Expect to see a Israeli black propaganda op soon

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    Expect to see a Israeli "black propaganda" operation soon

    In every conflict be it a low level insurgency or an all out full scale war between two equally equipped nations the war of propaganda has to be fought alongside the war of bullets and bombs. Before any nation can engage in any military conflict it has to convince its own people first and foremost as well as the wider global community that its fight is a righteous one and that its enemies are the bad guys.

    One of the most observed conflicts in the world today is the war taking place in the holy land, the Palestinian and Israeli conflict it is at the forefront of the attention of the whole world from the media to the people on the streets.

    It is for this reason that Israel has spent a lot of time and effort in trying to justify its brutal occupation of the Palestinian people to the rest of the world, despite these efforts we have seen with the recent massacre inflicted upon the people of Gaza that world opinion has shifted somewhat in favour of the Palestinians.

    This has happened before, throughout the history of the conflict we have seen episodes where world opinion was either in favour of the Israelis or the Palestinians, in the mid eighties world public opinion shifted in favour of the Palestinians and due pressure was brought to bear on the Israelis. This pressure and shift in world public opinion was a major problem for Israel and so Mossad organised a false flag operation that would ensure that public opinion would shift back in their favour and the Palestinians would be seen to be barbaric savages that do not deserve any sympathy.

    Mossad engineered the hijacking of the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro in which an elderly wheel chair bound Jewish man was killed and thrown overboard, this episode ensured that the world once again saw the Palestinians as nothing but crazy lunatics who’s sole objective was kill and maim innocent civilians.

    Now that we are faced with a similar situation as that of the mid eighties, one in which Israel is finding it harder and harder to justify its actions its highly likely that we will witness a “outrage” in which Palestinians will once again be portrayed in a bad light in an attempt to fool the world into believing that Israel’s “war against terror” is justified.


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