Funny Dr Farhat Hashmi (Al-Huda) Exposed by Former UK Student

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Ahmad1, May 1, 2011.

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    Source: "Truth revealed" blog at
    and YouTube - Dr Farhat Hashmi Exposed! Former Student Reveals Lies In 'Misaali Ustad' Lecture

    Former Student Reveals Lies In 'Misaali Ustad' Lecture

    A former UK al-Huda student has called for the resignation of Dr. Farhat Hashmi. But why?

    For a thorough explanation of this genuine Al-Huda charity fraud case in the UK, please visit the "Truth Revealed" blog at:
    uncovering shocking revelations of lies, deceptions and corruption in al-Huda International.

    Muslims are advised to refer Islamic matters to people of Truth, honesty and integrity, and avoid figures promoting falsehood, corruption and controversy.

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  3. Rasmalai

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    I no understand...
  4. Abu Aziza

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    who is he?
    what did he do?
    why is he being exposed/slander?
    why is it our problem?
    maybe he should just make tawbah to Allah and get on with his life

    thread closed

    please mods!
  5. Firebrand Mullah

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    it is She. And she happens to be a Wahhabi. And the Sufis feel obliged to expose her.
  6. Abu Aziza

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    yes i read a bit about her
    they said she caused controversy when she told a woman to obey her husband

    i guess they are not happy she's the opposite of amina wadud
  7. Prolix

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    Umm... I don't see why this has a "Funny" title. People are humans, they're liable to make mistakes, to misunderstand, to be given a story in a certain way so that they see it as such, so that needs to be taken on board.

    This sister only studied under one woman, and had some problems, but for that an entire Institute cannot be blamed.

    Having been under this institute for quite a formulative part of my life, I will say they certainly dont fit the bill of "figures promoting falsehood, corruption and controversy" ... Both from her daughters whom I've talked to, to her students, teachers and general Institute. Though we might disagree on some issues, methods or organizations, their good far outweighs anything, and they've brought forward and made available Islamic knowledge to many parts of the world, to many women who would have otherwise not had access to it. And I will say, there was never an inkling during my time with them about any corruption in their monetary practices, or within management, so it may be an individual problem which might be misunderstood.

    I don't have blind loyalties, but issues with people and things aren't so clear cut as to just say:
    Or take any sides without knowing more.

    Allaahu A'lem
  8. drkjke

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    she is not wahaabi
    also her aqeeda is not ok
    she is allergic to the word jihad and has a very strange feminist version of islamic aqeeda

    trust me i know

    her students gladly marry shia men and she does not stop them plus she preaches friendship with kufar and is against harsh attitude against kufars as her own daughters reside in usa canada
    she herself has mostly base in united states,and i wont trust the words of any "aalim" who is in usa nowadays which is darulharab without any doubt
    stay away from her and likes
    nowadays 9 out of ten people posing as ulema will mislead you
  9. Ahmad1

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    A controversial figure indeed..

    When the ISNA charity fraud scandal broke out, Farhat Hashmi's name appeared in the post.
    Source: Muslim charity squandered money for poor -

    According to this article...

    The organization had a world-renowned Islamic scholar on its payroll, despite her not actually working for ISNA, in a bid to help her immigrate to Canada, the audit revealed.

    Farhat Hashmi had been invited to come from Pakistan to deliver lectures several times throughout the mid-2000s.

    “This is a serious violation of the (Canadian Revenue Agency) rules and immigration rules to hire someone just in the books to help get through immigration,” the auditor’s report said.

    May Allah guide these so-called scholars. Ameen
  10. Al-Huda

    Al-Huda Banned


    In Part 2 of this saga, the ex-student relates her experience:

    My Al-Huda Experience For The Benefit of God-Fearing Islamic Workers In Al-Huda:

    All the (AL-Huda) WikiLeaks I released show that the top management of al-Huda including Dr. Farhat Hashmi herself are certainly corrupt lying individuals that only seek to preserve the interests of their business franchise. Al-Huda policies are skewed to the benefit of the organizers. As long as the revenues are flowing in, they don’t give a damn about what’s going on in class. All the people that have been named and shamed in our case, are carrying on unabated despite my calls for them to be reprimanded and removed from office, so there is a culture of shamelessness around here… Birds of a feather flock together. As a former student and teacher assistant I have discovered that Al-Huda is run like a strictly secretive corrupt political system where the rich ‘elite’ and their family members are given favours and positions even though they may not be qualified for those positions. They set up bases independently of each other using any means (legal or illegal). When anyone complains about class issues or seeks verification of finances, they are labelled as a mischief-makers and hypocrites! The concept of ‘tarbiyah’ in the al-Huda teaching system is designed to brainwash and intimidate students into submission like sheep, while teachers use Qur’anic ayahs and religious jargon to manipulate the thinking and ideas of the audience in indirect and subtle ways, to dispel doubts about their real mission and to prove themselves as ultra-pious women who are sacrificing so much for the sake of the Deen, so that you sacrifice yourselves for them too. They even recruit spies to check up on ‘student talk’. During tafseer or public lectures all kinds of fantastic stories are related, which are often a mixture of truth and falsehood, and deceptions as a means of keeping the students/subjects under control. Over the years, they have become experts at these sinister tactics, so they have no shame in lying and deceiving in public lectures because it has become second nature to them. It is not easy for the layman to detect this.. And they have a ‘religious’ justification for everything because they can easily use their knowledge to twist the meanings of ayahs or hadeeth even if it means comprising with the Truth. During and at the end of a course, students are pressured into joining the system using emotional blackmail to carry on ‘Good work of the Qur’an’ for the sake of Allah, but in reality they are being recruited as free labour for the “ever-expanding” al-Huda business franchise and it is the seniors at the top that are benefiting.

    Financial matters are especially a taboo subject in al-Huda. Students are not expected to question or ever raise doubts about where the money is really going because this is ‘disrespect’ to the teacher. It then becomes easy for the teacher to abuse the trust that naïve students place upon them. The al-Huda management are doing the same. They find financial questions very uncomfortable. Verbal assurances count for nothing. They ignored me, avoided the subject and never gave any explanations or figures. What are they hiding? Isn’t it about time Dr. Farhat Hashmi comes transparent on her own expenses? How much has she and her inner circle made over the years? How much of our charity money and donations actually goes to the legitimate targets?

    While I’m sure that there are sincere, honest people within al-Huda, it is time to decide where one’s loyalties lie: with an evil scholar and corrupt institution or with Allah and the Deen of Islaam. Remember Allah’s warning in surah an-Nisa (105-110) not to be an advocate for the traitors. Ask Allah to Guide you in all matters and insha’Allah you will also one day pronounce:

    “My Lord! For that with which You have favoured me, I will never more be a helper of the Mujrimun (criminals, disbelievers, polytheists, sinners)!” (28:17)

    And Allah knows best. May Allah give us the courage to stand up for Truth and Justice. Ameen
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    More on another controversial 'Islamic scholar' appearing on Geo channel. Nice nasheed background btw.


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