EASY DAWAH - BIG RESULTS - surah al-Qiyamah to the Big Sites

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    Asalaamu alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    EASY DAWAH - BIG RESULTS - surah al-Qiyamah to the Big Sites.

    So a quick but powerful dawah technique we can all do. All you need to know is how to copy and paste text.

    1 - Visit any website (non religious [i.e. companies,organisations] or religious), and see if they have a 'Contact' or 'Feedback' section (usually on the top right or bottom right of a page.) Click on it.
    2 - Paste the Extract from surah al Qiyamah into it. (the best dawah is Quran)
    3 - Send!

    Surah al Qiyamah EXTRACT

    …And the dying one is certain that it is the time of separation (death)
    And leg will be joined with another leg (when you are covered in your burial cloth)
    To your Lord, that Day, will be the driving.

    So he did not accept the truth, nor did he pray,
    But instead, he denied and turned away.
    Then he walked in full pride to his family admiring himself!
    Woe! (You have lost all goodness)
    O person! Woe to you! Then again woe to you, and woe!

    Does man think that he will be left neglected?
    (without being paid back for his good and bad actions?)

    Had he not been a mere Sperm gushed forward?
    Then he was a clinging clot,
    and God (Allah) created his form and shaped him?
    And made him in two sexes, male or female.
    Is not that Creator (God) then Able to give life to the dead (on Judgment Day)???

    Quran: Surah Qiyamah - the Day of Judgment (75)

    IslamReligion.com | Quran.com | theDeenShow.com

    Optional: Full surah al Qiyamah translation - 1 page (Download for Print and distribution):

    DOC: http://archive.org/download/QiyamahSurahDawahLeaflet/qiyamah-leaflet.doc

  2. servantofthetruth

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    wow, what a unique but very effective technique..very clever! masha'Allah
  3. Muscan

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    Its called spamming.
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  4. Mu'awiya

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    asalaamu alaykum

    It's better because you dont need to have big debates, just convey the message and move on.
  5. abul hafsa

    abul hafsa formerly 'dragon'

    Wa 'alaykum as-salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh akh mu'awiya.

    Jazakallah khayr for the suggestion.

    I am undecided about it personally, because the heart holds out hope that someone will be moved by it and look further into Islaam, but the head says a lot of people will consider it spam and not take it seriously or may even be distanced from the Quran. Allaah knows.

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