Empire State building to light up for Eid

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by abu hadeed, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. abu hadeed

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  2. AbuSulaiman

    AbuSulaiman New Member

    Can't help but think of the following ayah when I see stuff like this in the US...

    wa tilka ni'matun tamunnuha alayya an 'abbad-ta banee isra-eel.

    "And is this a favor of which you remind me - that you have enslaved the Children of Israel?"
  3. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    AbuSulaiman that is a classic.
  4. AbuSulaiman

    AbuSulaiman New Member

    Personally, I have no problem accepting the good from a person or people even when I disagree with them strongly. But this is a bit of a p*** take from Uncle Sam.

    Uncle Sam is at the forefront of the war against truth & justice. Forget even Muslims and Islam for a moment. Look at how the US treats ANYONE who speaks the truth or reveals anything that lays bare the corrupt soul of the American government: look at the case of Julian Assange.

    And of course, the lemmings will lap it up and be so happy. It reminds me of when the US was about to launch their shock and awe campaign in Iraq, and instead of getting all angry and fired up about the resulting loss of innocent life, the illegal invasion of a country, the mocking of international laws, what do the American Imams complain about? Oh, you can't call this operation "Infinite Justice" because only God can provide infinite justice.

    Yessa Massa.
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  5. Umm DJ-N

    Umm DJ-N Patience

    OMG this must mean they love us.

    I must now go learn the national anthem.
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  6. wurood

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    ugh that reminds me of my years of saying the pledge of allegiance in school every day, *shudders*
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  7. AbuMubarak

    AbuMubarak Well-Known Member

    they should not color it green, but red, for the blood of the muslims they kll
  8. abul hafsa

    abul hafsa formerly 'dragon'

    "No waaaay brudder! Green shows that even our Christian brothers love Madina. They are better than you Najdis"

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  9. tariq1981

    tariq1981 New Member

    Nice move, sparkly and shiny, but worthless.</SPAN></SPAN>

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