Do shias believe in the prohibition of ribaa' ?

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by Muscan, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Muscan

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    It doesn't seem like they do. Why is this?
  2. Salamat

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    well for starters, why do you believe they doint believe in riba? have you come across fatwas from their clerics?
  3. al-suyuufi

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    If it was something in the Ahadith I would expect this be true, but Riba is prohibited in the Quran.
  4. umar bin khatab

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    They allow ribba dealings with kuffar. They even allow stealing money with condition you pay khumus on it if you want to make it halal.
  5. Muscan

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    Well, considering their shia state of iran is billions of dollars in debt and they operate a ribaa based financial system. I thought is was pretty clear.
  6. Sibawayh alFarsi

    Sibawayh alFarsi اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد

    Exactly like jews.

    And it is not a secret. I once asked a Basiji in Iran (he thought I'm Shia so he was quite relaxed). I asked: "There are RIba banks in the nation of "imam Al Zaman" isn't that Haram?" He said:"Well, that's no secret, most Bank, rather all MAJOR Banks are based on Riba, but what shall we do, we have to preserve the state of Imam Al Zaman, for the blood of our shuhada has been shed for it to be establish".
  7. Abu Kamel

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    As salam alaikum

    Bahraini shia are far worst than Iranian shia. Many of the worst fatawa of Shiism emerges from Bahraini fitna.
    Many of the terribl fatawa about sex with children from Shia mullah emerge from Bahrain.
    Prostitution is common there as well.

    Anyways, brothers need to put this all in perspective. Shiism in the Arabian Pennisula really started growing in just the last 150 years as the British coopted Persia and used the Shia cause to counter the Uthmani khilafah and the power of Sunnis in India. Bahai and Ahmadiya and Shia all started growing in the last 150 years thanks to British imperial ambitions, and the utter weakness and failures of the believers.

    The believers have to strive and struggle for the resumption of the khilafah state and the supremacy of Islam. When we do this, the Shia deviancy becomes obvious as they have NO answer for the khilafah. Iran is the best they can do, and Iran is Persian nationalist republic claiming Islam.
  8. Salamat

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    true, historically, bahraine shias were akhbari as opposed to usooly shia therefore they take all hadith and implement it, no room for ijtihad and ilm alhadeith. any hadith with isnad to imam is acted upon. basically they are dhahiris with no ilm ul hadeeth!

    shiism is an arab/semetic phenomenon, shias in all differing shades used to comprise 20-40 per cent of the ummah, if not more. then with ottoman conquests which brought new muslim and the decline of the safawi state the overall percentage of shias declined to what it is today. shiism is dead, whats left of it today are ghulat rituals& tendencies found in non-arab muslims, once they too are exposed to different madhabs all final traces of shiism will be erased.
  9. umais

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    What abu kamel said is true at the same time there are laymen amonsgst the Shia, and when they hear irrational stuff like Shia allow stealing etc which is based on the actions of people, they become defensive. They say so many Sunnis doing the same, really many people in the gulf who claim to be Sunnis are no saints. This is not the right way to do dawa, so please argue with hikmah
  10. Krang

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    Does "Riba" mean interest?
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    Thank you.

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