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    Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem

    The events that catch people’s imagination, thus becoming their main talking point and the centre of their attention are the incidents of real life, which we refer to as political events.

    A politician is other than the journalist and other than the political analyst. The journalist works towards gathering news and the political analyst analyses news and events. The politician however does not content himself with analysing the news and events, but he also gives his opinion from the angle of the thought that he carries, and he works towards looking after people’s affairs according to that thought.

    The Muslim who perceives the reality of his Islam, knows that Islam is not separated from life; in other words, he knows that Islam is not separated from the state and society’s relationships. Hence, it is imperative for him to perceive the incidents and the events that evolve in life so that he may recognise the interest of the Muslims, thus moving forwards or abstaining, inciting or condemning, protesting or attacking, and so on. Even if the event were shrouded in secrecy and ambiguity, he must pursue it in order to perceive its reality so that he may apply the Shari'ah rule to a diagnosed reality rather than an imagined one.

    Acquiring the skill of perceiving the political events in order to establish what goes on in the world is one of the exigencies of carrying the Da’awah, in addition to the necessity of discerning the effects of the events on the Muslims. Hence, it is imperative for the ground to become fertile in the Muslims lands to produce thousands and even millions of political mentalities, so that the Muslims may perceive the reality of those they wish to convey the message to, the reality of those who influence their reluctance to embrace the message and who want to exploit them to confront the Muslims; also, to protect the Muslims against the deceptions of their enemies and to perceive the nature of their manoeuvres. Just like the tribes in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saw) had their orientations and issues that the Muslims had to perceive and analyse and perceive the relationships between the tribes, as well as the Romans and the Persians, who were then the two superpowers, it is incumbent upon the Muslims today to perceive the reality of the international situation and the states that influence it, so that they may identify the impact of this situation upon them and upon the conveying of the message of Islam, which is the mission of the Muslim in life.

    The necessity of political awareness is as important as the awareness of the scholar about the Arabic language, because as the scholar could not do away with understanding the language, its grammar and its synthesis, in order to understand the Shari'ah, even if he were to spend part of his life in acquiring this knowledge, likewise the Da’awah carrier must understand the reality of those to whom he carries the Da’awah, which is his duty in life; he must perceive their relationships and what influences them. As the Muslim should not assume that grammar and syntax did not exist in the time of the Messenger of Allah (saw), thus he needn’t bother learning their rules, likewise he should not assume that perceiving the international situation, in order to ponder over the influence of the leading superpower or the power that has an impact on events with the aim of determining his stance vis-à-vis its reality, is not necessary for him.

    For instance, the Muslim must perceive the issue of Darfur, which is part of the Muslims’ lands; he must perceive the timing, the parties concerned, the nature of the struggle and hidden hands that incite people towards struggling. Whether the Muslim is in power or otherwise, he could not give an opinion in such an issue in order to tackle it unless he perceives its reality; otherwise, he would stray and become sinful, because if he did not pursue the events, he would be talking on this issue at random, deeming it to be a local issue between shepherds from the Arab tribes, backed by the government, and African peasants. However, the reality is different to this. In fact, the issue is related to the plots concocted by the enemies of Islam to use two Muslim factions as tools for a political ploy related to reshaping a wide area of the Muslims’ lands, namely the Horn of Africa, to serve as a prelude to reshaping the whole of the African continent. America wants to fortify her bases in the region of the Horn of Africa, which faces the vital region of the Gulf and to move towards removing the remainder of the French influence, so that she may have total control over Africa. Since the issue is related to the arch-enemy of Islam, America, then the study and the diagnosis of the reality would make the remedy different; it would even make it at the level of the ailment, which is linked to the main issue of the Muslims, namely the restoring of Islam to the realm of life in order to salvage the Muslims and the rest of the world from the America’s unilateral sway, her haughtiness, her belittling of the Muslims and her attempt to complete her dominion over Africa, where the riches of the Ummah cover tow thirds of the continent and half of her inhabitants are Muslims.

    A large part of the African continent is part of the Muslims’ lands and what occurs in it in terms of political actions has an impact on the Muslims as a whole. What is concocted for Africa by America and the Kufr states is part of what is concocted for the children of the Ummah and her lands. Hence, it is imperative to shed light on such issues in order to perceive the incidents and the events, so that public opinion in the Islamic world may move in the correct path and so that the Muslims may uncover the schemes of their enemies and discern the sound manner to deal with them; this will make the Ummah work with all her capacity towards solving her problems soundly and then move forward to impose her values on the international relationships. Then the Muslims will not remain contented with interpreting the events that occur on them, but they wick move towards steering these events and the carriers of the banner of Islam will not remain unaware of the moves of their enemies, even if they were pliant towards them.

    May Allah have mercy on Omar (ra) who said: “I am not a fool and the fool does not fool me.”

    Say: "Everyone acts according to his own disposition: But your Lord knows best who it is that is best guided on the Way." [17-84]
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    asalaam alaykum

    Brother you are from HT, right?
    I have a question for you inshaallah maybe you can shed some light.
    HT say to work for kheelafah is fard upon every muslim,correct?
    and the one who obstains from this fard is sinful,right?

    Some people hold the opinion that the the obligation lies on the scholars ( the people of influence)

    And then there is another opinion where it is said that rasool (saw) said do things to best of your abilties... and therefore they argue that if a muslim is not able to do this for whatever reason therefore he is not obliged to do so.

    What does HT say regarding these issues? :?:

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