Important Event on the 9th, ustadh murtaza khan, ustadh abu bushra and dr magdy el mahdy

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  1. AbuZayd Al Islaam

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    Muslim Youth Initiative Presents
    United we stand we divided we fall
    "And hold tight ti the rope of Allah, And do not divide." Quran 3:103
    9th January 2010

    Guest speakers:
    Ustadh Abu Bushra
    Ustadh Mutaza Khan
    Dr Magdy El Mahdy

    MYI Is a youth led charity and aims to deal with the problems that are faced by young people.


    Islington Arts and media school
    Turle Road
    London N4 3LS
    Buses: 4, 29, 153, 259, 253, 259
    Tube: Finsbury Park poster for event final.jpg- Image, Poster

    Contact me for details
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  2. al-Afghanee

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    Masha'allaah a brother posted this previously in another thread:

  3. Scented Blood

    Scented Blood Abu Peanut

  4. AbuZayd Al Islaam

    AbuZayd Al Islaam New Member

    Assalamu Aleykum

    Yes it is this abu bushra. And also make sure you tell every one who is muslim and every non muslim who is intrested in islaam to come and see the unity between us muslim brothers and sisters, it is fully segregated.
    Bring everyone you can possibly bring. hope to you see there and everyone you bring.
    Fee amanillah
  5. Son.of.Adam

    Son.of.Adam New Member

    Looks like there might be some snow...Inshallah this wont put people off. Like they say all the more rewarding :cool:
  6. Scented Blood

    Scented Blood Abu Peanut

    Walikum Saalam

    Mashallah. Beautiful brother, very humble and full of benefit.
  7. AbuZayd Al Islaam

    AbuZayd Al Islaam New Member

    To Brother Scented Blood,

    I dont really understand your comment could you rephrase that for me inshallah. Sorry about the ignorance.

    Fee Amanillah
  8. AbuZayd Al Islaam

    AbuZayd Al Islaam New Member

    Assalamu Aleykum,

    Just to mention this event is for brothers and sisters,
    inshallah we are expecting quite alot of brothers, but we expecting alot of sisters.
    Alhamdulilah this event been published quite good to the brothers in local masjids but wehavent been able to publish aswell to the sisters due to the lack of our work rate and i want all sisters who read this and who are able to come to make sure they try their best to come is going to be very beneficial, and also to remind our brothers and sisters it is fully segregated and free admission,
    Hope to see all of you there inshallah.

    Fee amanillah
    Your brother
    AbuZayd Al Islaam
  9. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    Its in clear English achi he said'' Mashallah. Beautiful brother, very humble and full of benefit.''Scented Blood usually says what he means...

    wa salamolaikom wr wb...
  10. Scented Blood

    Scented Blood Abu Peanut

    Walikum Saalam

    What part dont you understand my brother?
  11. AbuZayd Al Islaam

    AbuZayd Al Islaam New Member

    Dont worry about it inshallah the important thing is that you tell everyone and that you publish this event everywhere you possibly can inshallah, it might snow Alhamdulilah by the qadr of Allah but that shouldnt cut down on those who attend cause there is more reward to seek :)

    Fee Amanillah
  12. AbuZayd Al Islaam

    AbuZayd Al Islaam New Member

    Salaam, i give you all the greetings of jannah

    Alhamdulilah the wait is over :rolleyes:
    The Event Is Tommorow,
    And not many people on this post confirmed to come but inshallah every one who reads this i expect from you to come and if not that then bring everyone who you can to come and enjoy this event.
    Inshallah for the brothers side there is going to be stalls, of which there will be books, Perfumes/Atr, Siwaks and Islamic hats.
    So inshallah i want everyone who reads this come and benefit, just to remind every on is free entry.
    Khayr inshallah.
    For those who cant make it, i will let you know how it went after the event.
    From me and Muslim Youth Initiative
    Salaamu Alekykum :cool:
  13. AbuZayd Al Islaam

    AbuZayd Al Islaam New Member

    Assalamu Aleykum,
    This is a short feedback on how the event turned out. Alhamdulilah, May Allah reward everyone who CONTRIBUTED to the event whether financially, physically or in any other way, may Allah reward you. The event was good especially the fact that it was the 1st organised dawah program from MYI. The brothers talk was motivating. Alhamdulilah the first talker was Ustaadh Abu Hasnanyn Murtaza Khan, Alhamdulilah it was very beneficial and a topic that needed to be addressed, he was commenting on the principles of Da'wah, characteristics of a Da'ee and the wizdom behind the Da'wah of al Islaam. Also Ustaadh Abu Bushra done very inspiring talk about how the youth should hold tight to the Islaamic identity And Alhamdulilah Dr Magdy delivered a talk about The Enemy Within. In between talks Alhamdulilah we have been able to set up stalls for Islaamic hats, Perfumes/Atr, Thobes, Books, Cakes, Sandwiches and drinks, just to reassure everyone every penny made goes 100% towards the Da'wah. From me, It was a good event i saw brothers from south, west and the local area. I had the chance to meet some practicing muslims from other areas also some who were not practicing Alhamdulilah, inshallah may Allah reward every one who attended and by the will of Allah we gained beneficial knowledge.

    "All in all the event itself was good, the organisers should be really proud especailly the fact that it isn't a government funded organisation and that the organisers had to dip into their own pockets to make it happen.

    Congratulations and inshallah will be coming to more events by MYI."

    Quote from one of the sisters who attended.

    If you came and you have a user give some feedback andstate you area and your name.

    Fee Amanillah.
  14. AbuZayd Al Islaam

    AbuZayd Al Islaam New Member

    Assalamu Aleykum,
    "I would say that it was a diverse talk, very welcoming atmosphere, the talk was inspiring and made me want to improve myself and strive more in the way of Allah swt. There was also a question and answer session which most talks dont have so I quite liked that you could ask anything that u needed an answer for. It was very intimate in the sense everyone was keen to help."

    Another Quote From The Same Sister.
  15. Son.of.Adam

    Son.of.Adam New Member

    Mashallah, despite the weather the turn out was very high. May Allah increase the efforts of the brothers and sisters behind this effort to create that islamic environment for our youth.

    Please brothers and sisters join this effort.

    Welcome to Muslim youth Initiative...

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