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    Considering that the threads have been deleted in the past, I have decided to post them all on one thread, and people of course can choose to read them or not. We of course do not know when we are going to die and I am leaving the UK permanently (not to have a new life somewhere else), but to be ready for when the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him arrives. Thankfully the other threads have been kept ie the "Collapse of these countries" and the "Major signs of the Day of Judgement", "Not our Goal", "Murder", "Allah" threads etc

    The threads included in this thread are;-

    Post 1. Show me, show me (but we're humans)
    Post 2. Can you repeat, repeat yourself?
    Post 3. Devils
    Post 4. If Prophet Jesus peace be upon him came to England
    Post 5. Being alive at the time of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him
    Post 6. Love, love say the Christians (but I say that they are liars)
    Post 7. Jewish problem
    Post 8. Why Prophet Jesus peace be upon him does NOT love the Christians
    Post 9. Islam has copied (say the Christian and the Jews)
    Post 10. No such thing as Atheism
    Post 11. Freedom and evil acceptance
    Post 12. Declining levels of putting up with evil
    Post 13. Importanace of being afraid of Allah only
    Post 14. Terrorists, why they are completely wrong
    Post 15. Corrupt in Islam
    Post 16. Evil Society
    Post 17. Satan refusing to prostrate

    Show me, show me (but we're humans)

    They say show us that Allah exists.

    There is nothing new of what people are asking to prove that Allah exists.
    They asked to see Allah;-

    4:153 (Asad) THE FOLLOWERS of the Old Testament demand of thee [O Prophet] that thou cause a revelation to be sent down to them from heaven. And an even greater thing than this did they demand of Moses when they said, "Make us see God face to face" - whereupon the thunderbolt of punishment overtook them for this their wickedness. After that, they took to worshipping the [golden] calf - and this after all evidence of the truth had come unto them! None the less, We effaced this [sin of theirs], and vouchsafed unto Moses a clear proof [of the truth],

    They even asked why not have an angel come down;-

    6:8 (Asad) They are saying, too, "Why has not an angel (visibly] been sent down unto him?" But had we sent down an angel, all would indeed have been decided, and they would have been allowed no further respite [for repentance.

    As Allah stated in the Quran;-

    5.114. Said Jesus the son of Mary: "O Allah our Lord! Send us from heaven a table set (with viands), that there may be for us - for the first and the last of us - a solemn festival and a sign from thee; and provide for our sustenance, for thou art the best Sustainer (of our needs)."

    5.115. Allah said: "I will send it down unto you: But if any of you after that resisteth faith, I will punish him with a penalty such as I have not inflicted on any one among all the peoples."

    As per above, if they saw Allah there would be no test.

    There were some who did know of the Harut and Marut who taught people black magic, but they were tested and already knew they were angels, but as Devils they did not care about going to Paradise they were so jealous of others, and into gossip of others they wanted to break marriages apart. When a person is jealous, they fill their heads with it, and then run their lives with it. So this is proof that seeing something does not make you good. They did come in a guise of angels. They angels weren’t evil, but rather simple in their responses they did tell people that if you do this you will go to Hell. Its like if you tell someone all your gold is hidden in a house, and your gullible and you answer. These angels were asked how to cause trouble and they just answered instead of refusing.


    How else did they expect Islam to work? What did they think Allah was going to do? Show them all Paradise and then put them back into this world to see if they will be good? They can become arrogant about playing a sport, writing something, but when it comes to proving that they are the able to make it to Paradise they find that hard to comprehend why they need to prove themselves? Even asking others if they are qualified for a job, and even going as far as saying that you have to spend years to prove that you are qualified, so they are happy to make their lives about a job.

    Saying we only believe what we see

    They talk about what they can see, they are not going to be admitted to Paradise because they accept an orange is an orange, a tree that they saw is a tree, and when someone showed them an apple they accepted it as such.

    Different from other beings-so why should we see Allah.

    Humans were created, and even Satan was jealous of us. If humans just lived side by side with the rest of Allah’s creation in Heaven, then how are we going to prove that we are different to them?? We are proving that we can still be good without living in Heaven. Even the Jinn are not tested the same as Humans as it would be a harder test for them, so they are tested in their world under heaven (as explained in the Devils thread).

    So what is the point of saying that you are doing well when you;-

    1. Have completed a child’s crossword puzzle?
    2. You have successfully run across a field, the same as a 7 year old?
    3. You have successfully climbed a tree the same as a 7 year old?

    Proving that we are better

    So how can you prove that you are better when you are doing and going through the same as others. We Muslims are not arrogant and we are Allah’s servants, but the fact is that the humans have been created differently and we have a different way of showing that we are good to Allah, by being tested in this world. Which even the Jinn don’t have as this test, even the Devils used to eavesdrop on heaven and still try to. They were willing to go to Heaven just to listen to what is being said about the people in this world. They still did not care about entering Heaven and Paradise as typical sinners they chose the life of this world, similar to how some females like to gossip non-stop, instead of enjoying themselves in a goodly way, by remembering Allah and the Day of Judgement.

    So not even the Devils are given this test, they live in their parallel world. If humans lived in their world we would not have a fair test. In their world they cannot hide behind good intentions, they are openly evil. They can’t pretend to be kind, and respecting people. Not like this world, were there are humans who do hide behind good intentions, but you choose who is good, by those that heed the warnings of Prophet Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, Noah peace be upon them.

    What if you were in Paradise

    These very people are already complaining having an impression about Islam being restrictive. Well what about if they were already living in Paradise, you wouldn’t have a yearning to drive a car, or use a computer, or visit McDonalds. As if you went lets say to the most beautiful place, you want to enjoy it, appreciate it. This world is only small in comparison to Paradise, but whatever you look at will be pleasing to the eye, not as people do in this world, they sometimes walk past trees and just find them boring.

    But lets say they were in Paradise and lets say they did complain about living there, and complained they couldn’t express themselves and be the way they want to be. What should Allah do? He has provided them with the best of places and they aren’t happy about remembering Allah, and being his servant. So he has brought this down to this world’s test level. So you are rejecting Paradise and taking the path to Hell in this world. Again humans are different to other beings that Allah has created.

    Clear proofs

    They already know that Allah exists. As per my “No such things as Atheism” thread.

    Allah has already taught them about what happened to the people of old. They become arrogant and even talk about anything to throw at Islam. Even Science, were they find out theories to throw at Islam, and then say we reject Islam because of so and so, but the fact is that they already rejected Islam before learning their scientific theories (which are naught in proving that they are right).

    They deny that the homosexuals at the time of Prophet Lut peace be upon him were destroyed. Where they there, who are they to deny this, where is their proof, do they have their witnesses?? So they claim just like using science to deny something, but just as denying that people in the past got destroyed-they deny it quickly, without having any proof. Would it not be more acceptable to just say, I don’t know?

    Its like those that were quick to say that Islam copies off Christianity and Judaism, no one came to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon when he was alive and said they are copying off them. Why shouldn’t Allah tell us about other Prophets he has sent, they do not belong to them, they belong to Allah.

    Who are those who reject Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, but are willing to look at other people in history? Why did they not write about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him when he was alive in this world, and why did they not continue to talk about him afterwards? IF they are so right, and accurate in their record keeping. Why did they neglect to write about the most influential Man in this world? As no one follows after Prophet Muhammad to this scale as anyone else, we even try and live as he had done, try and copy of his perfect manners. He has done more then any politician.

    They try and claim innocent reasons, as they don’t know etc, so they can be treated as innocent, goodly people, nay they are the terrible people. Purposely even questioning Muslims to see if they will be unsure and change how they see Islam. They prefer for you to disbelieve as they disbelieve, they think to fool us, but they fool themselves and lead themselves to Hell.

    6:70 (Asad) And leave to themselves all those who, beguiled by the life of this world, have made play and passing delights their religion;but remind [them] herewith that [in the life to come] every human being shall be held in pledge for whatever wrong he has done, and shall have none to protect him from God, and none to intercede for him; and though he offer any conceivable ransom, it shall not be accepted from him. It is [people such as] these that shall be held in pledge for the wrong they have done; for them there is [in the life to come] a draught of burning despair and grievous suffering awaits them because of their persistent refusal to acknowledge the truth.

    So as above, instead of asking people to show you Allah, or angels etc. you have to prove that you are good enough to make it to Paradise, to be amongst the best in the next world, instead of wasting time seeing who can be best in business, science etc in this world.
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    Can you repeat, repeat yourself?

    Are you able to repeat what yourself on the Day of Judgment, on what you said, and still stand up for what you did? Some of the issues are;-

    Abusive behaviour

    Of course we know that the abusers, killers will be regretting their actions to say the least. The victims should remember that they too also wished that they did not spend much time fearing what clearly is another human being tested. Their abusers are standing on the Day of Judgement, all are looking towards Allah. A person would have wished that they did not spend hours, weeks, years talking and thinking about their abusers but that the should have remembered Allah. No matter the crime, no one on the Day of Judgement is going to say that they should have sat there thinking about what an evil person is saying and doing. Do you really want your book covering your deeds to mention that you were making your life about so and so?
    For example if someone’s neighbour is throwing rubbish, being abusive and attacking them. Now they may spend time thinking and fearing their neighbour, or they could go back indoors and fear Allah, and worship him and remember the Day of Judgement. If he did spend time fearing his neighbour, then on his record it will be written. Even though the neighbour was being abusive, he responded by making his life about what the neighbour was doing, and making his life about him, by fearing him and thinking about him. So then it would be written on your book of deeds as such.
    Some people go far and keep on thinking about what the abuser would be doing, instead of fearing Allah. That is why the magicians at Pharoah’s court were willing to have their hands and feet chopped off, as they feared Allah but not Pharoah. Non-Muslims would have feared Pharoah. This is why they come up with torture techniques today, as they cannot cope as the magicians at Pharoah’s court. Do you really want to say to Allah that all you have been doing for the last couple of years is talking and thing about what this abusive person is up to? No of course not.

    Lewd behaviour

    Would a lewd female and a lewd male call upon their sexual partners to help them? No. Who cares if hundreds have found them attractive, is this going to help them? Is the lewd female going to say it was good enough for her to take off her clothes and “sexually arouse” males? No. Were they so important that she was willing to walk around indecently? Then why don’t she call upon those males for halp? Of course they will not come to her aid.

    Music/TV/Fiction Novels

    Michael Jackson is not going to care how many records he has sold, or how many fans he has had. Neither are they able to help him on the Day of Judgement.
    People who make TV programmes, act etc are not going to say that they care about their TV programmes etc.
    People who have written novels will not care about writing their fiction.
    Note, that Allah is not going to send someone to hell for playing music, making a film/programme, or writing a novel (as long as its not indecent etc). As they do go to Hell for rejecting Islam, which has been taught by all the Prophets Lut, Ibrahim, Noah, Jesus, David, Solomon peace be upon them etc.
    Some people thought that religious people were boring, and these musicians, actors were OK, but a good example is that if you went to a beautiful environment, waterfalls, lush forests etc, would you really care to listen to music, watch TV, read a book?? Of course in Paradise people will not be bored. Clearly people don’t want to read a book, watch TV, busy listening to music when they are busy enjoying themselves at a theme park etc. Hence in Islam we are also surrender to what is normal, and absolutely the best for us!


    People of course don’t always like what is good for their soul. What is important to remember that people who are poor, will not be complaining about it on the Day of Judgement, to prove yourself as a Muslim and be poor at the same time, is the better then proving yourself as a Muslim and being rich. People at the time of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not repent to be out of poverty etc, they did not repent so Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him could provide for them.
    Poor people try to remind other people that they would not like being poor, but if they remembered Allah and the Day of Judgement then they would not be bothered to. I have met some people who are so selfish, if they can’t cope passing their test the way they are, then they certainly would not cope by having a mansion in this world. Of course this is not the same with all of the poor. This is just a reminder that poor people will not be complaining on the Day of Judgement. It was of course a blessing to be able to prove yourself as a Muslims and attain a goodly reward for being patient.


    Today, you see Politicians claiming they are following people in the past. I say that for someone to actively want to become a leader over lewd, homosexual, not religious people is being evil. No good person would ever want this job. On the Day of Judgement people won’t regret working on farms, offices etc, but there will be Politicians who will regret ever going into Politics. Knowing full well that people aren’t interested in being religious and your saying that it is your job to provide for them etc. People like Barack Obama will regret taking the job as President. Of course it is not our job to take over leadership at the time the people rejected Prophet Noah peace be upon him or Prophet Lut peace be upon him etc, and say I will take care of them. So he has taken over, knowing full well that they majority don't want Islam.
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    <DIR>Please remember that as Muslims we only fear Allah!

    Why be afraid of the Devils as Allah as allowed us to put up with them since we are children-they are feeble as described in the Quran.

    The bad Jinn are called devils, and they are made from a smokeless fire, but of course their bodies don’t look like they are made from smokeless fire, just as our human bodies don’t look like its made out of clay. If the devils do not repent they will go and burn into hell, with Satan (whom is also a Jinn) he does not run Hell -he himself will burn in Hell too.

    The Jinn's good and bad have the same test as Humans-but they start at a different level-just like giving a child a head start in the race to make it fair. That is why they are under Heaven, and we can’t see it in our World. That is why they were able to go up to Heaven (as they used to eavesdrop to find out what is happening on Earth, hence fortune telling etc)-which they are no longer able to do-when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was teaching Islam.

    The other important difference is that they are openly evil-they can’t pretend to be good in their world as of course people can see that you are following humans and being evil. Unlike of course in this world people hide behind good intentions, such as politicians etc.

    People cannot imagine why people who are under Heaven, who have seen angels can be evil, even Iblis was evil in Heaven. It is there arrogance, jealousy-which of course they wouldn’t have if they were spending more time being kind, and praising Allah. Just as people commit sins knowing they are being indecent, disgusting, and don’t want other people to do well.

    They procreate worse then animals, having sex outside in public, and having children, whom both their parents pay little attention to as their constant talk is about humans, and when their child hears of this they join in (still Allah provides a fair test as which is appealing joining your dumb parents or going to Heaven). Evil =Stupidity. Just as people who take drugs and it doesn’t benefit them etc.

    They come in different shapes and sizes, can be taller then the average Humans too. As they spend more time talking about Humans they don’t actually know much about their own heritage, or even speak a Jinn language. Some their skin peels, and the colour of the skin is as a dark one (not black, brown) but more dark/grey. They are not hygienic. They do eat and if a person does not pray before they eat then the Devil is able to eat their food, but if they do, the Devil will not be able to consume it, so they like getting people to forget to pray before they eat.

    They can’t stand people praying as angels come near to that person and they run off. There are not many good Jinn, but the Devils would not dream of approaching them as they fear them. The good Jinn are more no nonsense-not like a Muslim Man who actually lives with unbelievers and is patient with them-but the good Jinn don’t show this as the unbelievers in their worlds are Devils-so no tolerance.

    Devils are known for telling people to be evil. We live in parallel worlds, some people can see or hear them as they can only do so by using their soul-not the physical body that we have in this world. The devil constantly tells a person to be evil, that’s why people have a bad thought come into their mind, and they know they wouldn’t dream of saying something, bad about their family, religion etc. Also when you can’t help thinking about sex and your not even in a relationship with someone-they are responsible, as sex is a relationship between husband and wife, but they want people to ruin their lives and tell them to think about something they don’t want to -and again they can’t understand as they want to carry on with their work, family life etc. Its not about having sex because they want to enjoy it-its rather they are led by sexual urges etc. That’s why some people have used the word addiction-its because they are listening to the devils more, its is important to put a stand to it, as the more the devils can see that its working and you are saying it is , do not give them any satisfaction, don’t acknowledge bad thoughts openly i.e. sexual urges, not liking someone etc.

    Black Magic is real -it is mentioned in the Quran, that is simply were humans ask devils to go and hurt someone, the devils are able to penetrate into a person and make them ill, have headaches etc. When someone tells them to pray they don’t listen, but when someone tells them to do black magic they rush forward. Some do black magic as they are requested to, and others not only take it as a job, but they enjoy it too as they are also jealous of Humans and want to ruin their lives-by ruining their marriages etc. The Devils feel important as they effect people’s lives, they can hear the conversation of leaders, people around the world and like to think they know what that Human does not (even though its not knowledge as knowledge is not about knowing what sinners do, its about Allah).

    They are gossiping individuals, if you think about society people, they like to gossip, if someone has got divorced etc, and you can see in the look in their eyes they enjoy it-same as Devils. They constantly want to know what’s going on with the lives of humans -we are in a way their soap opera. When parents are gossiping even in this world, then their children join in looking at so and so, I’m sure there are plenty of people out there who have seen the effects gossip has, and even when I recently visited Pakistan (looking at people stare at you, and even children doing this), staring is rude, its what Devils do constantly.

    When a group of people are making a big deal of a pop star, then the people who are not religious want to be like them, even some people go as far as wanting to dress like them. If you are weak in Islam, then you listen to this group of people and then you think that in order to be popular you need to be like that pop star so you can get people to look at you the same way they are looking at this pop star, so that’s what the devils do as the talk is Human, Human, Human they get jealous of them. As when they see that their parents are jealous, a group of people are jealous of this pop star, they think in order to be successful in life you need other people to be jealous about you too. Unfortunately people in this world think that’s a measure of their success, even people are motivated to do things just to make other people jealous, there are even some religiously weak people who are more motivated to stay married as other people are jealous about them, rather then be motivated as they love their husband/wife and believe in their marriage. That is why in the West they want to kiss in public etc-as its about showing to other people, not like in Islam, I don’t need other people’s attentions I’m just going to have a private relationship with my husband/wife. That also is why evil people then want attention from a wide range of people-for example if a female was walking down the street, she wants people to value her, or have males wanting to be with her-but of course her intention isn’t to talk and get along with those people or marry one of the Males-but just seek attention. That is also why there are a lot of them talking about their personal relationships openly to people when they shouldn’t-as its more about showing off, trying to be valued more from people rather then from your own husband/wife etc. This shows why Devils are also staying in that world, staring at people, gossiping etc and for the children to grown up to continue to go follow Humans as they stupidly enjoy it.

    Its important to know that majority of the Devils do not have the same agenda as Satan-as Satan wants to ruin Humanity, but his children go and do evil as they are jealous of individual, or a group of Humans at a time-so they usually follow the same Human for the whole of their life. Satan does not follow someone for the whole of the Human’s lifetime -but he does if he can get close to Prophets and stays in the vicinity when they are around, for the whole of their lives. He is in a way now in a back seat for Humans as the Dajjal is coming-the difference between the two the Dajjal is not intelligent, aggressive and we‘ll just be fighting against Humans and not about being sly etc. As Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will kill the Dajjal and there is already a decline of putting up with evil-it looks unlikely that Satan will ever be able to approach him, this time around. It has been said that all the Prophets have warned their people about the coming of the Dajjal.

    Satan does want marriages to be ruined as he sees it the easiest way for people to be evil, but again the children are acting the same way as gossiping competitive females etc in this world were they don’t want the marriage to work as they are jealous, there focus isn't more of them not being religious but just their lives in this world-just as human sinners do in this world-their focus is they don't want your marriage, having a home to work in this world-the focus is on what you get in this world not in the next.

    They do live in a parallel world, which is why they can see and hear us and follow us around without being seen by us. In the western world they are talking about ghosts-but they are really devils, they have allowed this thought to develop as people not being religious. As they are saying their dead relative or someone is haunting their property etc-which goes against Islamic teachings that this is the only time that people have to make it to Paradise, when they are dead they certainly do not care about the property that they used to live in, they only care about making it to Paradise, or if they have failed thinking constantly about Hell. The Devils are comfortable with changing their shape to resemble dead relatives as they don’t want people to really see them as they are.

    They are capable of moving objects etc-but its important to remember that we don’t need their permission to live in this world-as we have already received it from Allah, of course the Devils are only wanting to upset people (the good Jinn would not haunt people’s properties). Even though they can move objects, they have to edge closer in order to be able to do this-as the TV, Sofa, etc do not exist in their world only ours, they can’t hear a radio, TV, unless they edge closer to listen. So it’s a myth where people have been saying if you listen to music etc then the devils will gather-that’s more like concerts (as they are live etc, but the devils are still more bothered about following humans and telling them to do evil then sit their ignoring humans and listen to music, as they also talk non-stop to humans.

    In the west as they don’t talk of Devils, they don’t want to acknowledge that when people who they label as having mental disorders are hearing voices, are telling the truth, that’s why largely they hear derogatory remarks made about them, and nice remarks are used by devils sometimes to pretend to be kind to people (as if they were really good they wouldn’t be following you -they would be praying to Allah). Devils do not like it at all that people can hear them, they ask people to commit suicide to get rid of them, or ask that person to kill to ruin them-but Allah still provides a fair test as I said earlier these people don’t listen to Islam that they are capable of putting up with Devils as Allah does not trial someone beyond their scope-but as they don’t listen its hard for them to live normal lives. We have cases in the Muslim world were people were able to hear etc and of course a religious person prayed and they couldn’t hear them anymore and leading OK lives.

    Of course its not normal to blame the Devils on all the illnesses, but its just important to be aware, as there are cases of people continually being ill and no matter how much medication was being taken, it wasn’t helping them to recover-so we should not be sitting their suffering from stupid Devils but seeking out the right help, from religious people.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people have suffered from black magic, its important to realise that when the countries collapse and we are going through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement, its unlikely that many people will be using black magic-as there is no society, as there is no established way of life, just droughts and war etc-how can they be competitive etc. Of course these Devils can stand with those people requesting to do black magic in the next world and be thrown into Hell together.

    Some Devils are well educated, and understand how things work more better then Humans do in this world, they also know about the human body. Not many Devils bother to be educated, as again the rest spend more time gossiping. The ones that do get educated, unfortunately do it for the wrong reasons as they are still looking at Humans and want to do better them, hence its out of arrogance.

    Of course Allah did not create all the intelligent and beautiful people to make it to Paradise and all the stupid and ugly ones to go to Hell. It just shows that Allah provides a fair test for everyone and they have wronged themselves. Its just an humiliation for them that they have given up so much just for the life of this world and ending up in Hell.

    Also they are showing that they can’t pass their tests and be good in their world (under heaven) they certainly wouldn’t have a chance of passing their test in the Human world. So a lot of difference between Humans and Jinn, we all know that Allah exists, we don’t need to be under Heaven as that would not be a fair test as people would just want to leave and go to Heaven. Of course Humans still show that they are willing to do this-for example buying homes abroad and trying to move to a better environment and where its nice and sunny-something the Devils aren’t doing.

    On another thread, I have wrote about sinners not repenting because they are more bothered about people’s reaction to them then Allah’s. People find it easier gaining people’s attention by being innocent etc, but these Devils have committed vile crimes, so they know that people won’t like them and don’t repent (but they are still being evil, and jealous at that moment too anyway, as they are still following humans being evil). Forgetting about Allah is the worst thing that anybody can do, as you need Allah to be pleased with you and not other people on the Day of Judgement. This is typical of evil people, murderers etc, they try and conceal their crimes from Humans -but forget that Allah knows what they have done.

    The Devils don’t learn about Islam to learn that Allah has never told a Muslim that its our job to follow everyone and stop a person from being evil. No Prophets have ever said this. So when they do evil they think they are winning, when they are only increasing their punishment in Hell. They are used to playing this game when they do black magic, people stop them, just the same as criminals when they are prevented from committing a crime. Devils make a big deal about what they can do, as they look at the effect it has on Humans, but evil is stupidity and all this is like when people lie to others, for example of a Human female was lying, and slandering someone and causing trouble in a marriage-she treats other people as gullible, and when the marriage falls a part she knows she caused this to happen and then believe she can influence and get other people to do what she wants. Even though the devils think they are in a unique position, and in a better position to do evil, as no one can see or hear them, it is the same thing they do, by talking to someone and getting people to do what they want. When people start lying from an early age, they think they can get people to do what they want, for example if they stole someone’s eggs, then the person had to travel another mile to get more-the evil person thinks of course that it was because of them that person has travelled another mile and so on. This is all that Devils are making a big deal of etc.

    There won’t be of course much gossip going through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement, and people will be going through a drought. There is a reference to them joining the Dajjal and pretending to be somebody’s parents in order to get that person to side with the Dajjal (of course they would not have listened to Islam to come to that conclusion as its not for dead people to come back to live in this world. But of course when Allah destroys sinners in this world, they the Devils are not exempted in their own world.

    I think that there is an outdated view that people can't handle learning about Devils etc, when people are curious, and a lot of bad things are already happening in this world, and people have been suffering from black magic so badly, so why are they assuiming that we can't handle it when we are having the Dajjal coming into this world. But it is important not to waste your time as that's what Devils do, they of course are not important to us.

    I have learnt of the above, as why bother just to learn about them when I am dead, they aren’t important that a person is going to be learning about evil people when they are happily enjoying what Allah has provided us with in the next world. They are not important that a person would be thinking highly of them in the next world, so learn of them in this world as your only going to look down on them as nothing in the next world. Its is also important to note that we should be thinking more of the Day of Judgement as its our steadfastness in Islam which is important to putting up with evil. It is of course important to remember that Allah has allowed us to put with these Devils since we were children, so of course they are nothing to fear, and you should fear Allah anyway, as only he is worthy enough to be feared.
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    If Prophet Jesus peace be upon him came to England

    <DIR>The sinful people would say to him;-

    1. Get back to your own country.

    2. "Do as the romans do", even though Prophet Jesus peace be upon him did not listen to them in the past. Why are they asking people to do as the romans do when they were in clear error and sinful people. Do they think he would;-

    - join them in the pub for a pint of beer?
    - go into the nightclub scene, or say to anyone its OK to go there?

    3. Don't tell us what to do religion is invented by Men. as Allah stated in the Quran;-

    34:43 (Asad) For [thus it is:] whenever Our messages are conveyed unto them in all their clarity, they [who are bent on denying the truth] say [to one another], “This [Muhammad] is nothing but a man who wants to turn you away from what your forefathers were wont to worship!” And they say, “This [Qur’an] is nothing but a falsehood invented [by man]!” And [finally,] they who are bent on denying the truth speak thus of the truth when it comes to them: “This is clearly nothing but spellbinding eloquence!”

    4. Tell him its OK to go to a holiday resort or Butlins and have a go on the water slide and be in a lewd place with indecently dressed females?

    5. We don't care about Islam, as our people, fathers, didn't (even though their fathers are not better then Prophets). As Allah has stated in the Quran;-

    43:24 (Asad) [Whereupon each prophet] would say, “Why, even though I bring you guidance better than that which you found your forefathers believing in?” - [to which] the others would reply, “Behold, we deny that there is any truth in [what you claim to be] your messages!”

    6. Tell him to go to a football match or listen to their favourite music. They rather teach their children about football and what they used to listen to when they were growing up rather then about Islam.

    7. Your not our judge to tell us that we are wrong. When we don't have to ask Allah when they are being sinful, when clearly they are rejecting Islam, accepting indecent behaviour and homosexuality.
    Allah has already told us what the sins are, would we need to go to Allah and ask him if homosexuality is wrong? No.

    8. As long as you accept us the way we are, we won't have a problem with you. Why should he, as you are sinful people.

    9. Would they throw a swine's head at his home, knowing that he is not of them, and he is pure and good, as even the sinful people rejected Prophet Lut peace be upon him and knew he was telling to be good as stated in the Quran;-

    "And the answer of his people was only that they said (to one another): Turn them out of your township. They are folk who seek to keep pure." (Surah 7: Verse 82)

    Even in workplace, schools etc, they would know that a Muslim does not go around being lewd, and accepting homosexuality etc. they recognise that there are females and males who are not having sex outside of marriage and going to nightclubs.

    10. Would they tell him to respect their culture and countries-when they are nothing , what would they be doing, waving their flag around on the Day of Judgement? Prophet Adam peace be upon him was the first Man-why do they not follow after him?

    11. We would not be brought back to life and there is a verse in the Quran saying that people in the past also rejected this fact;-

    13:5 (Asad) BUT IF thou art amazed [at the marvels of God's creation], amazing, too, is their saying, "What! After we have become dust, shall we indeed be [restored to life] in a new act .of creation?" It is they who [thus show that they] are bent on denying their Sustainer;and it is they who carry the shackles [of their own making] around their necks; and it is they who are destined for the fire, therein to abide.

    The fact is that they thought they were more different then people in the past, because of their techonolgy etc, but this is not the case, if they can't treat Muslims with respect then they are showing that they wouldn't treat the Prophets with respect either or even Mary, Mother of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, she wore a headscarf. They are not going to get another Prophet, Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will arrive after these countries have finished (explained in the "Collapse of these countries" thread).

    If they can't treat the Muslims fine, then why should they be allowed to go to Paradise and be in the company of good people there too?? They are not. If you can't treat good people in this world fine you don't deserve to meet anymore good people in the next world.

    They are responding back to Islam the same way as people have done aforetime. Allah sees this as a sufficient test for them, as we know that he is not going to send them another Prophet. Islam has done what Christianity (because of their idol worship) and Judiasm (because of them looking towards this world and even rejecting Hell) could not do. Islam has reminded them of the truth, that there is one God, the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell. So Allah was not going to send another Prophet as they have Islam in this world! We know without Islam they would have just built huge resorts in Saudi Arabia and walked around naked there etc.

  5. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Being alive at the time of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him

    This is a follow up from the “Collapse of these countries” and the “Major signs of the Day of Judgement” thread.
    <DIR>Being alive at the time of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, i can see, hear, know (decided to go over some points as from the Major signs of the Day of Judgement thread);-

    1. That the countries such as the UK, US etc of today will not be operating as one, they will of course be devastated, so no longer be acting as they have been doing.
    2. There is no longer an economy as you see it today, when even the western countries get destroyed it will have an economic impact in the Middle East etc. There is no value to the currency, as of course trade is not as you see it today, no wonder people are trying to take the gold from the Euphrates.
    3. But of course the gold was not going to help, as these people are holding onto the past, were they want to live as they used to, but they cannot.
    4. Banks will not be operating, of course HSBC will not be in existance.
    5. I have seen the Dajjal come and gone.
    6. I have been through drought.
    7. I know that the Gog and Magog are coming back.
    8. I know that the whole world is coming to an end, so many people have been destroyed thinking about the life of this world, is it for me to sit there and talk about continue to live these very people have done and they were destroyed? Of course not.
    9. It is a Major signs of the Day of Judgement, not a major time to build a nation-when obviously it will not last, so why bother building a nation? Of course I will not be a part of that. Even the well be more women then Men, at least there won't be much talk about nation building.
    10. If I know that my house will be destroyed soon, then why would I want to renovate it? If I know that I will be leaving this world soon, then why should I be bothered about what colour clothes I wear? Of course I will not be bothered about the state of the house, as long as its liveable, and I won't care about my clothes as long as it covers my modesty-so as I'm willing to accept these why then would I strive to build nation? Of course I will not be doing so.
    11. Even though I don't have much to do, I won't be bored, if you know that a volcano is going to erupt, and even if your sitting there doing nothing, you will not be bored, and of course people are remembering that the Gog and Magog are coming, sun rising from the West etc.
    12. Time is going by quickly.
    13. I know that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will die. Even if he did build a state, do you think people will be arguing over who should lead it? Even though its futile and the whole world is coming to an end?
    14. Peace will come about naturally too, today we see evil all around us, when the Dajjal arrives, people will be looking at him-so the evil would of course appear to be concentrated on him, because of what he is doing, when he is killed along with his followers, peace woud come about.
    15. Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has already taught us Muslims on how to be good, it is not the time for Prophet Jesus peace be upon him to start from scratch. As of course there is not much time left for the world is coming to an end. Islam is sufficiently taught people the right path, and its been over a thousand years since we had a Prophet, Islam is sufficiently teaching people the right path today as of course they are not going to get a Prophet. Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will be coming after these countries have been destroyed. They have of course said many times they wanted to live without Islam, they want secularism, then be careful what you ask for, you don't want Islam, then why should all these people be kept alive for that time? Of course they are being destroyed.
    16. People are uncomfortable about giving up with how they are used to living in this world, that's why they talk about nation building, when they have no basis to say this, of course there won't be evil as you see it, but that does not mean its because of nation building.
    17. No Prophet would want to come back during the Major signs of the Day of Judgement and talk about nation building-they know that people can be weak and it would prevent them from remembering the Day of Judgement. Even there are people who are left behind when the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him leads the believers to higher ground, and the people who are left behind were only looking towards living in this world. They face the Gog and Magog and don't survive. So of course people should not be lead on the same path as these unbelievers.
    18. People are giving the incorrect impression that all people will be good, even though we know that the beast will be coming marking out who is good and who is bad, so there of course still going to be disbelievers, holding onto the life of this world. I would dread to be in their position.
    19. The earthquakes have occurred and its bad that people are looking towards living in this world.
    20. It has been said that people would walk past graves, wishing they were dead-now for people to feel this way it is of course a calamity. Things are so bad for them to feel like this, as of course you don’t get to hear, see this very often regardless of the problems in this world.
    21. Going through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement is more about physically living towards the end of the world, we are used to mentally remembering the Day of Judgement, as of course if you know that a hurricane is coming to destroy your land your not going to be focused on how to live in this world. As even the people who are running from the fire in Yemen, of course they are not looking at how to live in this world.

    As Allah has stated remember the Day of Judgement DO NOT let anyone lead you to looking at something else, when obviously the whole world is coming to an end.
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    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Love, love say the Christians (but I say that they are liars, liars)

    In the Quran it states;-

    29:25 (Asad) And [abraham] said: “You have chosen to worship idols instead of God for no other reason than to have a bond of love in the life of this world, between yourselves [and your forebears]: but then, on Resurrection Day, you shall disown one another and curse one another - for the goal of you all will be the fire, and you will have none to succour you.

    So as above they like idol worship as they like getting attention from others. They want to be seen as good, kind people when;


    1. They talk about forgiving someone -still a person has to have Allah to forgive them to be able to open the gates of Paradise. They say they forgive someone even before that person has even asked for forgiveness. Again to be seen as being kind. This is not forbidding evil, even Allah does not forgive people unless they ask forgiveness first.

    - Went to such an extent, that Catholics asked people to confess their sins, when why should people speak to you about it, when they should just repent to Allah? Again doing the same thing, first they say that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is going to save them, then they are saying you have to go through the Priests.

    Degrading others to look better.

    2. Do not evil people to make themselves look better put others down? Even if someone was to make fun out of being fat, its not just about poking fun out of that individual, its about drawing attention to themselves, so people would say you are not fat, you look good.

    -just like someone making fun out of someone being a bad singer, so again to draw attention to themselves to say they are not.

    -is this not what they have done with the Prophet Lut peace be upon him and saying that Satan was an angel? They are degrading the best of people and beings to make themselves look good.

    To feel love and appreciation

    3. They are not looking towards Allah or the Day of Judgement, they are want of other people’s attention, that is why they promote doing good things to feel valued and appreciated by people to feel special. They talk about providing people with attention but actually its about themselves receiving it.

    - note they talk about the image of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him and his Mother, both pure and good. They want to treat themselves like that without forbidding evil and enjoining good. How are their females dressed? There is no difference to lewd people they are willing to use anything to take and make themselves important. Give lewd people a mansion, they accept it, and treat themselves like if they are important.

    -this is actually why shows like Pop Idol etc have been popular, as religion shapes society. The sayings of people on there are that they want to “move” people with their songs. To be appreciated and loved by people! Rather then people looking towards Allah!

    Show of being good

    4. -They are willing to use anything to say they are good, even the War on Terror, they try to say they are fighting for good, they tried to treat it like World War 2, it was easier for them to go against Nazi Germany, they thought themselves as on the good side and the Nazi’s on the bad side, but they could not do that with us, the Muslims when we are the people to enjoin good and forbid evil. Test explained in “Collapse of these countries”.

    -Also explains why they created racism, to put down the blacks to make themselves look better.

    -Also explains why they dressed up to go to church, and they spent more time looking at others and gossiping about others instead of thinking of what Allah thinks about them.

    Purpose in life

    5. They say that God has a plan in their lives, when all the Prophets have already advised them that they should all be worshipping Allah and remembering the Day of Judgement?

    -The Prophets are the best of people and they worshipped Allah and remembered the Day of Judgement-those are the best of things, Do they find it inferior to worship our Master of the Heavens and the Earth, Allah?

    - the angels worship Allah, their beings bowing down to Allah in worship-do they find it inferior to worship our Master of the Heavens and the Earth, Allah?

    -they say that people who worship in public are making a show of it, does it really look like the Muslims are full of pride when worshipping Allah?? No. Are they going to accuse the angels of being prideful?

    -what are they saying they are going to just go to heaven and sit there and be

    (Asad) And yet some people assert, "God has taken unto Himself a son!" Limitless is He in His glory! Nay, but His is all that is in the heavens and on earth; all things devoutly obey His will.

    - what is it that they done in their whole life that they are making a bid deal about? What is it that they have done which makes them special??? They aren’t even chosen by Allah to run the winds. So what is it that they are created specially for if not to worship the one God??

    -So to get people to better accept them. What do they know of Love when they miss praising the Creator of the heavens and the earth??

    -treating religion as the Greeks, Roman Mythology, downgrading everything including the angels, to say they are something important. Even in Zeus and he was creating and having relationships with people. If you were in a mansion full of really good people, if everyone else was being competitive so would you, if you knew someone in the room was having a child with so and so, if you are competitive and want to be the centre of attention then you want others to look bad so you can look better again, so they focus the attention on you instead of each other.

    -Which is why they choose to write and talk about the original sin, so they say it was not their fault that they are in a bad position, and if they committed a sin, they can still focus on Prophet Adam peace be upon him as being the bad guy., instead of course blaming themselves. We are not responsible for what Prophet Adam peace be upon him and his wife had done they have both been forgiven and are in Paradise. Even talking about some people are born good and evil, instead of accepting what all the Prophets have taught, that people choose to be evil.

    Next world

    6. What would they be doing in the next world, when the angels, Prophets are worshipping Allah??

    -Would they just be sitting there ignoring Allah in the next world?

    -there are those that talk about being the centre of God’s attention, being valued above all of creation. When of course in Islam we talk about Allah being the centre of people’s attention. Already explained about the test in “Satan refusing to prostrate”. Typical evil behaviour they want people to look at themselves and get attention. Allah, he is worthy to be praised and glorified, we live to do that, we are servants of Allah. In Paradise Allah treats his servants well, unlike the treatments of servants in this world, he provides them with mansions and gardens of Paradise.


    7. This has followed from receiving attention, this is the only reason why its so popular. The dead unbelievers do not come back to their homes to haunt people’s homes, or get in contract with relatives. They are typically forgetting about the test. When a person dies, there only thoughts are saving themselves from Hell, when they have not repented, they do not care about their relatives etc. They are constantly thinking about Hell. When a person leaves this world they place their trusts in Allah to help their family members they do not worry. They know that Allah is most Merciful and provides a fair test.

    -but they are quick to talk about their relatives looking down on them from heaven, another attention seeking, when we in Islam are only happy looking towards Allah.

    - they even try and get in contact with dead animals, to get their psychics to say they are loved!

    -Of course they have not been in contact with them but Devils, because the Devils have followed people around, they know people’s history, so they relay that to the “Psychic”. If they say this is not true, then were are the Devils then?

    -evil people don’t care about how to get attention as long as they get it which is why they just accept ghosts, they don’t care about what’s acceptable or not, they are even willing to be happy with a breakdown of someone’s else’s marriage so that they can get married to him/her.


    8. Again religion shapes society how they behave, this is popular to feel special, appreciated, they even go as far as making animal depictions, what do they have to do with a horse? A tiger? A lion? These animals do not care about them 100%, they even make pictures of their relatives -when they won’t care about them on the Day of Judgement. They say its to show that they love someone, but I see it as a focus on themselves.

    Receiving love

    9. When they pray, and even the Atheist have said they did not get any spiritual connection etc, so again they were looking to be the centre of attention rather then Allah! Muslims praise Allah and are servants to him. They are just looking at the receiving end of love rather then giving their servitude, devotion, love to Allah.

    When something befalls them, they say why did not Allah help them, of course people are being tested, then they carry on saying they have a purpose in life, again what purpose what are they going to do and achieve in life? Run Jupiter or the winds etc??

    - they spend more time telling others what to do rather then worshipping Allah, again to gain attention.

    Corruption of texts

    10. The Jews said they were God’s chosen people and the Christians were saying we are too, then prove it, why should Allah stop them from changing their texts. Please note it never changed the fact that Allah is Merciful and Compassionate and he provides a fair test to everyone. As above people already knew they were rejecting the truth for the life of this world and wanting to gain attention from others.

    They rejected the Prophets killed them and then they say they are above all that the Prophets used to do which was worship Allah, sacrificing animals, remembering the Day of Judgement and Paradise and Hell?

    They say that Hell does not exist, when even people in the past accepting this and even there is a reference to a Jewish women talking to one of the wives of they Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him about the punishment of the grave. So are they saying that we are lying about what that Jewish women said? Why do they not talk about the punishment of the grave?

    Picking and choosing what they wanted out of religion. The Jews treated the Prophets like they are here to provide them with food, shelter etc, when all that is from Allah, the Prophets are only here to provide a message., hence known as Messengers. We did not treat Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him this way, and we did not go to him for the riches of this world if we did we would have approached someone else.

    Now the Jews are accepting woman as Prophetesses, when they wouldn’t accept Jesus, Muhammad peace be upon them as Prophets! They say they test Prophets-arrogance, who are they to test Prophets when they are the best of people. When a Prophet comes and talks about one God and the Day of Judgement-what is wrong with that message that they refused to accept?? Nothing.

    We Muslims are the best of nations, as we treated the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him a lot better, and we fought with him. Which is what the Christians could not do for Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. They were afraid of the authorities, rather then Allah. Now they make movies were they say this person helped the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him carry his cross to be crucified. So now they are saying this is the compassionate act -help him to carry the cross instead of fighting for him and protecting him.

    Why should Allah protect them, when they can’t protect what he has provided? They were elevating the positions themselves, and saying they are better and in a high position, so be tested that way. Just like if someone says arrogantly they can build a house by themselves -well let them build it by themselves, they did not look towards Allah. Allah helps those who look towards him. They brought this upon themselves. Of course there were those at that time who were not prideful, but humble and worshipped Allah only and heeded the warnings of the Day of Judgement.

    5:69 (Asad) for, verily, those who have attained to faith [in this divine writ], as well as those who follow the Jewish faith, and the sabians, <SUP>[86]</SUP> and the Christians - all who believe in God and the Last Day and do righteous deeds - no fear need they have, and neither shall they grieve.

    5:54 (Asad) O you who have attained to faith! If you ever abandon your faith," <SUP>[76]</SUP> God will in time bring forth [in your stead] people whom He loves and who love Him - humble towards the believers, proud towards all who deny the truth: [people] who strive hard in God's cause, and do not fear to be censured by anyone who might censure them: such is God's favour, which He grants unto whom He wills. And God is infinite, all-knowing.

    (Asad) yet when the misfortune decreed by Us befell them, they did not humble themselves, but rather their hearts grew hard, for Satan had made all their doings seem goodly to them.

    (Asad) And [thus it is:] unto every community [that has ever believed in Us] have We appointed [sacrifice as] an act of worship, so that they might extol the name of God over whatever heads of cattle He may have provided for them [to this end]. <SUP>[50]</SUP> And (always bear in mind:) your God is the One and Only God: hence, surrender yourselves unto Him. And give thou the glad tiding [of God’s acceptance] unto all who are humble –

    Day of Judgement

    11. -Allah would be judging everything personally, he is All-Seeing and All-Hearing. The Christians say that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will be judging them, so what is God’s role in all of this? Is he there just to create the stage, as people do in theatres?? Is Allah just there to create the bridge on the Day of Judgement,. Paradise etc?? Nothing else??

    -do they think that the Muslims will be sent to Hell by Prophet Jesus peace be upon him because we worshipped Allah?

    -So is Prophet Jesus peace be upon him going to be critical of anyone who worships Allah, so that includes the angels, and the rest of the Prophets too??

    Against Islam

    12. If they were so good, why oppose people, who are simply worshipping the one God and remembering the Day of Judgement, what is wrong with Islam? Nothing.
    Acting as sinful people because they are, how can you ask people to stop looking at the Creator of the Universe and look at a Man instead???

    -they say the Muslim are a poor, deprived people in this world because of how they see people living abroad and we are oppressed people. Then what is that they expect servants of Allah to do? Have a party, strive to be religious, and say we are going to do what the hell we like instead of thinking about praising Allah??

    -why do they act as evil people, if someone lives islam they are happy, even though they have nothing!

    -What would they say to people in Paradise to look at them instead of towards Allah??

    20:111 (Asad) And [on that Day] all faces will be humbled before the Ever-Living, the Self-Subsistent Fount of All Being; and undone shall be he who bears [a burden of] evildoing

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    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Jewish Problem

    This is a follow up from the “Islam has coped” (says the Christians and the Jews)


    1. I would say that care about the fact that they tried to kill Prophet Jesus peace be upon him first, as that is worse then the holocaust.


    2. They reject Hell, I said to them, which they have received no reply;-
    -What do you think happened to the sinners that got destroyed at the time of the flood, at the time of Prophet Noah peace be upon him? That Allah took them to Paradise for a picnic?
    -What happened to the homosexuals that got killed at the time of Prophet Lut peace be upon him? That Allah destroyed them so he can raise them in high stations in Paradise??


    The Jews have been cursed by Prophets David, Jesus peace be upon him. What more is there to say?

    Qur'an 5:78 "Those among the Children of Israel who disbelieved were cursed by the tongue of David and Jesus son of Mary. That was because they disobeyed (Allah and the Messengers) and were ever transgressing beyond bounds."


    If it was only the Jews and the Muslims in this world, then we would not have gone through the war on terror for them, but as they were putting others forward to fight for them, ie the Christians the war was allowed to go ahead to help people learn about Islam.
    We would not do this for the Jews, after all that they have received and rejected by Allah. As they have been cursed, frankly they don’t deserve it.

    Testing Prophets

    They said they test Prophets (which is an awful thing to say, which they wouldn’t be able to test them), but they simply came with the truth, message to worship Allah, remember the Day of Judgement and Paradise and Hell, so why feel to question them, they are happy to follow after other Jews who don’t even talk about the next world.
    -they would not accept Prophets Jesus, Muhammad peace be upon them as Prophets, but they were willing to accept females as Prophetesses (when no female is a Prophet).
    -they already knew and came to Mecca to meet the Prophet, and they knew that he was a Prophet of Allah and still they rejected him for the life of this world.
    -how did they test Prophet Moses peace be upon him??
    -how did they test King David, Solomon peace be upon them?
    -how did they test Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon them??
    -by the way some are now rejecting that Noah, Lut were Prophets of Allah.
    -how did they test Sarah to be a Prophetess (which there is no such thing, and she did not pass the message from Allah to mankind, its an awful thing to say)???


    There was coverage that Israeli soldiers were dancing whilst the Muslim call for prayer was happening.

    I would simply say to them, is this what your ancestors were doing and what you would be doing, when they were worshipping the cow idol, whilst the Prophet Moses peace be upon him was away?

    Treating Prophets as politicians
    It is a fact that they treated the Prophets to help them live in this world. Well they are not here to help your standard of living, ie food, clothes etc. They are here to pass the message from Allah, hence why they are known as messengers. It is a fact that they;-
    -irritated Prophet Moses peace be upon him,
    -tried to oust King David peace be upon him (to oust a Prophet, what stupidity)
    -frankly they irritated them all
    -that is why they went against Prophet Jesus peace be upon him as they did not see him serving their interests.
    -that is they they also went against Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, when they knew full well that he was a Prophet of Allah.
    they even left out the fact that Prophet Moses peace be upon him was telling Pharoah etc to repent and worship Allah and remember the Day of Judgment, now they are making it look like he just came to take the Jews out.
    Verses from the Quran;-

    Qur'an 4:46 "Among those who are Jews, there are some who displace words from (their) right places and say: 'We hear your word and disobey.' ... But Allah has cursed them for their disbelief, so they believe not except a few."

    Qur'an 4:51 "Have you not seen those who were given a portion of the Scripture [the Bible]? They believe in false gods and idols and say to the disbelievers that they are better guided as regards the way than the believers (Muslims)."

    Qur'an 4:52
    "They [Jews and Christians] are those whom Allah has cursed, and he whom Allah curses, you will not find for him any helper."

    Qur'an 4:55 "Of them [Jews and Christians] were some who believed in him (Muhammad - peace be upon him) and of them were some who averted their faces from him; and enough is Hell for burning them."

    Qur'an 4:115 "And whoever contradicts and opposes the Messenger after the right path has been shown clearly to him, and follows other than the believers' way, We shall keep him in the path he has chosen, and burn him in Hell - what an evil destination."

    Qur'an 4:155 "Because of their breaking the covenant, and their rejecting the revelations of Allah, and of their killing the Prophets unjustly, and of their saying: 'Our hearts are wrapped' - nay, Allah has set a seal upon their hearts because of their disbelief, so they believe not but a little.

    Qur'an 4:156 "And because of their disbelief and uttering against Mary a grave false charge;

    Qur'an 4:157 "And because of their saying, 'We killed Messiah Jesus son of Mary, the messenger of Allah', -
    but they killed him not, nor crucified him but the resemblance of Jesus was put over another man, and those who differ therein are full of doubts. They have no knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture. For surely; they killed him not."

    Qur'an 4:160 "For the wrong-doing of the Jews,
    We made unlawful to them certain good foods which has [sic] been lawful to them, and for their hindering many from Allah's Way;

    Qur'an 4:161 "And their taking of usury though they were forbidden from taking it and their devouring of men's substance wrongfully (bribery, etc.). And We have prepared for the disbelievers among them a painful torment."

    Qur'an 5:13 "So because of their [the Jews'] breach of their covenant, We cursed them and made their hearts grow hard.
    They change the words from their (right) places and have abandoned a good part of the Message that was sent to them and you will not cease to discover deceit in them, except a few of them."

    Qur'an 5:18 "And both the Jews and the Christians say: 'We are the children of Allah and His loved ones.' Say: 'Why then does He punish you for your sins?' Nay, you are but human beings of those He has created, He forgives whom He wills and He punishes whom He wills."

    Qur'an 5:60 "Say (O Muhammad) to the people of the Scripture: 'Shall I inform you of something worse than that, regarding the recompense from Allah: those Jews who incurred the Curse of Allah and His Wrath, those of whom some
    He transformed into monkeys and swines, those who worshipped false deities; such are worse in rank and far more astray from the Right Path.'"

    Qur'an 5:62
    "And you see many of them [Jews] hurrying for sin and transgression, and eating illegal things [as bribes, usury, etc.]. Evil indeed is that which they have been doing.

    Qur'an 5:63 "Why do not the rabbis and the religious learned men forbid them from uttering sinful words and from eating illegal things. Evil indeed is that which they have been performing."

    Qur'an 5:64 "The Jews say: 'Allah's Hand is tied up.' Be their hands tied up and be they accursed for what they uttered. Nay, both His Hands are widely outstretched. He spends of His Bounty as He wills. Verily, the Revelation that has come to you from Allah increases in most of them their obstinate rebellion and disbelief. We have put enmity and hatred amongst them till the Day of Resurrection. Every time they kindled the fire of war Allah extinguished it; and they ever strive to make mischief on earth. And Allah does not like the mischief-makers."

    Qur'an 7:160 "And We divided them into twelve tribes as distinct nations. We directed Moses by inspiration, saying: 'Strike the stone with your stick,' and there gushed forth out of it twelve springs: each group knew its own place for water. We shaded them with the clouds and sent down upon them manna and quails, saying: 'Eat of the good things with which We have provided you.' They harmed Us not but they used to harm themselves."

    Qur'an 7:161 "And remember when it was said to them: 'Dwell in this town [Jerusalem] and eat therefrom wherever (sic) you wish, and say, 'Forgive our sins'; and enter the gate prostrate. We shall forgive you your wrongdoings. We shall increase the reward for the good-doers.'

    Qur'an 7:162 "But those among them who did wrong changed the word that had been told to them. So We sent on them a torment from heaven in return for their wrong-doings."

    Qur'an 7:163 "And ask them about the town that was by the sea, when they transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath: 'When their fish came to them openly on the Sabbath day, and did not come to them on the day they had no Sabbath. Thus We made a trial of them for they used to rebel.'"

    Qur'an 7:166 "So when they [the Jews] exceeded the limits of what they were prohibited, We said to them:
    'Be you monkeys despised and rejected.'"

    Qur'an 45:7 "Woe to every sinful liar, -

    Qur'an 45:8 "Who hears the verses of Allah recited to him yet persists with pride as if he heard them not. So announce to him a painful torment!

    Qur'an 45-9 "And when he learns something of Our Verses, he makes them a jest. For such there will be a humiliating torment.

    Qur'an 5:59 "Say: 'O people of the Scripture [Jews and Christians]! Do you criticize us for no other reason than that we believe in Allah, and in the revelation which has been sent down to us and in that which has been sent down before us, and that most of you are rebellious and disobedient to Allah?'"

    Qur'an 5:41 "O Messenger! Let not those who hurry to fall into disbelief grieve you, of such who say: 'We believe' with their mouths but their hearts have no faith. And of the Jews are men who listen much and eagerly to lies - listen to others who have not come to you. They change the words from their places; they say, 'If you are given this, take it, but if you are not given this, then beware!' ... Those are the ones whose hearts Allah does not want to purify; for them there is a disgrace in this world, and in the Hereafter a great torment."

    Qur'an 4:89 "They wish that you reject Faith, as they have rejected, and thus that you all become equal.
    So take not friends from them, till they emigrate in the Way of Allah. But if they turn back (from Islam) take hold of them and kill them wherever you find them, and take neither friends nor helpers from them."

    Qur'an 3:181 "Indeed, Allah has heard the statement of those [Jews] who say: 'Truly, Allah is poor and we are rich!' We shall record what they have said and their killing of the Prophets unjustly, and we shall say: 'Taste you the torment of the burning Fire'".

    Qur'an 3:78
    "And verily, among them [Jews and Christians] is a party who distort the Book with their tongues, so that you may think it is from the Book, but it is not from the Book, and they say: 'This is from Allah,' but it is not from Allah; and they speak a lie against Allah while they know it."

    Qur'an 3:70 "O people of the Scripture [Jews and Christians]: Why do you disbelieve in the revelations of Allah while you yourselves bear witness to their truth?"

    Qur'an 3:71 "O people of the Scripture [Jews and Christians]: Why do you mix truth with false thoughts and conceal the truth while you know?"

    Qur'an 2:94 "Say to them [the Jews]: 'If the Home of the hereafter with Allah is indeed for you especially and not for others, of mankind, then long for death if you are truthful.'

    Qur'an 2:95 "But they will never long for it because of what their hands have done. And Allah is All-Aware of the wrongdoers.

    Qur'an 2:80 "And they [Jews] say, 'Hell-fire shall not touch us but for a few hundred days.' Say (O Muhammad): Have you taken a covenant from Allah, so that Allah will not break his covenant? Or is it that you say of Allah what you know not?"

    Qur'an 2:96 "And verily, you will find them [the Jews] the greediest of mankind for life and (even greedier) than those who ascribe partners to Allah. Everyone of them wishes that he could be given a life of a thousand years but the grant of such life will not save him even a little from (due) punishment. And Allah is All-Seer of what they do."

    Lastly we only fight those that fight us and see “Murder” thread. This thread isn’t about getting up and attacking Jews, its about not falling for their lies, which Allah has already spoken about that they lie see above verses from the Quran. Fear Allah, as there maybe some good Jewish people who do worship Allah, remember the Last Day and in Paradise and Hell. The countries are finishing right now and everything will work out with the evil that they have been doing. So remember the above from an Islamic perspective as too much is being talked about from a political perspective (which is understandable and fine to do, as we are witnesses to their evil on the Day of Judgement.
  8. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Why Prophet Jesus peace be upon him DOES NOT love the Christians!

    <DIR>Prophet Jesus peace be upon him prayed and bowed down to Allah, and fasted (the Muslims are following after him more then the Christians) and ate-he is not God, he is a Man. He does hate people committing idol worship! He came with the same message as Prophet Moses peace be upon him for example-and that the Christians know that to commit no idol worship is one of the commandments! He will not be saving anybody on the Day of Judgement. Even it states in the Quran, Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will say to Allah that basically its up to you to do what you will with them, it has got nothing to do with me;-

    5.118. "If Thou dost punish them, they are Thy servant: If Thou dost forgive them, Thou art the Exalted in power, the Wise."


    5.72. They do blaspheme who say: "(Allah) is Christ the son of Mary." But said Christ: "O Children of Israel! worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord." Whoever joins other gods with Allah,- Allah will forbid him the garden, and the Fire will be his abode. There will for the wrong-doers be no one to help.

    5.73. They do blaspheme who say: Allah is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except One Allah. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them.

    5.74. Why turn they not to Allah, and seek His forgiveness? For Allah is Oft- forgiving, Most Merciful.

    5.75. Christ the son of Mary was no more than an apostle; many were the apostles that passed away before him. His mother was a woman of truth. They had both to eat their (daily) food. See how Allah doth make His signs clear to them; yet see in what ways they are deluded away from the truth!

    5.76. Say: "Will ye worship, besides Allah, something which hath no power either to harm or benefit you? But Allah,- He it is that heareth and knoweth all things."

    5.77. Say: "O people of the Book! exceed not in your religion the bounds (of what is proper), trespassing beyond the truth, nor follow the vain desires of people who went wrong in times gone by,- who misled many, and strayed (themselves) from the even way.

    5.114. Said Jesus the son of Mary: "O Allah our Lord! Send us from heaven a table set (with viands), that there may be for us - for the first and the last of us - a solemn festival and a sign from thee; and provide for our sustenance, for thou art the best Sustainer (of our needs)."

    5.115. Allah said: "I will send it down unto you: But if any of you after that resisteth faith, I will punish him with a penalty such as I have not inflicted on any one among all the peoples."

    He never asked anybody to worship him;-

    5.116. And behold! Allah will say: "O Jesus the son of Mary! Didst thou say unto men, worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of Allah.?" He will say: "Glory to Thee! never could I say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, thou wouldst indeed have known it. Thou knowest what is in my heart, Thou I know not what is in Thine. For Thou knowest in full all that is hidden.

    5.117. "Never said I to them aught except what Thou didst command me to say, to wit, 'worship Allah, my Lord and your Lord'; and I was a witness over them whilst I dwelt amongst them; when Thou didst take me up Thou wast the Watcher over them, and Thou art a witness to all things.

    He came and gave the same message that the rest of the Prophets gave such as Prophets Moses, Noah, Lut, Job, David, Solomon peace be upon them NOT to worship anyone else except God.

    Saying that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is God is an evil thing to say! He is not All-Seeing, All-Hearing, All-Aware of what is going on that he is able to help others or even judge people (Allah himself will be judging people on the Day of Judgement). Now the Christians in the face of Islam are inventing more lies to keep believing that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him can save them by now saying that he is powerful-which they did not say before! He does not run the Universe or see all know all the angels etc. He could not save himself from being crucified, Allah himself saved him! He was taken up o heaven, the Christians say that flesh is not allowed in heaven- they forgotten that Prophet Adam peace be upon him's body was created and given to him in heaven!

    No Prophets came up to people hugging and kissing them and telling them that they are loved! For example Prophet Noah peace be upon them did not go around telling the sinners that they are loved and they will be saved, neither did Prophet Lut peace be upon him go around kissing and hugging the homosexuals and telling them that they are loved and will be saved! They gave a simple message to worship the one God and remember the Day of Judgement and if they don’t they will be sent to hell!

    Will the Christians be going up to Prophet Jesus peace be upon him when he comes back and;-

    1. Saying in front of his face that he loves you?
    2. Will they be showing depictions of him on a cross, and do they think he will be pleased with them?
    3. Will they be showing statues of his Mother-do they think he will be pleased with them? Do they think he will like the statues?
    4. Will they be going up to him with their "Jesus loves you t-shirts"?
    5. Do they think its appropriate for females to walk up to him showing their legs and wearing indecent clothes?
    6. Will those females show their belts with "Jesus" written on them?
    7. Will they think that he will be eating pork or drinking alcohol-as he is pure?
    8. Will they be holding a nativity play for him too?
    9. There is reference that he will be getting married-will they be calling his wife a goddess too? And their children Gods?
    10.. He is the bravest, toughest Man on this planet and he will be killing the Dajjal! So the Christians should remember this instead of talking about his being born all the time!
    11. Will the Christians be praying to him when he comes back?
    12. Will they be bowing down to him when he comes back?
    13. Do the Chrisitans not think that we don’t even worship Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him-neither can he save us, only Allah can, so the people at the time of King David peace be upon him did not take him as a saviour neither did the people for the other Prophets Lut, Job commit idol worship.

    The fact is that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him came to them and told them to repent, they were more afraid of the authorities then Allah!! Even when Prophet Jesus peace be upon him created a bird out of clay and by Allah's permission it came alive! So when he was taken to court the people did not fight for him as they were afraid of the authorities! So when they tried to crucify him, Allah took him up to heaven, they thought they had killed him when they didn't there was no resurrection! Please note that even the magicians at Pharoah’s court were willing to have their hands and feet from alternate sides to be chopped and they were willing to die as Islam meant more to them. If the Christians were to fight for anything that was important it should have been this -to fight for Prophet Jesus peace be upon him! The fact that the Muslims stood by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and respected the Prophet is one of the factors that has made Islam strong! If the Muslims were there obviously we would not have allowed anyone to harm him!

    Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will be coming back and living with the Muslims for 40 years then he will die! The Christians cannot get rid of the Muslims!! Of course we will be there for him! He will have the support of the Muslims that the Christians had failed to provide him when he first came! Of course the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has taught us well that we are up to this task! We are more closer to Prophet Jesus peace be upon him then the Christians! Then the Day of Judgement itself will happen after this!

    The Muslims are close to Prophet Jesus peace be upon him then the Christians-they for their idol worship are nowhere near!!!
  9. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Islam has copied (say the Christians and the Jews)

    Islam the only religion

    All the Prophets were Muslims,

    they all worshipped the one God,

    remembered the Day of Judgement, believed in Paradise and Hell,

    Sacrificed animals


    Bowed down in prayer (which even Prophet Jesus peace be upon him had done).

    AS stated in the "Collapse of these countries" thread

    Allah always sends a Prophet to convey the message, all the messages are the same to worship the one God, remember the Day of Judgement and in Paradise and Hell.

    Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was sent, as obviously Christianity could not tell the Arabs to repent as they were committing idol worship and the Jews were not remembering the next world. Actually they were happy to live with idol worshippers, they did not tell idol worshippers to repent.

    1. The Christians/Jews say that we have copied off their texts, when Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was illiterate, and NO ONE at the time accused him of copying off the Jews and the Christians.

    2. Why shouldn't Allah tell us of the stories of the Prophets Ibrahim, Noah, Lut peace be upon them etc? They belong to him. Why are the Christians complaining anyway, they are committing idol worship. Even Allah has said the best people to lay clam to Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him are the ones that follow after him more;-

    -we worship the one God, remember the Day of Judgement and Paradise and Hell (which the Christians are committing idol worship and the Jews are leaving out Hell)

    -we sacrifice as he did,

    -we fast,

    - the Kaaba in Mecca is actually built by Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him.

    3. Also how did we get the story of King Solomon peace be upon him controlling the winds and the Jinn? As this was now recently found out to be left out of the bible.

    4. Obviously if it was left to the Christians and the Jews, they would never have succeeded in finishing idol worship and lewd and drunk behaviour in the middle east. Actually they had plenty of time to prove themselves, so why did they not sort out idol worship before Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him had arrived? They cannot say that we copied off them, as we would never have been successful in sorting out idol worship.

    5. Islam is doing what Christianity and Judaism could not do, tell people to worship the one God, remember the Day of Judgement, in Paradise and Hell. They are not going to get a Prophet now, Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will only be coming AFTER these countries have finished (which even the Christians have agreed to).

    Islam has been sufficient to teach the whole world, even the Christians have accepted that "God" has been talked about more because of Islam. They are responding back to Muslims as people used to do aforetime, by torturing, and even the masses at the time of Pharoah turned a blind eye, and even though the public knew that Bush supported torture, they still voted for him etc.

    6. If Islam was not in this world, its not hard to see that the Christians and the Jews would have failed talking about Allah, remembering the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell. They would have just build more holiday resorts in the Middle East etc. So Islam is successful.

    7. People can argue why Islam is successful is because we had supported the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. But the

    - Christians failed to protect the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him when they tried to kill him. As they were more afraid of the authorities then Allah. Even though he did a lot for people, and created a bird out of clay and by Allah's permission it came alive. People were still more afraid of -the authorities.

    At least if they Muslims were there, we would have fought for Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, and he will be having our support when he comes back.

    -the Jews were treating the Prophets to help them live in this world, and did on their own records irritated the Prophet Moses peace be upon him. They even after all that Allah had done for them, took to worshipping the cow idol. They are blaming Prophet Aaron peace be upon him, just to try and make themselves look better. But the fact is he never told people to worship the cow idol, as stated in the Quran. Also there is no excuse to idol worship. It was a sinful act. They even told the Prophet Moses peace be upon him to fight for them so they could enter the town so he left them to wander. Even they treated King David peace be upon him poorly as they tried to oust him as leader.

    8. All the Prophets submitted to Allah's will, they never changed the message of Allah. Which clearly the Christians and the Jews have done;-

    -Why are not the Christians worshipping the one God? As did Prophet Noah, Lut, David, Jesus, Solomon peace be upon them etc

    -Why are not the Jews mentioning Hell? As did Prophets Noah, Lut, David, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Solomon peace be upon them etc

    -Why aren't they all sacrificing animals (the Jews say they will later on, but still it makes what they are eating today unlawful)

    -The Jews said they are to test Prophets (which is a terrible thing to say as they are the best), who are they to test Prophets? If that is the case why don't they tell everyone how they tested Prophet Moses peace be upon him? How did they test King David peace be upon him etc

    -the Jews are willing to accept females to be "Prophetesses" ie Sarah. But they have a hard time accepting Prophets Jesus and Muhammad peace be upon him? What did she do anyway preach the message? No.

    9. We Muslims as above are following after the Prophets and the Jews and the Christians have corrupted themselves. We are closer to all the Prophets then they will ever be for their idol worship and rejecting Hell and holding on to the life of this world.

    10. Miracles they ask for, they say they will only believe if a Prophet has performed a miracle, if that was the case then why are they corrupt??? Why are they not all believers then, and now?? If miracles truly worked, then why did they take the cow idol to worship when Prophet Moses peace be upon him was away? After the parting of the red sea, the plagues of Egypt??

    The magicians at Pharoah's court did a better job then the Jews who took to cow idol worship. The magicians feared Allah and did not beg Pharaoh for leniency, they stood their ground and had their hands and feet chopped off from alternative sides, and made it to Paradise.

    The Jews treat their test of endurance, when actually they were to repent as they had been clearly been treating Prophets poorly.

    11. The Christians claim that the Prophets are Christians when;-

    Prophet Noah peace be upon him would NOT be accepting the Christians for their idol worship,

    Prophet Moses peace be upon him would NOT be accepting the Christians for their idol worship. etc
  10. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    No such thing as Atheism

    They all know that Allah exists!

    They treat Atheism as if its something new, when people in the past also rejected the truth, ie that they will be brought back to life.

    Allah has already stated in the Quran so many times, that people are denying the truth, he never said that they denying Islam because they didn’t think it was true.

    (Asad) Verily, those who [despite all evidence] are bent on denying the truth - [be they] from among the followers of earlier revelation or from among those who ascribe divinity to aught beside God - will find themselves in the fire of hell, therein to abide: they are the worst of all creatures.

    Saying that Allah does not exist;-

    1. They try and deny Islam and say to themselves they are better at thinking, when they are far astray.

    They ask were is the proof that Allah exists, then they talk about evolution;-
    Even in the Quran, Allah has already provided the answer that he has created Males and females. They talk of evolution then what also explains how people are created in the womb-do they call that fast evolution in 9 months. Are they saying that cells get together and have a conversation saying to each other;-

    - you’ll be a Male and you can be the female??

    - male will be created to produce the sperm and the female would be created to produce the egg?

    - the cells are organising themselves saying you’ll be the heart, lung, and I’ll be the stomach etc?

    - they are creating the blood vessels and already arranging what is required?
    It is absolutely impossible for cells to clump together and then look at the bigger picture of how to be a person. Allah is the Creator, and still fashions the babies in the wombs to be people. Even for them to say that the evolution started ages ago, but so many creatures have been created, even at the same time. Even if they were to talk about the first life form it still does not explain how they fashioned into so many creatures. There is of course reference that Allah used the soils in this world to create humans which is why they get confused when they say we are the same family and related, but we are not.

    they are asking us to disbelieve when Allah has already asked them that if they really are so truthful then right a verse like the Quran which would mean that they can bring it on the Day of Judgement and save themselves from the fires of Hell if they are truthful, why they cannot even create a fly. When they are messing around with cells etc, they are already using what Allah has provided and not created their own.

    Following those that are not better then the Prophets;-

    2. They say they are clever because they are quoting this and that from this person, when the people they are quoting are not better then the Prophets! Are they going to say that Richard Dawkins is better then Prophet Jesus peace be upon him? Whey are they so quick to follow after people who are nothing in comparison to the Prophets? Its because they look for the life of this world. Why did Richard Dawkins put up a poster -there probably is no God, so live your life-so he is already saying that don’t believe in Allah so you can enjoy your life in this world! Why would he have to say that to people if it wasn’t connected about non-Muslims looking for the life of this world?

    We would never listen to someone over the best of people -the Prophets Ibrahim, Jesus, Muhammad, Noah, Lut, Job, Salih, Joseph peace be upon them etc.


    3. They quote Science, thinking its clever. Allah has stated in the Quran that this world is limited, So why do Scientists go after something that they will never be part of or their children. Don’t bother quoting caring about people, if they really cared about people they would spend time with people more, and providing the money to the poor.

    - It is like a person who wants to copy off actors-he wants the same respect he gets, so he becomes one,

    - It is like a person who wants to be a footballer to copy off the other footballers, so to be treated like they are.

    -they become scientists to copy off the other Scientists, to be treated with respect and people would think they are clever.

    - the scientist were rejecting the Christianity in the past to be arrogant to religion (as explained a bit about the test in “Satan refusing to prostrate thread”. As soon as people talked more about Islam, people wanted to treat Islam like they have done with Christianity by saying we don’t accept science so help them to attack Islam but they could not as we have no problems with learning about the world around us.

    - they will not set foot on Jupiter etc, and they would not be able to leave this galaxy.

    - so there are evil people who look for the life of this world to achieve for them attainable goals like getting a car, a house, but the scientist already know they are going after something that they never will have -which makes them more stupid, then the masses!

    - why is it that the Scientist want to be remembered when they are dead more then there work. There are Scientist who are writing any theories to lay claim to them, so when they are dead if a future generation finds out if they were right, they will get the credit! Not writing down theories, hypothesis that they themselves can prove.

    - even in Medicine only evil people would think about organ donation, to think up the idea of cutting someone else up and taking their organs, even Allah said;-

    Thou wilt indeed find them, of all people, most greedy of life,-even more than the idolaters: Each one of them wishes He could be given a life of a thousand years: But the grant of such life will not save him from (due) punishment. For Allah sees well all that they do. 2:96

    They have not cured the organ just tossed it away.

    - they go into fields they say in the name of Science so they can be arrogant, which explains why so many people are complaining that they are not looking seriously at the cases of ghosts, devils, parallel worlds. As the scientists know this would be a lot of hard work, and they don’t get a lot of credit for this work. Even if they found something, others would dismiss them as being mad. Even suggesting theories on these ideas of Devils actually existing-so they are being open-minded.

    -why has science been trying to find out better ways of torturing someone??

    -why has science been trying to find out better ways of killing people? If they really cared about people? And they say they do science to help people?

    even Scientists have said that is human nature to go around and find out what other things is in relation to them! So if you took them to another place, world, in the past, its about their relationship with them-they do not look at the relationship of Allah and his creation, but between themselves!


    4. They say they believe there is intelligent life on other planets, and yes Muslims do so too, and they are worshipping Allah, what would they do visit the aliens and tell them they don’t believe in Allah?? They already it has been normal for people to have religion, why don’t they think that these aliens would also have a religion-which is the same-Islam. The religion of Prophet Jesus, Muhammad, Ibrahim, Noah, Salih, David, Solomon peace be upon him.


    5. They then talk about having televisions, mobiles, computers etc to show off. Well did not the people who were destroyed before them also show off to the religious? Have they not been destroyed?

    - Like the story of babel that the people, this time do they not see that they are communication etc and they have been warned. They have seen so many natural disasters on their televisions etc. So whey they get on the Day of Judgement they cannot say they have not been warned.

    - Do they think that Allah would leave them alone with their children when they do not teach anything about Islam?? If they did not have much communication is that all their children will be seeing is their lewd, unreligious behaviour?
    Using other religion;-

    Using other religion;-

    6. They then try and throw anything at Islam saying that other religions claim they are correct, how can they say that when all the Prophets Noah, Ibrahim, Jesus, Muhammad peace be upon them etc have stated to worship the one God and remember the Day of Judgement and in Paradise and Hell. The Christians and the Jews don’t even bow down to Allah as the Prophets have done, don’t even sacrifice animals as the Prophets have done.

    -in the Quran it states that the King Solomon peace be upon him had control of the winds the Jinn etc, now today they are saying that this was left out purposely from the bible-so were did Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him get this information as he could not read or write??

    -they say we are copying off them, nay why shouldn’t Allah tell about the Prophets that
    he sent before to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Even the Jews were questioning him to see if he was correct on information-none of them at that time said he was copying off someone or so and so.

    -if we were copying off them then we would not have been successful to have spread Islam successfully around, if we copied off them then how did we finish idol worship in Saudi Arabia etc???

    typical sinners at that time, they are critical of Islam, but not of Hindus etc, they were happy to live with so much filth in Saudi Arabia at that time, but they had a problem with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?? They make excuses saying its about terrorism, nay they are liars, then why did they throw Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him in the fire when he was not attacking anyone? Why did they invade Prophet Lut peace be upon him when he did not hurt anyone? They are as Allah said denying the truth for they are being sinful people. Just in the “Freedom and evil acceptance” they are denying the truth so they can continue to be evil without having anyone being critical to them.
    -their governments have been going around countries and have not been telling the population of what trouble they are causing and when there is trouble they run to the masses so they can get support-is not the USA saying to Iran we are prepared to attack you? Why are they saying this without talking to their population or gaining their permission? Its rather like a son causing trouble then running back home to his family for them to help him, but he is not telling that he caused it.

    Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him marrying Ayesha;-

    7. They talk about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him marrying Ayesha, then they should bring an argument to that time, his companions, his wives, other people, the idol worshippers, the Jews, the Christians did not attack him at that time for marrying Ayesha. So who are they to attack him now??

    Day of Judgement;-

    8. They say that people believed in the Day of Judgement in the past, but it never happened. It does not matter when a person dies they will still stand on the Day of Judgement. Of course the people of Aad and Thamud also denyed of this in the past, and said they were going to be fine, but of course they are on the way to Hell.

    Why is Allah testing us?

    9. They ask why is Allah testing them, they are happy to try and prove to people, and show off to people, and try and be someone in this world, but they can’t bring themselves to answer why we have to prove ourselves as good people -which I already answered on the “Satan refusing to prostrate” thread. Aren't we happy with striving for Paradise and then happy with what we have done and with Allah's Merciful and being created so we know that he exists and we are enjoying what he has provided us with? Yes we are.

    Lewd, homosexuals;-

    10. They are happy to side with lewd people, homosexuals then the Prophets Ibrahim, Noah, Lut, David Muhammad peace be upon them etc? Then they are saying that they are clever for going against Islam, why do those homosexuals and lewd people make more sense to them?


    11. They ask why they should be sent to Hell if Allah is so Merciful, for them to be sent to Hell does not change the fact that Allah is Merciful. They have sent themselves to Hell. There is no difference to someone saying in Paradise we reject islam-what more proof do they need? That is why in apostasy there are no second chances you go to hell. If you were in Paradise and said you don’t accept Allah of course you deserve to be thrown out. Again the test is covered in “Satan refusing to prostrate”.

    Islam the message that they are receiving today;-

    12. Even the Christians are saying that Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will be coming back, we are not going to have another Prophet until these countries have finished and after the Dajjal. Islam is teaching them what they need to know and warning them, they are reacting back to Islam as a person would do to a Prophet, by being arrogant, ignorant, rejecting the truth even torturing believers.

    Islam is doing what Christianity and Judaism could not do teach the whole world! As Christianity was worshipping idols and Jews were changing religion even now saying that there is no Hell. They do not look for the life of this world. Even Christians have admitted if it wasn’t for Islam people would not have spoken about Allah as much as they are doing today. They are being tested (as explained in the “Collapse of the countries today” thread.

    They are not going to get another Prophet, they have Islam which has relayed the same message provided by all the Prophets.

    On the Day of Judgement;-

    13. So as above they are saying anything to try and say they going against Islam for a good reason, but they have nothing, even look at their faces, it actually that the are trying to convince themselves that Allah does not exist! Just like some females when they get their lewd behaviour acceptable, and say that its normal, when it is not and never will be.

    If they say to you they disbelieve, then say to them to repeat it on the Day of Judgement-were Allah has stated in the Quran;-

    [46:34] The day the disbelievers are introduced to the Hellfire, they will be asked, "Is this not the truth?" They will answer, "Yes indeed, by our Lord." He will say, "Then suffer the retribution for your disbelief."

    -they will not want to stand with Richard Dawkin then,
    -they will not want to stand with the homosexuals then.
    -they will be saying;-

    (Asad) AND LO! They [who in life were wont to deny the truth] will contend with one another in the fire [of the hereafter]; and then the weak will say unto those who had gloried in their arrogance, “Behold, we were but your followers: can you, then, relieve us of some [of our] share of this fire?”

    No one will be saying to Allah on the Day of Judgement;-

    1. Who are you?
    2. Why are we here?
    3. What is Hell?
    4. I didn't know that homosexuality was a bad thing.
    5. I didn't know that being lewd was wrong.

    Do not believe their lies, they all know they are rejecting the truth and what is good.
    They are doing the same as any other sinful person going against the good instead of evil, just as the people attacked the Prophet Lut, Ibrahim peace be upon him instead of standing away from the evil and repenting. They are trying to say they are being clever, and being arrogant to Islam but they have nothing. They thought they could treat Islam as they have done with Christianity and disregard it but they cannot as;-
    Islam is the truth and we have Allah's words-the Quran;-

    [3:110] You are the best community ever raised among the people: you advocate righteousness and forbid evil, and you believe in GOD. If the followers of the scripture believed, it would be better for them. Some of them do believe, but the majority of them are wicked.

    They think to lead us astray (is this not upon the reactions of these liars that they are happy for us to leave the truth);-

    They long that ye should disbelieve even as they disbelieve, that ye may be upon a level (with them). So choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever ye find them, and choose no friend nor helper from among them, 4.89​

    They (think to) deceive Allâh and those who believe, while they only deceive themselves, and perceive (it) not!” al-Baqarah 2:9
  11. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Freedom and evil acceptance

    When the people in the west quote freedom its is that they want freedom for people to accept their evil without any criticism.

    Majority have not actually had a Muslim come upto them and be critical of them, but they feel dirty, that religious people will not accept them. They already know this without a Muslim actually need to say this to them and this is what they are acting upon. They are not happy with themselves and take it out on others!

    For example if a female had sex outside of marriage and she liked a Muslim, she would feel uncomfortable about herself and her past life, and of course is not acceptable to that Muslim. Some evil people repent and that of course is the best to save yourselves from Hell. There are those that go red faced, angry as they are not happy with themselves and go against good people as they know that we don't accept them for what they are today.

    In the Quran;-

    And Lut, when he said to his tribe: "Do you commit an obscenity not perpetrated before you by anyone in all the worlds? You come with lust to men instead of women. You are indeed a depraved tribe." The only answer of his tribe was to say: "Expel them from your city! They are people who keep themselves pure!" So We rescued him and his family-except for his wife. She was one of those who stayed behind. We rained down a rain upon them. See the final fate of the evildoers! (Qur`an, 7:80-84)

    Even in the above verse, the people do not hide behind good intentions-being hyocrites as they are today, they know that Prophet Lut peace be upon him had told them to be good-hence why they said lets get rid of him as he is telling people to keep themselves good, pure!

    People in the West absolutely know this today. This is why they want to get rid of Islam just like the homosexuals wanted to get rid of Prophet Lut peace be upon him.

    There is no such thing as freedom, they even go as far as saying that they are giving their children a choice of being religious-then why don't they teach them to be pure, good instead of making it acceptable for them to have sex outside of marriage. As they are in lewd behaviour they don't want to stop others because then they would be critical of their own lives and they stay in their sinful lives.

    It is not what/how Muslims have behaved to them, it is the understanding that Allah has allowed them to have as Allah provides a fair test to everyone. The understanding that they are not acceptable to be lewd, to go against the truth of Islam. For an evil person to be surrounded by good people they would feel uncomfortable about themselves, that is why they try and say there are plenty of them, but still even if they had all the sinful people in the history of this world to be confident they still are not in any comparison to one Muslim. A evil person going to Hell is not equivalent to one going to Paradise. 100 evil people going to Hell do not equal one good person going to Paradise. What are all the inhabitants of the Hell compared to one Muslim? Nothing.

    Also that they already know of about being good as they portray an image of Prophet Jesus peace be upon him being pure and good as they talk about his Mother too. I think that when they go abroad for a holiday they want to be appreciated and respected. If you went and met a King in another country you only want to be treated well by him. They may not care about what he is trying to teach, as long as they are provided with food etc. Nowadays since the generation are being more lewd then there before them they know they won't be treated as good people. Of course people have spoken about visiting Muslim countries and being treated well.

    When people are jealous its actually a mixture of emotions other people's successes remind them of their own failures. Instead of improving and repenting as they should stop thinking of what other people think, and pay attention to having Allah be pleased with them. Plenty of people have repented in the past and they have many examples. Even in some examples there have been females when they have sex outside of marriage they go to School and they start disliking the other girls who are still virgins.

    Just to make Muslims aware, so they don't make it think its a religious reasons why there are plenty of people going against Islam. As even Allah has said that they are bent on denying the truth. To read the Quran and not fall for their lies. They continue to go against Islam as they look for the life of this world instead of the next.
  12. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Declining levels of putting up with evil doers.

    <DIR>Best to work backwards (some of the signs);-

    1. Of course on the Day of Judgement putting up with evil is finished, no longer do they think of doing evil, but constantly thinking about Hell.

    2. Fires in Yemen, of course people won't be spending time being sly, etc, they are running northwards from the fire.

    3. The beast will arrive and mark people's foreheads-who is good and bad-of course you wouldn't even be calling a sinner by their name, your an infidel, in this world they are used to hiding behind good intentions to do evil, and of course no matter what they say they will not be treated as good people.

    4. The sun rising from the West, of course the infidels will not be able to repent for their sins.

    5. The Gog and Magog arriving, leaving the sinners who only looked for the life of this world (they are alive at the time knowing that all these countries have been destroyed, the Dajjal has come and gone, and they are still being that stupid to ignore the signs and look towards living in this world). So they get left behind when the good people go to a mountainious area.

    6. The Prophet Jesus peace be upon arrives, Islam is right (as we have not changed the message that has been passed down by all the Prophets-Noah, Lut, Job, Ibrahim, David, Solomon Muhammad peace be upon them etc), he is not going to tell us how to be religious, and start from the beginning-we are afterall heading towards the Day of Judgement, of course we wouldn't have time anyway.

    7. The Dajjal arrives, of course we would not be having a conversation with him or his followers in order to make peace, even though yes only the Prophet will be killing him, but the Muslims will still be getting together in armies.

    8. Just after these countries have finished being destroyed (and before the Mahdi leads the Muslims), no one will be willing to support homosexuality, and neither will it be tolerated, its not about casually going around and saying I don't believe in Allah (anyway people will be too busy worrying about the loss of things rather then looking towards the Day of Judgement. No poltics playing, no economy, no banks etc (more info on the "Major signs of the Day of Judgement" thread. If people haven't repented by now it will be harder for them to do so, as people who don't fear Allah get caught in their surroundings and looking at the turmoil around them, so get sucked into this, ie if a buildings were collapsing, you'll be busy running away, and thinking about safety not thinking about being saved from Hell in the next world. Just like a person getting beaten up by somebody, they are pleading with that person to stop beating them, not pleading to Allah to save themselves from Hell.Unlike the Magicians at Pharoah's court who had their hands and feet chopped off, but they only asked Allah to save them from Hell, they were not begging Pharoah to stop beating them.
  13. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Importance of only being afraid of Allah only.

    People should remember the Day of Judgement when they make decisions in their lives and also to not be fearful of evil, as the magicians at Pharoah’s court were willing to have their hands and feet chopped off rather then be sent to hell. Of course they would rather suffer from Pharoah, which is only temporary, where going to Hell would be eternal.

    Some situations that people have found themselves in;-

    1. They joined in with the bad crowd who deal in drugs, now they want to leave but they are fearful of being killed, and do not want to do anything to upset the gang members-here clearly they are afraid of these people rather then Allah.

    2. A person suffering from abuse (whether sexual, physical etc) from someone is fearful of doing anything that they deem may provoke that person into hitting them etc, again here they are fearful of the abuser more then Allah.

    In both situations, when they are gathered together on the Day of Judgement, they certainly would have wished they did not fear the other person. So the gang member would have wished they left the gang and joined the good people as now they are following the sinners into Hell, and also with people being hurt by others they would have wished they paid more attention to remembering the Day of Judgement as of course if they did;-

    1. The gang member would have left the gang and said I don’t care about being killed by you if you‘ve found me, as spending my time in Hell for eternity is worse, and there is nothing you can do which exceeds the punishment in Hell.

    2. Any person suffering from abuse, would say that Allah did not create me so you can be abusive to me, and that I will depart from you, because when I look at you on the Day of Judgement, I see that you are unworthy to be feared, now seeing you just standing there afraid of being sent to Hell-I see how insignificant you are to me, I should have remembered this Day of Judgement more.

    Of course they wouldn’t want to be one of those sinners talking to other sinners in the next world saying that I wished I never listened, followed you, of course walking behind other sinners and following them into Hell, some of the verses from the Quran (there are quite a few on the interaction between the sinners wishing they had not listened to the other);-

    34:32 (Asad) [And] those who were wont to glory in their arrogance will say unto those who had been weak: “Why - did we keep you [forcibly] from following the right path after it had become obvious to you? [40] Nay, it was but you [yourselves] who were guilty!”

    40:47 (Asad) AND LO! They [who in life were wont to deny the truth] will contend with one another in the fire [of the hereafter]; and then the weak will say unto those who had gloried in their arrogance, “Behold, we were but your followers: can you, then, relieve us of some [of our] share of this fire?” [32]

    The Day of Judgement is the important day of our lives, our everyday life in this world is about passing our tests on that day, and if you haven’t passed on that day then it will effect your life for eternity whether you are in Paradise or Hell.

    Whatever circumstances a person may find themselves in they certainly should remember that only Allah is worthy enough to be feared. The people that they fear don’t create food, Day and Night etc.

    Most importantly if it helps prevent you from repenting to Allah as you are paying attention to unbelievers more then you will have lost your oppurtunity of making it too Paradise. No person in this world will have felt so bad as you will do on that Day if you lost out on Paradise forever! You wouldn't care about this abuser, this attacker as nothing should prevent you from receiving a goodly reward in the next world. Of course its worse when someone loses out on something in this world, whether its a missed oppurtunity to buy their dream house etc. Do not let evil people from anywhere around the world stop you from reaching Paradise-ignore them, turn away from them and turn to Allah!

    7:43 (Asad) after We shall have removed whatever unworthy thoughts or feelings may have been [lingering] in their bosoms. Running waters will flow at their feet; [34] and they will say: "All praise is due to God, who has guided us unto this; for we would certainly not have found the right path unless God had guided us! Indeed, our Sustainer's apostles have told us the truth!" And [a voice] will call out unto them: "This is the paradise which you have inherited by virtue of your past deeds!"
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    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Terrorists why they are completely wrong

    To me they are completely wrong for simple reasons;-

    1. They are killing people who are not fighting them-they make excuses in Afghanistan etc, that they can't kill the agressors without sucidie bombings etc-whch is wrong-if they can't fight the agressors who fight them then don't fight, there is no excuse to kill people who do not fight you. Allah says not to turn our backs on our enemies, and even in the Battle of Badr they were outnumbered-but that doesn't mean the Muslims were just throwing fire around etc -they faced them no matter what they had or how many in number and fought them-and of course they are not doing this today-if you were, then you would approach the enemy and fight not to think that they need to throw a bomb to win-well Allah said not to worry for he is with you and if you are right then you go and fight and not think that they have all these people, weapons, planes, and you cannot win. To place your trust in Allah. Of course they are in a habit saying if the enemy has this weapon, then they need the same one to win etc. Fighting secretly, is being as a coward, just because the US do it, doesn't mean the Muslims have to -again to remember Allah and fight-not spend more of your time thinking what the enemy is capable of doing-which shows that you are not fearing Allah alone which you should be doing. So because they are spending more of their time thinking about what the enemy is capable of doing they are resulting to suicide bombings, terrorist activites etc.

    2. These people shoud just be praying to Allah to destoy their enemies-if they believed in Allah -then why don't they? Of course setting off a bomb is not going to resolve their problems.

    3. Why are the terrorist just quoting building a Muslim state-just proof that its influenced by Zionists-no Muslim looks towards living in this world-and even when Prophet Jesus peace be upon him has arrived we are not going to have a state-how can people be bothered to do that when they know that the Day of Judgement is upon them? If you sat in your own house, you won't be bothered about decorating it as no one else will be living in it and you yourself won't be there for that long as the Day of Judgement is upon us.So as people won't be bothered about their homes as they are today-how can they build a state? Prophet Jesus peace be upon him will not stop warning people about the Day of Judgement-no Prophet has failed to warn us of this. How can you build a state when you have to go upto a mountainous area when the Gog and Magog arrive. If people did build a state-it would obviously not help them to remember the Day of Judgement, and they can't just start taking it seriously when the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him dies. Of course Islam will be in every household-but again not a formal state as explained in the "Major signs of the Day of Judgement thread"

    4. Simply if they believe in Allah-then ask them to pray to Allah to resolve their problems-there is no excuse in killing people unlawfully!

    5. Allah has never asked us to go on a killing spree killing people who are unbelievers-we are allowed to fight and kill people who fight against us. Not go to their people in their countries killing them as they are not the ones who are fighting you personally-even if they supported the war or not they are not the ones fighting you in Afghanistan etc. Do they not rememeber the stories of the past that Allah destroys unbelievers if they do not repent, and that Muslims only fight against those who fight us.

    Please note:- I am talking about terrorist activities which is about people just throwing bombs etc, killing people who aren't fighting them not talking about why Muslims in general are fighting against the Coalition forces in various parts of the world.
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    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Corrupt in Islam

    Allah has asked people to remember him and the Day of Judgement. There are people obviously don't attach importance to this (they say the right things, but their actions and what they talk about the most shows otherwise). When people remember the Last Day, they are not corrupt, they incorporate what they do and say with what they will be happy with on the Day of Judgement.

    1. I find that there are people who go into Islam field of work to gain respect from others, as if they were true to Islam, they would be heeding the signs of the Day of Judgement and NOT talk about state building.

    2. They talk about how telling others how to live in this world, when they do not remember the Last Day as they should. (because decision making is by remembering Allah and the Last), Not treat Islam like a ceremony were we just do this and this as it makes our lives better in this world. Is this not what happened to the Jews? They neglect to talk about the next world, they are happy to talk and use religion to get married how to live in this world, but it does not help them in the next world as they look for the life of this world.

    3. Note this will not help them when the countries are finished and they go through the Major signs of the Day of Judgement. What will they be advising Muslims to do? Talk about how to live in this world, segregation of the sexes (which I absolutely accept), but of course its the last thing that people want to talk about when the Dajjal is here.

    4. They are happy to tell the rest of the Muslims that they are not good enough to talk about Islam, but they are happy to rally them and tell them to join to show their anger to the West etc. So we are good enough to fight and die but not to talk about Islam. They make excuses saying that only some people fight in Islam, but others learn, but they failed to mention that the people who also studied in the past did not purposely stay away from Jihad, if it came they would have fought and wouldn't mind standing ahead and being a soldier, not be willing to send others in front of them, and act like politicians of today were they have a match with each other and who is going to win. Even the Prophet went into battle. Its rather that they have turned it into a competition between them and the west.

    5. They are cowards as they have to remember Allah and they Day of Judgement, this is even they only thing I ask if I was going to follow someone into battle. What are they going to do talk about how people shoud live in this world? How people should get married when the Dajjal is here.

    6. They use history to put others down and say you don't know much about Islam, but they have failed to mention that Allah himself has not asked people to learn this, this and this, to pass their tests. That is what I call luxury information, it is not required to help people pass their tests. Again when did any Prophet say to people that you have to read this, this and this??

    7. When they say we have already know that there is one God and the Day of Judgement, they cannot comprehend what more there is to learn by this. They think they have learnt enough. Then spend more of their time talking about how to live in this world.

    Note. They make excuses saying you have to know the good things to do to pass the test on the Day of Judgement, but actually you have to remember the Day of Judgement FIRST, then base your decision making next, but because they have been taught about Islam, they think to forgo thinking this way. It is still wrong!! . They missed the relevant points of what a person will be happy with on the Day of Judgement and just told them to follow the rules. Remembering the Day of Judgement is were is why we follow Islamic rules etc. They were completely neglecting that people's first duty is to pass their test as no one will save them so they will always remember the Day of Judgement first and then think about how a person should live. Doing it the other way round, shows that these people are not being as Muslims should as its what as happened to the Jews who only look for the life of this world.

    8. Why have there not been many people talking about the collapse of these countries today?? Why have they not been heeding the signs of they Day of Judgement? Why have they been corrupting people with talking about state building? As mentioned in the "Day of Judgement" and "Major Signs of the Day of Judgement" thread.

    9. Hardly looks like they will be able to cope when the countries collapse, its a good job we have the Mahdi, as listening to people who clearly don't remember and incorporate the Day of Judgement in their lives are just wrong. They treat it like if its far away. They are willing to follow the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in getting married except remembering the Day of Judgement, when even he said it was so close.

    10. It reminds me of some evil people and they are happy to quote the right things, ie that I care about you, and they say we care about the Muslims and the Ummah, well I don't believe them. As they don't like someone being better then they are, they are quick to treat people as if they are Amateurs in Islam, and treat others if they don't know any better.

    11. Again, they won't be able to cope and rally people to their support as soon as the countries have finished, the look on their faces. Well its a good job that all this will end. Thank Allah that we have the Mahdi, Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, and of course pious good Men and women who worship Allah AND remember the Last Day!!

    12. Note the Mahdi will not be caring about their Schools of thought, the laughable "Islamic Sciences" as they want to call it, which I look forward for them saying it to ANY Prophet. As Allah does not over complicate things. As Islam is simple for people to understand. People don't need a degree to make it to Paradise. THey make lies about law, when the masses would understand the lawas that they are following, as they would be following them.

    Allah Akbar! I will say back to those corrupt people
    Allah Akbar! I will say back to those corrupt people
    Allah Akbar! I will say back to those corrupt people

    Do not derail this thread, this thread is NOT about what people's jobs are in Islam, it is about the fact that there is so much corruption, this thread is NOT about me (if people are critical of me , then they can mention it on the Day of Judgement and they can say that they have not learnt anything by my threads, or that they are useless on the Day of Judgement). Or about law making, dawah etc Its the fact that people are being corrupt in looking for the life of this world even talking more about state building when that is a foolish thing as per the "Major signs of the Day of Judgement" thread, that they are useless when the countries are finished. No wonder there is so much fighting then, if they were so successful then how come the Muslims are in a mess? It is by Allah's help, at least the Muslims were not united, because that is what the West wanted for us to have one leader so it would be easier for them to corrupt him and lead Muslims astray. We are not to be led by idiots, but of course waiting for the Mahdi and the Prophet Jesus peace be upon him!
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    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Evil Society

    I am not saying that everyone is bad etc, as there are plenty of good ones, but some younger generation people feel a left out as no one talks about the wrongs society behaviours.

    Note: A religious Man going to Paradise is not the same as a Male going to Hell. I have too much respect for Man so below I have used the word Man for religious Men and just used the word male for the unreligious ones. Also with Women for religious ones and females for unreligious ones.


    There are many pious, religious people I have met, and am thankful for meeting. Unfortunately there are a lot of “society” people. It is as a disease that only when a person starts thinking about Allah and the Day of Judgement are cured of.
    People would be prone to dressing, doing something (acceptable in society) as it’s the way to get attention from people, so again they are not remembering that if you spent 20 years showing off to someone, that person and you will only be looking towards Allah on the Day of Judgement. So of course they are wasting their time.

    Forced marriages

    We have complaints of people being forced into marriage. A lot of parents do not even think about religious issues, and remember that the Day of Judgement is upon us-but they happily think they are experts on how to live in the world-How can you be experts on how to live in this world if you don’t remember the Day of Judgement?? As the correct choices in life are made my remembering the Day of Judgement.

    Why do many parents think they need to persuade their children to get married? As marriage is normal for people to do when they get older. As these parents are not only telling their children to get married, but telling them who to get married too-so they are controlling their lives. They are using their children to show off to the rest of society. So if their children do divorce-the parents are embarrassed about society’s reaction. Living through their children’s lives. Even the examples of the Prophets and their wives they accomplished things in their life without oppressing others.

    I have already mentioned in my other thread “Devils” about evil people thinking they are only successful when other people are jealous of them. Even some people only motivation to stay married is to show off to other people rather then because they love
    their husband/wife.

    They have been turning marriage into a marriage of convenience. They are not thinking of questions such as is that person mature to get married, but let them get married into the family as they have already invested so much in getting along with their cousins. Its not an issue of getting married to cousins-but why its their preferred choice as of course there are plenty of decent people out there. Because the parents are thinking about themselves having to get along with strangers, and not people they know, not because their children would have a problem with it.

    Some parents have been emotionally blackmailing their children, by saying their child is killing them out of grief because they won’t get married. This is pathetic as they dismiss how their children feel, but want other people to think about their emotions, they are being selfish. Its embarrassing to say that if your child does not get married then you are upset-as its their life, relationship-and you are also telling them who to have sex with.
    Even a woman was beaten up by her Mother and forced to get married against her will, and now she is still married, and has three children, but the end does not justify the means-this is not wiped off her record, it is a sin to beat and force someone to get married, and it stays on their record on the Day of Judgement.

    1. You should not allow other people to tell you to get married-as potentially you will be married to that person for an eternity!!

    2. Even people in Paradise are not forced to get married to someone against their will-so why should you?? Children growing up get to choose. Your parents wouldn’t even care if you got married to someone they did not know of in Paradise! So remember Allah and the Day of Judgement.

    It is not a parents right to force their child to do what they want. They are to be respected, but that does not mean that we stop making choices for ourselves. Allah after all is testing us individually. I am not going to give up my decision making to anyone else-certainly not going to trust anyone with it, as this is my only opportunity to make it to Paradise, and of course the consequences are Hell for eternity!

    There are females who are saying they were treated badly by their family and now they are going on the press criticising Islam-they are being evil, as Islam does not oppress Women. Also why don’t they just make a documentary showing them confronting their own family??? If they are really speaking the truth and interested in having people stop treating people like rubbish? Why aren’t they talking to their families but going to the rest of the Muslim people who have nothing to do with this behaviour?

    Parents say they are never happy until their children gets married, and when they are married, they say they are never happy until they have grandchildren, etc, its not ending one after the other, why aren’t they happy about getting married themselves? Of course they don’t remember that this world is a test and not a life, and that their children or any future children are being tested in this world. Even females have been sent to hell, they had got married and had children (this is not going to save them from Hell), but of course were spending the time not treating the husband respectfully and gossiping.
    Again have a good look closely at people who gossip, and you’ll find that they don’t remember Allah and the Day of Judgement.

    Society females

    A society female would only ask these questions when meeting a person, are they marred? Do they have children? Even if a person is well educated, or pious, they never ask anything else-that’s why they also stay uneducated themselves, because as soon as they have received this piece of information (Are they married? Do they have any children?), they are satisfied and they don’t think they don’t need to ask anything else about that person-they know enough about that person! How sad that even females have got married to well religious Men, but have not learnt much from them. Spending their time gossiping about other people., as they learn this by their parents too.
    When they hear of the parents or other people gossiping and getting jealous, they think in order to be successful, they need other people to be jealous of them-so they use their marriage, having children to show off to other people. That is why even in the west, they kiss and openly show that they are in a relationship. But of course these people should think, that if they were to pick out anyone from the crowd-none of them actually care about you.

    There are females who have admitted to having affairs purposely knowing that he was married, and these females spend more time thinking about the wife’s reaction (not spending much time looking at the husband’s reaction). As of course the only one who is going to show jealousy (if she does) is the wife, and not the husband, so again getting other people to be jealous of you to be successful.

    Its now acceptable to walk around naked on beaches etc. Other people can see your wife’s body and so do children, it is not fit for a woman to show a 15 year old boy of her body etc. People have their own circle of who their family and friends are, but the unbelievers behaviour is to invite other people in that circle, to be valued etc. So when people are in a relationship they feel loved, special and valued, and this is what they try and bring out, so they want other people to hear and see their relationship to also feel valued, and special. They want other people to see how their husband is making them feel special, in order to have attention from the public. This is why a female who is being lewd would happily have attention from a wide range of people, and happy to lead Males on, -but she has no attention of wanting to get married to him-it’s the fact that she wants people to want her.

    Of course getting other males to sexually want to be with you is not the same as being valued and treated as a person, but of course if they thought about this more, they would be decent and treat people with respect. Now you hear of garbage and their only defence is that people are “jealous” Of course they are not normal as being a woman, as Prophet Jesus peace be upon him’s mother did not dress that way. What are these females going to say that I am attractive because this males wants to have sex with me-but not so attractive as a Male does not want to get married to them, provide for them etc? Majority of females got married regardless of how they looked-what are they showing off about?? Are they going to say that there Mother is unattractive too? What is it that they are going to say on the Day of Judgement-say to Allah I was willing to be lewd because I wanted these Males attention-of course they would not be caring about her on that Day.

    Society males

    Even males are acting like females, if they had sex they go around telling their friends about it, of course their friend has nothing to do with their private parts, just between him and his wife, so why bother telling your friends what you are doing with your own private parts? Instead of talking about what they achieve with their hands by way of work etc. What do they think their friends are going to do value them more?? They are doing the same as females were by they are more interested in the reaction of the public rather then their own wife/husband. But of course no one respects them more, or actually cares about them.

    They even go as far as wanting other women to talk to them nicely, and make them treated like if they are valued- ie getting other women to talk to you like if they are married to you, this has become the norm for them-if you go to a hotel etc, you want the females there to make you feel welcome etc. When a Muslim woman would not talk to other males the same way as she does with her husband. We only talk formally to males. There are males who can’t even handle not being liked by the general public, females and act badly-well do they really expect people to genuinely care about you as your family would. Even females have commented on how “they think they are good with females”, going around saying darling, sweetheart, etc-this I know from personal experience is not because the way they were brought up to talk. Even I had one telephone call where the male was taking it in turns to say Darling, sweetheart, love -and of course there wasn’t any need at least 15 times (that was excessive, normally a person would say it once), they can’t treat this as a culture, society thing, as even females are laughing at them.


    People nowadays are getting married when they are immature, people are more speaking up for what the male wants, sex, also he talks about a wife helping him to be a better person, and unfortunately there is so much belief on people feeling sorry for you. First of all how can you have a relationship with someone who doesn’t even know themselves (so how can you get to know them)?? That’s why when the person matures, people complain, they are not happy about what they have turned into etc. But marriage is not there to help you to grow up, as then you’ll find that the woman /husband that you are married to, are not the type that you are happy with. Usually a woman does not wait as a virgin to have sex with a immature male, as this is not making her feeling valued, or loved etc, as of course he is not a Man. Even in the past it was asked how do you know if you have a Virgin’s permission to have sex -by her silence, nowadays as of course they are wearing rubbish clothes they are not acting as a Virgin, so if she is on the beach in a bikini-she is already used to showing her nakedness to males, and is not shy. They like to make excuses saying if you are beautiful then you shouldn’t be embarrassed about it-but of course Mary,. Prophet Jesus peace be upon him’s Mother is beautiful and she is not lewd. There are cases were females have been having sex with boys-but I couldn’t. I don’t know what they see in them, can’t they tell the difference between a Man and a boy?

    Males get out more then females, and suddenly when they squander their time of getting a good education and doing a good job, they expect to get married and their wife to help them-when she may not have an education either etc. Boys think its their turn to get married and have what Men have, and they see these Men’ wives working and living with them, and they expect the same thing. So when they get married, they expect their wives to be obedient etc, but I am not happy about a lot of males assuming they are going to have the rights of a Man. Even in the Quran it says this is for believing Men and Women, and I respect Man, not that unreligious Males who are happy to use Islam to say what their rights are without being a religious Man! They are more then happy to spend their time telling females what to do -as they see it as easier, they say your job is too cook, clean, etc. But look at what happened in Sudan, the males fled when it was their turn to do their job as a Man -to fight, after all the females have been keeping up with their roles! Even females there have criticised the males for running-which they don’t report extensively as it lessens the support they are trying to get. So again , I don’t see what these Males have been doing, they are wiling to stay out with their friends, they could have got ready for war-as they already knew of the threat, why are you asking other people to fight for your women and children?? If you are not willing to fight for them, then you should never have got married, as the women have done more, by giving up their lives for the husband, children etc-something that these Males did not want to do.

    Even the older generation can see that males today are just vile, in the past a husband would die for his wife, now they are happy to chuck them out, divorce them etc. Males want people to feel sorry for them, easiest way of getting attention, also he wants back what he had squandered so for example when he was a boy, he was praised as being clever etc, and his parents, teachers etc, motivated him to work well in his studies-but he skips school, wanders around and then he grows up and gets married-he expects his wife to motivate him as his teacher, parent, when he was a child!

    There are plenty of males who use society to side with them over their wife, so if there is a problem in the marriage, they expect people to side with them. This is because if there is a religious Man, and his wife is being horrible then everyone will be on the husband’s side, so the Male is expecting the same level of support. As when they grew up they heard stories of women being forced to stay married, or even being beaten up-not much focus on telling the husband off, so they try and make the wife look bad, and even expect her parents to tell her off-in fear of causing a shame as they can’t show off to society), so the Male sees himself as being needed, valued, and thereby uses people to get his way. There are cases where he wants his wife to be pregnant, so she wouldn’t be asking to leave him, as he see females in this world, begging the Males to come back and provide for them. Females scared of being on their own-so he expects her to behave the same way, by wanting and liking the fact that she wants him and begs him to stay.

    But wanting mainly the respect, support that only a religious, Man achieves from society, even people would expect Prophet Jesus peace be upon him’s wife to be obedient. They do not understand that a woman can happily live with a religious Man, in the west the Males don’t have the same amount support as they are not teaching people about Islam. So people see their women as being free-this is a fair test by Allah, so when these females go on the Day of Judgement they can’t say they were forced to live with unreligious Males, serving pork , beer etc. That is why Muslim Men have been successful with keeping their wives as they are teaching Islam.

    Also no Woman complains about Men being good, decent, worshipping Allah as a reason why they don’t like them, in a matter of fact they are complaining about Males who are being uncaring, disrespectful etc. They automatically see it as unacceptable for their males to have obedient good wives, so they treat our Men like their males, but Muslim Men care for their parents, family, teach Islam, provide regularly to charity. So they are getting mixed up with what a good Man is and what isn’t even there was a video by a popular singer (can‘t remember her name)-and how embarrassing she was complaining about this male’s behaviour-its was called I think about a boy (switched it off, it was so dumb), and she was complaining about the Male not treating someone right and then she was dressing up like him etc.

    Parents make the excuse of people will be better after they get married-I ask them, how many Males have they seen are better after they have got married? Marriage is not a charity, it is a relationship between two responsible, mature people. Marriage is not there to help you to grow up -as you should have done this before. Marriage is not a school,. Marriage is not a sobbing place, were if something bad as happened to you in the past, your husband /wife is going to be constantly reminded of your past -as a person gets married with an anticipation of having good times, not hearing of your sad times, and spend one sided relationship playing the comforter. Hence marriage is for responsible people,, knowing about themselves, their positions in life etc.

    Religious people of course don’t do the above, as we mature, responsible, get married and only bothered about getting attention from our husband/wife. Why divorce is frowned upon is, its because you can get close to someone, but then walk away to say they don’t mean anything to you is wrong. How can you be an excellent servant of Allah’s if you couldn’t show your loyalty to one person and you had sex with that person? A marriage complements a person’s life, adds to that person’s life. So when you do something you have support from your husband/wife,

    If there is a religious Man working hard, then people in that area automatically feel he should get married, and wouldn’t it be nice if he had a wife to take care of him, and make him happy-this is perfectly acceptable (note that this is what the unreligious Males want-they want people to feel sorry for them etc, when they have not done anything that merits attention for marriage as they have spend time making a big deal that other people have already done, like taking your younger brother and sisters for an outing shows that you are a good person (believe it or not this has been used to say he is good to get married too, etc). So he is using simple good things, that a lot of people have done to show that he is good enough to get married. The best way of course to look at a person’s character is to see how they treat their parents, their family etc (females are now being taught to do this in the West, as of course they can meet complete strangers, when in the Muslim world, your parents would be able to tell you about the Males, their achievements etc, as that‘s why arranged marriages also work). In the West they leave the families, and you don’t know anything about their past, and they can be criminals. Unlike of course if you went to a Pakistan village even a Man would be able to tell you who is living in there, and their names.

    Living by other people’s ideal way of life instead of your own.

    It is of course other people perspectives about other people’s lives that was important to society. So for example if they expect a person to make red sweets, and when he makes blue, people think that person has failed, if they expected the magician to include doing a vanishing act and when he doesn’t he failed, But that person has not failed, its not on that person’s checklist to make red sweets, get married to that person etc. So of course they are calling people a failure as they failed on what they expected that person to do.

    These people don’t even know anything about you or you husband/wife etc, of course their opinions are nothing. When they are critical of a person being divorced -what is that they are critical of? People who get married, don’t plan to have a divorce. Society people would say you should not have got married to him in the first place, but if you had a child and you wanted to have a divorce, they would say it was better that you did not have a child with him and just got a divorce, and if you had two children, they would say you got married had one child, things were so bad why have another, so it can go on about what they are going to be critical about. They talk about staying with it, even if you are miserable, so again, they should tell people what they will be bothered about on the Day of Judgement, people should never stay in a situation which is bad for them, again this is their only time of making it to Paradise, so if you had a female and she was putting up with a abusive husband -your not helping her religiously by telling her to save herself from Hell. How can people tell religiously weak females to help their husbands, when they are weak themselves?

    People easily talk about marriage, relationships as its easily understandable, that’s why when females read romance stories, they don’t have to be in that person’s shoes to understand the relationship , whether it be a romance story in the past or future etc. It is more harder for them to think about climbing a mountain etc, or going through a jungle.

    Homosexuality, the depravity!

    Many people have said they were confused about homosexuality,.

    Homosexuality is another example of were evil people are willing to use others to get what they want. There are those that are willing to kill others to be happy and lay a claim to their fortune.

    There are others happy with a break up of a marriage to get married to their husband.

    There are those willing to eat pork, they don’t care its disgusting, but they are happy if they enjoy it.

    There are those that take organs our of people, they don’t care its disgusting.

    There are those that take other people’s hair and place it on their heads, they don’t care that its disgusting, as long as they are happy with it, even some females were questioned with would you take it from a dead person and they said yes.

    Homosexuality is also using others to get what they want, however they get it. Who cares if its consensual? They are still not thinking about the welfare of others and what is best for others, for them to get married to the opposite sex. They even quote, kindness, love etc, but they are far from it. If they really wanted to get married to the same gender, why are they playing female and male roles in their relationships? As they are in error.

    1. There are those that see women as being the receiving end of love, and they find their roles easier in this world. They are treated as the weaker sex and are provided for etc. So there are males who don’t want to have the Male role and be with another Male instead.

    There are those that find it easier to have sex with another Male, as they don’t have to spend more time as they see it making them happy as they would have to do with a women. So they look to enjoy themselves sexually. They find it easier to be with a Male instead of doing the “hard work” that they see as being with a women.

    2. Even people are willing to have sex casually with the opposite sex, just to enjoy themselves. They don’t care who they use, they don’t care to even ask them what the last name would be.

    3. Just as some typical evil females they use children to try and make the relationship work so they share something in common, which is what homosexuals are looking to do. They should not be allowed to raise up children. Making excuses of children being orphans is disgusting, would you put an orphan in a pig sty? Who are they to say that this is the way they should be raised. The children will disown them on the Day of Judgement. Even when the countries collapse this will not survive. They will not be able to talk about being a homosexual as they are doing now.

    Replicating the feeling of achievement

    Talking about mountains, there are people who climb it to feel they have accomplished something (in Islam we don’t have anything against people climbing, sailing the seas), I would like to point out that I feel sometimes they are trying to copy off achieving something as a hero would do-for example, if a person had to climb something to save someone else’s life then they would feel they have accomplished something,, and there was personal sacrifice involved, and I just see sports people trying to replicate this feeling, which is unsuccessful, its fake, they put themselves in the position of difficulty to get out of it and then say they achieved something, when the hero would be forced to act to help another so placed himself in difficulty and has achieved something. Regardless of the excuses even a male (can’t remember the name was left dying on Mount Everest I think by non-disabled and disabled people-no doubt if they tried to help him down they would have accomplished something, but they don’t think and train (who to safely help yourself and that person) do this, just thinking about themselves. So it was a lost opportunity to do something worthwhile. But no wonder they have to keep on climbing, as a person would only feel the need to save a person’s life once to feel he has accomplished something.

    Misusing kindness

    People sometimes misuse kindness, and say that Allah has shown you kindness, and then you should show it to others, but Allah has shown his Mercy to everyone on this planet- I learnt more etc, because I strived in the way of Islam (when they did not), of course I don’t owe them anything accept give my thanks to Allah. Charity is were I give a portion of my earnings away, my whole life is not a charity, as Allah said it was created to worship him. People are underestimating what other people have received from Allah and then quick to use the word sympathy-how can anybody provide sympathy because Allah had given me more then he did to you or the other way around etc. Why are you being sympathetic to that person -because he received less from Allah (again how can you provide sympathy for someone receiving less as there is nothing you can give in comparison?)-how stupid are the talks of society people, everyone has received Allah’s attention. Seek help from Allah. Be kind to people as that is normal way of behaviour, but now because people are making you feel guilty etc. But people are more bothered about gaining attention from others, and that is why there are those when they have done a bad thing they don’t care about repenting as they know they won’t be accepted by society etc as if course they don’t think about having Allah pleased with them-they are only thinking about people being pleased with them. So even if your in prison etc, they want to have a loving attention from someone more quickly then prefer to think about having Allah be pleased with them and save themselves from Hell.

  17. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Satan refusing to prostrate

    Satan refusing to prostrate to Prophet Adam peace be upon him shows that he was being arrogant, and jealous. Satan used to pray to Allah, but obviously he has not shown that he was sincere that's why he's prayers are not helping him. He had plenty of time to stop himself from being competitive with others, he has shown that he was competitive to others before Prophet Adam peace be upon him was created. He was aware that Allah was going to create Prophet Adam peace be upon him, so he had time to assess his thoughts and sort himself out, but instead as you see typical of evil people, they just persist on going against others and not being kind, respectful.

    Nobody in heaven would dream of going against Allah, and refuse to bow down to him, as he is God, nobody would think, deny this. So as Allah knows that no one there would refuse to bow down to him, what about if he creates someone else and asks people to bow down to him? So then he is testing if people are being loyal to him by getting them to bow down to Prophet Adam peace be upon him. As of course people are more quick to be competitive, disrespectful of others. (Bowing down to Prophet Adam peace be upon him was not of course about worshipping him).

    Even Allah has said when they go against Islam, they aren’t asking questions about him, but of course they are spending time attacking Muslims. There were some cases, such as Nimrod, who wanted to fight against Allah, but this is actually rare, even Satan DID not do this, and would not do this. Nimrod was arrogant because of his position, and he was going against people and then why did he feel he had to go against Allah if he did not exist? Of course all people know that he exists, it was rather his arrogance, stupidity, if they reject Islam the more stupid they stay in this position. Even I heard a person say they are happy to side with Satan on the Day of Judgement rather then Prophet Jesus peace be upon him (he came from Christianity, so thought Prophet Jesus peace be upon him of being divine-of course he would not be saying if he learnt about Islam), It is their arrogance, of course he has not thought it through, Satan will not be saving you, you would go to Hell together, your not going to have a “social gathering” in Hell, your not going to have tea and biscuits. They of course don’t think, Satan is actually laughing to people like him and others, Satan worshippers etc, Satan does think they are stupid, Satan himself of course is not going to call them clever!

    WE HAVE the same test that Satan had in heaven too, Allah is testing on how we treat other people. It is a FACT that people when doing evil are going against others, being cruel, disrespectful. It is there arrogance. So treat people how you want to be treated. No one of course, can hurt Allah, so he is testing on how good we are by how we treat others. Of course if we just lived in Heaven and we all just looked towards Allah, again no one would dream of going against him, so he is testing our loyalty by how we respect the Prophets etc.
    Allah of course could have created another being for Satan to bow down too,-it would have been the same reaction, getting him to bow down to an angel, of course nobody really feels competitive with an angel. So the test was not about bowing down to an angel.

    People can be quick in "looking down on others", even judging others on their appearances, if a person is "ugly", having a disability then of course you won't hear of people being jealous about them. SO they are happy to accept others who are not better then them. Being a Muslim we wholeheartedly accept that of course there are people better then us, clever, and more better looking BUT that does not mean that we want to change.

    Satan was making up any excuse to go against Prophet Adam peace be upon him, as of course he knew that Prophet Adam peace be upon him was better then him, without any faults that he could see, it was not about racism (as Satan would have been competitive with anyone who was better then he was), it was as Allah has stated about arrogance, and then coming up with a poor excuse that he was created out of clay. It is not to compare this with the treatment of Blacks etc in this world, as the Whites were not envious of the Blacks, they were not jealous of Blacks as they wanted to treat them lower as humans. The Whites did not see it as being competitive with the Blacks, hence they just went around with an attitude of just taking, and disregarding other feelings etc. They did not think that Blacks were better then them, but Satan knew that Prophet Adam peace be upon him was better then he was.

    Of course he is being stupid, instead of making the rest of this life about humans, he could have bowed down to Prophet Adam peace be upon him, which would not have lasted that long. He is too arrogant to bow down, but not to arrogant to make your existence about Humans?? Of course typical evil going against people.
    AS stated in another thread, I of course don't look like the houri in Paradise, but I am happy, content with the way I look. People of course are usually concerned about what other people think about them, rather them being acceptable to Allah. Allah created me, I am happy with the way he has done so.

    You see people failing the same test as Satan had in this world, with people being arrogant, going against Muslims who are forbidding evil and enjoining good. Look at how they go against Muslims rather then homosexuals-of course who is jealous of a homosexual? See, they don't feel that homosexuals are better then they are, they are not going to be compettive with them, but they are going against Muslims when we being more decent. Why are they quick to go against the Muslims but rather then sinful behaviour? Of course this is what Satan does.

    Satan is a very intelligent individual, and an excellent speaker, a natural leader (even politicians today would not be able to rival him in this), but of course Allah does not say that only clever, beautiful people will make it to Paradise, and the "ugly", stupid ones go to Hell. Just shows that Allah provides a fair test, people are aware of what is required ot make them good, it is not the intelligence of Satan that is the problem, it is his arrogance. People of course who don't know about Islam, lead them to think that some people's views on Satan going around dismembering people's bodies etc is what he is like, having horns on his head (which some of Satan's children were responsible). Satan lives in a palace, his abode is not a tip, being arrogant he likes showing off, his way is not to go around chopping people's limbs and hanging them around his place. He then is seated and enjoys the attention of various people going to him. Of course he comes from Heaven, and of course enjoys living the "high" life, so people killing and maiming people who do evil are making a fool out of themselves by saying they are copying off him.

    If they want to copy of Satan, then why don't they learn about Islam? As this is what Satan considers as knowledge, and dislikes people learning about. His children are so dumb, they should not be told by a person who was raised up in heaven to be evil. Why should you listen to someone who has come from heaven telling you to be evil? As he had the opportunity to go there and he is trying to prevent others from making it there too. How stupid is that, if you were being smart, you would say to him, to get lost, and its of course not fair to tell others not to go to Heaven when he had a lovely existance there. Without any problems of abuse, people threatening to kill him.

    He has of course had the benefit of being alive and seeing all the human Prophets, to see all that and not be good, is terrible, his punishment is in Hell fire, he does not of course run Hell. He will be punished there. Its stupid to listen to someone who came from Heaven telling someone to be evil when he could have lived a wonderful life in the next world. He likes to pick on people tempting them with things in this world, but even if you had the largest mansion in this world, of course it does not compare to living in Paradise! Only fools look towards the life of this world.
  18. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    September 11<SUP>th</SUP> - the corrupted remembrance

    This is against people who treat September 11<SUP>th</SUP> as a sacred day, when they themselves do not hold so much regard to what the Prophets have taught. They think to say that if people say anything bad against what they are saying or doing, then they can easily say that person is uncaring, inconsiderate etc.

    September 11 is not sacred, but what Prophet Jesus, Ibrahim peace be upon him etc has taught us to worship Allah, remember the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell is -so what is contained thereof in the Quran.
    Even Satan used to use the dead to get people to worship them.


    1. Do they think that everyone who has received a horrible death goes to Paradise?? Unless they believed in Allah and the last Day and in Paradise and Hell.

    -there is reference that a criminal was being crucified next to Prophet Jesus peace be upon him, even he did not enter Paradise, even though he suffered in a similar manner to a Prophet.

    - even in the Quran, it states that Pharaoh repented just before he died, but it was not accepted from him as he was already being killed.

    - the Magicians at Pharaoh’s court had their hands and feet chopped off from alternative sides and died fearing Allah would be throwing them into Hell, they then received a goodly reward. People in September 11<SUP>th</SUP> were noted for fearing the condition that they were in, they were not telling their relatives that they feared going to Hell. Which at least the magicians were not complaining about.

    - of course life ends, there has never been any guarantee that you would die peacefully, even good people were persecuted and killed, you don’t see them complaining, we don’t build memorial sites but remember them and strive to better ourselves.


    2. If they were true to remembering the victims if they were so pious, then why bother allowing sex clubs etc to be around that area too?? Why don’t they start teaching their children etc to have sex after they get married?

    Feel Sorry

    3. They ask people to feel sorry for the dead, just like they ask people to feel sorry if a person dies in a drunkard state, or if they were on drugs etc.

    -do they forget, that Allah himself as been so kind by allowing them to be alive to know that he exists and being able to enjoy what he has provided in this world? What more attention do they want, of course no one would have created you or me, only Allah has done so, but do they give thanks? No. They spend more time going after the attention of others and forget about Allah.

    -what more do they need? You get rewarded for what you strive for, if they did not strive for a life in Paradise, then why should Allah provide it to them?? Allah himself has used the word “earn”, we earn our reward with his Mercy.

    Day of Judgement
    4. It is no difficult thing for Allah to show them on the Last Day how many people that died on September 11<SUP>th</SUP> have made it to Paradise. What are they fighting for? For people who have gone to Hell? Yes they say Muslims had died on September 11<SUP>th</SUP>, but of course they certainly aren’t fighting because Muslims got killed. If they were they only victims, they have course would not have even waged a war. Neither do we ask for non-Muslims to fight for us.
    They of course will be gathered and Allah will make it known to them.

    Christianity, Judaism etc

    5. If a Muslim was obviously not being religious, any Muslim would openly admit he did not pray regularly and cared for the life of this world. How many of those people who were working on September 11<SUP>th</SUP> regularly went to church etc??? As far as people are concerned they were career minded, wanted profit and make more and more money.


    6. With Sep 11<SUP>th</SUP> as stated with others, it reminds me of a son, if he spends his time outside causing trouble and then he runs back home to his family, playing the role of an innocent victim, not telling his family that he caused so much trouble, then he tells his family to support him.

    USA does not talk to their public about its foreign policy its even saying its willing to attack Iran-without asking the public first, they go around cause trouble, then they ask for others to fight for them and send the soldiers. Even in World War 2 it appears that they wanted to get rid of Hitler and as he knew this, he went on the offensive and attacked other countries. Just like Ahmednajid in Iran, everyone knows the US would like to get rid of him, but of course he is not going on the offensive as did Hitler.

    Building a Mosque

    7 To the people who say that a mosque should not be built is a sin, are you saying that people cannot worship Allah?? The dead don’t have precedent on this world, their test is finished. If they are so important, then tell them to come back and claim the ground as theirs. We are not here for the dead, we are here for Allah. Even our family members have passed away, but that does not mean that we make the rest of our lives about them etc. No one will care about you on the Day of Judgement.

    -the dead will not be supporting them going against Islam,

    -the dead will not be siding with the family members wasting their time not worshipping Allah, frankly the dead son, father etc, don’t care about you. They are in the next world only concerned for their own welfare.

    - what is a memorial for a dead person when he cannot claim anything as his own in this world, he cannot even take anything.
    I don’t actually trust the developers of this Mosque with a stupid pool, even one of the women were talking without a headscarf etc. I don’t care for their plans, and if they think they can just quote Mosque and expect to get anyone on their side, well its not going to happen.

    September 11 to me.

    8. To me as with any incident, September 11<SUP>th</SUP> means to me, is that no matter were you are, what you are doing, is always worship Allah, remember the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell, so if you were attacked, you can die in the best of conditions as a Muslim. Not fearing the condition that you are in, and just like the magicians who were killed at Pharaoh’s court who feared being thrown into Hell, not fearing that Pharaoh was chopping off their hands and feet. Being a Muslim means that you deal with circumstances a lot better.

    -why should I feel sorry for someone if they died in a good state? Because then I would be feeling sorry because Allah is rewarding them in Paradise. Why should I feel sorry for them when they would receive a goodly reward from Allah?
    To me as well as other Muslims, their tests have finished in this world, this world is limited, it is NOT a life but a TEST. They had their time that Allah allocated for them to pass their tests and the focus is on the people in this world to pass their own.
    I am not interested in political rubbish, etc, as I look at these countries ending and the Major signs of the Day of Judgement being upon us. If anyone has any issues with people burning the Quran etc, then pray to Allah for them to be punished. Simple as that. Of course that incident with the Quran burning was ridiculous, he was basically threatening Muslims, saying if you don’t do this, then I’ll burn the Quran, no difference from saying if you don’t do what I say then I will throw your mobile phone away. This is not about fighting so and so, as the whole world is going to the Major signs of the Day of Judgement.

    Remember Allah and the Day of Judgement much.

    This is a follow up from the following threads;-

    “Can you repeat, repeat yourself?”
    “Not our Goal”
    “Major signs of the Day of Judgement”
    “Collapse of these countries”

  19. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!

    Unintelligent sayings to try and discredit Islam.

    People are brainwashed into Islam

    1. Then let them say that;-
    Prophet Jesus peace be upon him is brainwashed in Islam,
    Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him is brainwashed in Islam
    Prophet Noah peace be upon him is brainwashed in Islam.

    Of course they can’t and won’t say it, the Prophets are sound and the best of Men. To the people who are saying they are not talking about the Prophets, well Allah has already stated in the Quran, they pick anyone to try and make a mockery of Islam, and say is this the person who speaks of your religion to try and make Islam look bad.

    Why can’t we build a church in Saudi Arabia

    2. Well why did they not build one to worship the one God before Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him arrived??
    WE do the hard work, get rid of idol worship, drunk behaviour, lewd behaviour, and now they want to build a church now, when Islam is a religion perfected.

    Afraid to die

    3. They say people join Islam because they are afraid to die, well then why are they taking out people’s organs, going up women’s vaginas to try and find a cure for the dying conditions??? We don’t join Islam because we are afraid to die, there is one God, the Day of Judgement, and Paradise and Hell.


    4. They show off about their wealth in the West, and this is what people want, and say others are living in the dark ages, well what are they saying that people are living poor because they farm etc and live simply?
    - do they not also get their milk from cows?
    -do they not also get their cotton etc from farming? Then no need to call what other people are doing back warded.
    -AS Allah has stated in the Quran that people in the past showed off about their wealth too do they think that this will save them from Hell??? How foolish of them.

    - They lie about immigration, making poorer countries poorer, not paying fair prices ie for cocoa beans etc and then complain that people want to move, at least they are aware that people don’t plan to stay in Western countries but send money back home to rebuild homes etc to go back there. But still there arrogance about their “way of life” only shows they are making the same mistake as people in the past.

    Taking offence

    5. They say if someone burns the Quran, insults the Prophets we should not show that we are unhappy. How pathetic this statements is. Then why are they fighting for their countries, when they are nothing? Why be willing to kill so many people, if someone attacks them, and suppress people if they say the “wrong” things?
    -They say we can make fun out of other religions, so what are they saying?
    - if you dirty your clothes it OK to dirty others people’s??
    - if you be lewd, and have sex outside of marriage, its OK for other people to do the same thing?
    -some say we lose every time we show how absolutely unhappy we are, well are they going to say that to the angels, and to Allah when they are sent to Hell??

    Follow up from the following threads;-

    - Evil and freedom acceptance
    -Love, love say the Christians (but I say that they are liars, liars)
    -Islam has copied (say the Christians and the Jews)
    -Collapse of these countries

  20. h-n

    h-n Yes! I love the One!


    I live in the UK and when some people have died in the past and present;-
    they say rest in peace, and even "God bless them"

    1. when a homosexual dies, ie when that singer from Boyzone died.

    2. when a sinful people die, ie those that get drunk and be killed on train tracks

    3. when people died in that "love parade" in Germany

    4. when people commit suicide they actually say they "hope" that there is a Paradise for them, and the couple who committed suicide together and be in peace.

    5. At work on time a female colleague in her 40s, said that she does not believe in God, but said that she believes there is one for her parents that are already dead!!! How can you get away from Allah?? Of course you cannot. But when we say there is a Paradise for Muslims they reject that.

    BUT when a Muslim dies in the name of Islam they are happy to say, there is no Paradise, and the poor fools that died in Mecca for nothing (its OK for people to die in a love parade but not in Mecca), and they are willing not to say that about people who die nightclubbing etc.

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