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    Oh Allah, You are the supporter of those who have no support; You are the One with ability for those who have no ability; You are the one whom the desperate call on and there is no one for the desperate callers except You; You are the most generous and the pardoner; You are the one who erases sins and You are the one who can alleviate any calamity; Glory to You, and You alone do I seek; You are the one for the weak; You are the one who can save a drowning man from the sea. You are the one who can guard and save those who are to be destroyed. I call You with every quality, with every name and attribute of Yours; You are the one everything prostrates to—from darkness to light, from sun to moon, water and trees everything prostrates to You; make me prostrate to You and be desperate to You only. Oh Allah—there is no partner with You. You are my Lord! You are my Rabb! You are my Rabb! You are my Rabb! The controller, the governor, the doer, the able, the powerful! (Islamic Video And MP3 Lectures Articles On Islam By Ahmed Moait)

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