighting the Hilal on the 29th, it was obvious from the height of the moon in the sky and its size that it would have been impossible to see it the day before. In my personal experience of sighting the Hilal from this part of the world, I can tell you that there are times that the sightings in KSA have been at time 2 or even 3 days early for us.

    So for me there are two issues- 1) the credibility of the sightings in KSA which has been questioned by Ahl us-Sunnah and rightfully so, and 2) the efficacy of the opinion which states a sighting in a distant place can suffice for another if possible to sight the Hilal in both places independently.

    That said, I don't trust the FARS news agency at all...
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    I am going to start moon gazin
  16. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    Because it a "bida"
  17. Nadeemio

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    Well as I say if the credibility of the sightings has been questioned then a photo of the sighting will establish truth. At the moment it's one person saying this and another person saying that. We need concrete evidence of an observable fact - an a simple photo will provide it.
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    What day did you all have eid on?

    If the majority of muslims had eid on Tuesday Wouldn't following them make it the right thing to do?
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  19. imuslim

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    Some of their stupid arguments are unbelievable. They say it's bid'a to use camera or telescope. Their whole stupid argument collapses when you ask them the following question:

    "What if the two witnesses who saw the moon were wearing glasses, is that acceptable. Because remember that non of the salaf wore glasses"

    Their priests and rabbis would then say. This question is from "Mubtad'i" and we don't listen, answer the question and debate with the "People of the Innovation".

    What a Bunch of morons.

  20. abu.turaub

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    We read from a reputable arabic Islamic forum that people swore they saw the moon the night before and it was without doubt THREE NIGHTS OLD therefore confirming Eid was Tuesday.

    Sorry I dont have link.
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