Video Documentary: Norwegian journalist embedded with Taliban

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Abu_Jannah, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Abu_Jannah

    Abu_Jannah Well-Known Member

    Norwegian journalist embedded with Taliban--Intimate details into lifestyle,planning,and attacking American & Coalition Forces

    It would be nice to watch the whole documentary.
    Beautiful children. May Allah protect them from NATO blind bombings.
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  2. Pro-Human

    Pro-Human Well-Known Member

    Have you seen the end of the documentary?

    Two of them were killed by Nato forces trying to rescue the journalist after their father kidnapped him and kept him in the family home. Even before I heard that I was wondering why their dad didn't move out. It would hardly be a 'blind-bombing' if they killed an enemy commander. Seems like the children might have been safer if they conducted militant operations from a DIFFERENT mountain hut, though of course even that couldn't guarantee their safety.
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  3. Abu Saalehah

    Abu Saalehah Well-Known Member

    have you seen the end of the documentary?

    the journalist was kidnapped by one of the commanders deputees and this is afghanistan, a mujahids children and wife / wives can easily be taken and held captive by either NATO or local apostate forces.
  4. Pro-Human

    Pro-Human Well-Known Member

    My mistake, apologies.

    Do you really think it's that easy to extract civilians safely from the middle of violent gunfights? I'd imagine it's quite tricky in a heat of the moment affair. But more importantly, I think all soldiers have a tendency to shoot first and think later. Witness the Americans killing the British hostage in Afgh. Knowing this to be the case, wouldn't a father want to get his children as far away as possible from the violence? I realise this isn't always possible in urban warfare etc. where the fighter has to avoid identification as a militant, or in any situation where alternative housing is not available. But a man with a superpower crosshairs on him, launching attacks from the same place every day and then returning to the family home seems like someone who would do well to switch things up a little bit.
  5. Abu_Jannah

    Abu_Jannah Well-Known Member

    I have seen the video without sound. I only had access to the transcript. SubhanAllah what a "coincidence" when I feared blinded bombings.
    Their children are indeed in Paradise. May Allah facilitate all the musibah for the living Muslim families and have mercy upon the believers.

    They are killing poor children living in an isolated and hostile places far in the mountains; pure innocent creatures. What a surprise, their murderers are never called terrorists but truly they are the first deserving this title.
  6. Abu Saalehah

    Abu Saalehah Well-Known Member

    ok this is hardly urban warfare and i doubt this was his regular home. he had his family away from their village for a reason and up in the mountains and knowing the disgusting behaviours of the local apostate forces i dont even like imagining those reasons but it wouldn't only be his wife who was raped should they be taken.
  7. al-suyuufi

    al-suyuufi Naql-head

    Those were really cute kids mashaAllah, may Allah give them Jannah.

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