E-Book: The World of the Angels | Sheikh Abdul-Hamid Kishk

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  1. Abu Bubu

    Abu Bubu well 'ard

    The World of the Angels | Sheikh Abdul-Hamid Kishk


    The World of the Angels is an example of traditional learning and its translation fills a much needed gap in aqida (beliefs) literature in the English speaking world Basing himself exclusively on the Quran and Hadith, Sheikh Kishk deals with every aspect of the angelic world. He goes from discussing the creation. tbnm and nature of the angels to enumerating their many different types and also explains their role in existence and the character of their interaction with the human race. An in depth understanding of the nature and activity of the angels is essential for the people of today. Particularly in the face of the onslaught of scientific materialism which has done so much to weaken the bases of belief in this time. This book should help a great deal towards this end.

  2. Abu Bubu

    Abu Bubu well 'ard

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    Scented Blood Abu Peanut

    One of the first books i read.

    Well worth the read!

    May Allah bless the author and our brother Abu bubu.

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