Ethnic majorities in the UK

Discussion in 'Living Room' started by Captain Gora, Oct 11, 2009.

  1. Captain Gora

    Captain Gora RefuteEverythingThatMoves

    Yes, once again, so:

    What areas in the UK got a big FAIRLY PRACTISING community of OTHER than pakistanis, bengalis, afghanis and so on? Like somalis, arabs, indonesians etc.

    Thank you very much for not making this a luton foodchain discussion.
  2. AbuSulaiman

    AbuSulaiman New Member

    Brixton? haha
  3. Abu Aziza

    Abu Aziza member

    just follow bus route 18

    from baker's street/paddington to ladbroke grove: arabs
    keep going.............
    from harlesden to wembley: somalis

    when i think of more i will post in sha Allah
  4. Abu Aziza

    Abu Aziza member

    finsbury park: algerians

    stoke newington: turks but their masjids are not good
  5. nomad

    nomad muslim female

  6. FOS

    FOS Banned

    1 side of rusholme, somalian brothers mainly
  7. heart4allah

    heart4allah New Member

    What is it with these treads homie... Come to UK we'll sort ya out... :D
  8. Abu Aziza

    Abu Aziza member

    ilford/barking: somali baravas
    if you go to some estates in barking like the one behind lidl english is the second lingo, swahili first.
  9. Captain Gora

    Captain Gora RefuteEverythingThatMoves

    Don't worry akhi Heart, you're still my main reliance on this issue. You and Salih........................

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