Important El-Haddad: Egypt will not use law to 'impose religion'

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Firebrand Mullah, Jun 26, 2012.

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    El-Haddad: Egypt will not use law to 'impose religion'

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    Gehad El-Haddad, an adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt has insisted that religious freedom would be one of the fundamental protected human rights in the country.
    He told Stephen Sackur that the law would never be used to impose religion. Egypt was a civil state - not a religious state, he said.
    You can watch the full interview on BBC World News on Monday 25 June at 15:30 and 2030 GMT and at 0330 and 0830 GMT on Tuesday 26 June 2012 and on the BBC News Channel at 00:30 and 04:30 BST on Tuesday 26 June 2012.
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    I might not be a scholar. But that sounded like clear cut kufr.
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    Can someone quote the kufri statements in full with context?

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    Asalaamu Alaikum,

    Well, I don't think anyone is surprised. At best, I just remember Mursi (I think it was him) saying that "Islam would be simply used as a reference point".
  6. It's not a real surprise indeed, those who comromise in their aqeedah and manhaj by forming so-called islamic parties, not based on the quran and sunnah, but a mix of all kinds of laws and regulations based on whims and desires but with a islamic flavour and then they join the system of shirk and kufr, they participate in democractic elections, under a nationalistic and secular framework, they complete with secular and un-islamic parties and then let the people decide whether they want a watered-down version of islam or other truly secular anti-islamic parties. So if the means have more resemblance with the jaahilya and unbelievers system, then the end result would also be the same. This is all a joke and a game, they fool the muslims. But I am still happy that Muslim Brotherhood has won and hopefully they will wake up and the sincere muslims within them will do what they are commanded by Allah and his messenger and correct the aqeedah and manhaj of other members and insha'Allah only then victory of Allah will be given to them and they will bring about a truly islamic state. Now you have only apologists, muslims with defeatist mentality and heavily influenced by secular and western ideologies and systems.
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    Ikhwaan are active in more than 70 countries...

    They have offices in more than 40 countries...

    In 1948, they had more than 2000000 members, let alone now.... (REF: Brotherhood.pdf)

    In Egypt TODAY, they have more than 100,000 members ...

    You can't judge such a big organization, by the words of 1 member...........
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  8. In islam we don't just look at numbers or quantity, it's about quality of the imaan, taqwa and good works of the muslims in a jama'at and how close they are to the manhaj of the prophet and the khulafa rashideen and how good their aqeedah and tawakkul on Allah is. The end does not justify the means in islam.
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  9. Salamat

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    what happened with the salafi nur party? will they be forming a coalition with ikhawn?
  10. The prophet (peace be upon him) has said that the ones who are on the truth, the Taifa al-mansura, the victorious group, which are the mujahideen of today, will be a minority within the ummah, they will give victory to islam and muslims and they will be the ones fighting and striving fi sabeel Allah and bringing about the islamic state and protecting it untill the day of judgement. So is you want to find the truth and want to know the true manhaj and aqeedah and true sacrifices to this religion, look to the mujahideen and their scholars. Ikhwanul Muslimeen should have listened to many of the advices given to them by Ayman Al-Zawahiri (hafizahullah).
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  11. Durani

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    You're missing the point. I said: He is just 1 guy, out of the 100,000s of members they have in Egypt.
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  12. I am sure if their advicer and so-called representative is like this, then the ordinary members will not be much different, may Allah guide them and bring them back to the siratul mustaqeem.
  13. Durani

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    The Taliban congratulated Morsi today, and called ikhwaan's victory a great slap in the face of Secularists, and they sent him their good wishes etc.
  14. Durani

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    Ameen, may Allaah indeed guide them.

    And may Allaah guide YOU too :) And me too :) Ameen!
  15. true alhamdulillah, I am also happy for them, at least this is better than the status quo under taghot Mubarak, it is a step in the right direction, but still a lot more should be done. I also said in my last video message that I was happy they have won, they are our muslim brothers, even if our methods are different, we wish the best for them, they are better than the secularists and kaafir asliyeen.

    In Egypt, Arab Spring Replaced By Military Dictatorship While competing candidates each declared victory following the presidential election, Egypt’s military made clear just who is in charge of the country, which has been trying to transition towards democracy. Hours after the polls closed, marking the first presidential balloting since the fall of dictator Hosni Mubarak, the ruling military council, led by Hussein Tantawi, issued a temporary constitution that granted the generals broad powers and reduced the president to little more than a figurehead.

    The announcement came after Egyptian media sources declared Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, the winner of the election. Former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq also claimed victory. But it was the apparent success of Morsi that likely prompted the military to assert its dominance, for fear of the Muslim Brotherhood taking control of the government. Four months ago, the military dissolved Parliament after the Muslim Brotherhood won control of the legislative body. Under the new constitution, the generals have control of all laws and the national budget, as well as immunity from any oversight.

    “The new constitutional declaration completed Egypt’s official transformation into a military dictatorship,” Hossam Bahgat, director of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, wrote in an online commentary. Nathan Brown, an Egypt expert at George Washington University, told The New York Times that the military’s move amounted to a coup “in many obvious ways. He added: “It brings back martial law and protects the military from any public, presidential or parliamentary scrutiny. And it perpetuates the generals’ dominance of the political system.” In the wake of international condemnation, the leaders of the Egyptian military softened the tone of their statements, but there was no indication that they intended to change their actions.
  16. Ameen we all need the guidance of Allah, otherwise we would not say at least 17 times a day during our prayers: Ihdinassiratal mustaqeem... :)
  17. abumuwahid

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    Can you please post the source of this news.
  18. abumuwahid

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    So some poor subsistence farmer who doesn't even own a tv set and who supports the ikhwanis because their local campaigners promised islamic state, sharia and liberation of al quds, is now the same as the chief adviser who says the complete opposite?
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  19. No of course not brother, this is not what I meant. I meant that if their representatives, spokespersons and advicers are like this, then these people will be fooling the muslim masses and deceiving them with all these slogans that you mentioned and more, so even though the ordinary muslims in Egypt are sincere muslims, they may not be aware of the political reality, so they just need food, work and a house, so that will be their first priority and they will vote for this party, because from the outside they think it is islamic and they want to achieve a real islamic state with shariah. But those people at the top who make the decisions, they lead the nation if they come into power, because they are the representatives of the masses, so even though they are not the same as the ordinary muslims, but if the ordinary Egyptian is fooled, deceived and conditioned into thinking that his vote will bring about an islamic state, whereas the top only wants self-interest and worldly desire, then their efforts and end result will be the same.

    But I still hope that the leaders of Muslim Brotherhood are sincere muslims, who have the shariah and islamic state as highest objective and won't compromise anymore on those key principles. The situation is also a lot more complex that we perceive. You have the military who have immense power, you have the secularists and then you have the munafiqeen within the party and outide, then you have also the intervention and infiltration of the crusaders and zionists in the affairs of the muslim in general and Egyptian nation in particular. They will never want any real islamic state to come about, because that would be perceived as a threat to the security of the state of Israel and more muslim countries would take their example, that would also mean the end of the neo-colonisation and interference of the West in our countries.
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    ^ Did you really mean that Maiwand?

    Be truthful. Everything is recorded.

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