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    Assalamu alaikum,

    Folks, any idea about the whereabouts of Dr V ABDUR RAHEEM - the author of the famous book DUROOS AL LUGHATHIL ARABIYYA???

    His contact No??
    His Email ID??
    Where he is settled & in which organization is he currently working for???

    Thanks in advance for the info.....

  2. slaveofLord_22

    slaveofLord_22 New Member

    All seems to be blaaaaaaaaaaaank......
  3. abu hafs

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  4. Abul Hasan

    Abul Hasan Aim High.

    These classes are absolutely amazing, may Allah reward everyone who's involved in producing them, especially brother Asif, with the highest levels of Jannah and forgive all their sins.

    That brother is simply hilarious, I can't help but laugh my way through the videos, which makes it even more enjoyable. Anyone else going through them (apart from brother ibn Saeed)? I'm on 4A of Book 1, going at an hour a day, amazing stuff.

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